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Airborne Dance’s

2016 Nutty Nutcracker

General Information

Take a break this holiday season and enjoy Airborne Dance’s 12th Annual Nutty Nutcracker. Prepare to be amazed by our dancers and gymnasts as they present their not so typically take on the beloved E.T.A. Hoffman classical tale of a wondrous Christmas Eve night when a girl’s fantastic dream becomes a reality. There will be only two performances of this light-hearted and slightly twisted adaptation of the holiday classic. Don’t miss all the fun…mark your calendars now for Saturday, December 17th, 2016! Anything is possible when Tchaikovsky's classic ballet is turned upside down and inside out.

How can your dancer be a part of this special event? It’s easy! Just review the information below and register with the front desk by turning in the waiver enclosed in this packet and paying the required deposit.

All DanceStars, KinderBuilders and Advanced DanceBuilders/Kinderbuilders

students enrolled in an Airborne dance class, during the Fall of 2016

are invited to participate in our 12th Annual Nutty Nutcracker performance.

There are NO auditions required to take part in this great holiday tradition. If you are enrolled in a DanceStars, Adv DanceBuilders/Kinderbuilders or KinderBuilders class, you are invited to participate in this production. When you register, your dancer will be placed in an ensemble dance based on the style of dance they are currently taking, or which the director deems appropriate.

Registration closes for Nutty Nutcracker September 24th!

This production will require additional rehearsal times and fees. Please read the information packet thoroughly and if you have any questions please ask the front desk prior to registration.

Enroll Early! We will not be taking any new dancers once registration is closed Saturday, September 24th, so please encourage any friends interested in taking part in this fun production to register for fall dance classes and the Nutty Nutcracker as soon as possible. We hope to see every Airborne Dancer become a part of this annual holiday production!

2nd Annual Toy Drive

December 1st - December 13th

Airborne Gymnastics & Dance would like to give back to our community again this holiday season and we need your help. We will be collecting donations for a local toy drive December 1st through December 13th. There will be collection boxes available to drop in your donations of new, unwrapped toys at Airborne and at the door the night of the Nutty Nutcracker performance. Lets all give back to those less fortunate than ourselves at this joyous time of year.


General Rehearsal Schedule

Gingerbread: Rehearsals will be from 5:00-5:45 PM, every Wednesday from September 22st – December 7th

There will be no rehearsal the week of Thanksgiving break, November 24th. For planning purposes Gingerbread are in Act II.

DanceStars Ensemble Cast: Rehearsals will begin September 19th and continue through December 7th. There will be no rehearsals the week of Thanksgiving break. Specific rehearsal times are as follows:

|Tuesday 4:30-5:30 |Wednesday 5:00-6:00 |Wednesday 7:00-8:00 |

|Jazz: “Spanish” |Tap: “Marzipans” |Ballet: “Arabian” |

|(ACT II) |(ACT II) |(ACT II) |

There will be an optional run through for the entire show on Monday, November 23rd.

Please attend if you are in town.

Act One will rehearse from 1:00-2:30 PM

Act Two will rehearse from 2:30-4:00 PM

Mandatory Dress Rehearsal Schedule

ALL applicable dress rehearsals are mandatory for all dancers.

If your dancer does not attend all required dress rehearsals, they will not be allowed to perform.

Dancers will rehearse in full costume and make-up at each dress rehearsal. Expect there to be times when you may not be dancing. Please bring homework, a book to read, or other quiet activity to do during your downtime. You may bring a snack and a bottle of water to drink. Please keep in mind when planning what to bring that your dancer will be in full costume, which you do not want to get dirty or damaged. Dancers must stay for the entirety of each rehearsal they are required to attend.

Act One Dress Rehearsal

Friday, December 9th

5:15-7:15 PM

at Airborne Gymnastics & Dance

Time and location are subject to change

Act Two Dress Rehearsal

Saturday, December 10th

1:00-4:00 PM

at Airborne Gymnastics & Dance

Time and location are subject to change

Full Show Dress Rehearsal

Friday, December 16th

4:15-8:15 PM

at Vance Brand Civic Auditorium in Skyline High School

This is for lights, sound, staging, etc. - All cast members must attend.

Nutty Nutcracker Performances

Saturday, December 17th

2:00pm & 7:00pm

at Vance Brand Civic Auditorium in Skyline High School

Check in time for all dancers is 1:15pm for the 2:00pm show and 6:15pm for the 7:00pm show.

Dancers must leave the building between shows to get dinner and rest.

All dancers need to be in full costume and makeup when they check-in for both shows.

Both shows will run approximately 2 hours.

Nutty Nutcracker Fees

Preparing for and putting on a production of this size is an enormous feat. In addition to costumes, there are also costs associated with renting the auditorium and its staff, choreography & rehearsal time, props, etc. For your convenience, we have combined all costs into one fee and broken it down into payments.

Gingerbread Fee: $180.00 total

• A $50 deposit is due on or before September 24th

• Remainder to be paid in 2 payments of $65.00 each due October 1st and November 1st.

• Dancer will participate in 1 dance and the finale.

• This fee includes:

* All required rehearsals

* 1 commemorative t-shirt

* 1 pair of tights

* Auditorium Rental

* A $50 costume rental deposit ($20 credited back to your account at costume check-in)

Ensemble Cast Fee (1 dance): $215.00 total

• A $50 deposit is due on or before September 24th.

• Remainder to be paid in 2 payments of $82.50 each due October 1st and November 1st.

• Dancer will participate in 1 dance and the finale (if in Act II).

• This fee includes:

* All required rehearsals

* 1 commemorative t-shirt

* 1 pair of tights

* Auditorium Rental

* A $50 costume rental deposit ($20 credited back to your account at costume check-in)

Ensemble Cast Fee (2 dances): $250.00 total

• A $50 deposit is due on or before September 24th.

• Remainder to be paid in 2 payments of $100.00 each due October 1st and November 1st.

• Dancer will participate in 2 dances and the finale (if in Act II).

• This fee includes:

* All required rehearsals

* 1 commemorative t-shirt

* 1 pair of tights

* Auditorium Rental

* A $50 costume rental deposit per costume ($20 per costume credited back to your account at costume check-in)

• Additional tights and/or shoes may be required at additional expense.

For Group Gym, Tour Ensemble and Dance Team dances please see the front desk for more info.

All payments are due on the first of the month, with your class tuition.

If you are an auto-pay client, your credit card will be charged on the 1st for Nutty Nutcracker fees.

If you are a self-pay client, please make a note on your calendar that these fees are due on the 1st.

If fees are not paid by the 7th of the month, you will be charged a late fee of $10.

ALL Nutty Nutcracker Fees are non-refundable.


Airborne stocks ensemble costumes to help lower your overall cost of participating in the Nutty Nutcracker. Our teachers have picked out styles that we feel will be the most adjustable for size variations, as well as lend itself to varying styles of dance in the future. Costumes will be sent home the last week of rehearsals.

If your family has not participated in a recital previously you might be unfamiliar with the construction of the costumes. Please note that costumes are made to match each other and look good on-stage. To keep costs down these costumes are intended to be of a suitable grade for limited use and are typically not as robust as ordinary everyday clothing. In order for these costumes to last as long as possible and continue to look good onstage, we ask that you please do not let your dancer wear their costume to anything except dress rehearsals and the performance. This includes “just around the house”, because accidents do happen.

Please Note: Costumes are not custom made to fit. Some altering of the costume may be required. This usually includes minor hemming, adjustment of straps, etc. However, any alterations done to the costume must not be permanent as these costumes will be reused each year. No cutting of fabric or altering the costume in any way that can not be undone is allowed. Directions for alterations needed, hairstyles, and makeup will come home with the costume.

Costume Deposit/Refund: There will be two check-in dates, to be determined later, at which time you will be expected to turn in your costume in the same condition you received it. Dancers who return their costume in the same condition it was received by the 2nd check-in date will get a $20 credit on their account resulting in a $30 costume rental fee. If you fail to return your costume by the 2nd return date, your Airborne account will be charged $5 per day until it is returned in the condition you received it. If you fail to return your costume by January 1st, the replacement cost of the costume will be charged to your Airborne Account.


Thanks to our generous sponsors, the Nutty Nutcracker will once again be a free public performance! Tickets will be available to pick up beginning November 1st. We encourage dancers in the show to pick up tickets early as we anticipate a full house at both shows and don’t want your families to miss your awesome performance!

We cannot guarantee tickets will be available at the door, so picking up your tickets as soon as possible is strongly encouraged.



A professional photographer will take a cast photo at the dress rehearsal. Even if you do not plan to purchase the photo, we ask that you stay and be in the photo. What is a cast photo, without the entire cast?

You may also have individual pictures taken of your dancer during the dress rehearsal. Information regarding packet prices and how to order will be provided at a later date. Payment is due when you place your order, whether for the cast photo or individual pictures. Individual pictures will not be taken without payment first. Airborne does not make a profit from these pictures; this is a service we are providing for your benefit.


Personal videotaping is distracting for our dancers, and especially for the audience around you. We want the audience to be able to sit back, relax, and enjoy the performance. For this reason, Dance Team SOS, our Dance Team's booster club, has hired a professional videographer to tape the performance. DVD’s can be purchased from Dance Team SOS in advance or in the lobby the night of the performance. This is a fundraiser for the booster club and Airborne does not receive any profit from these DVDs. Look for more information regarding cost and how to order in an upcoming newsletter.

Limited personal videotaping is allowed, however we do have a set video policy. Please review the Airborne Dance Performance Video Policy prior to the performance. This policy is available by request at the front desk and is located in the program the night of the performance.

***** REMEMBER *****

Attendance in every rehearsal and class is EXTREMELY important. Please make every effort to be in your regular class and at every Nutty Nutcracker rehearsal each day, on time, and prepared to dance. When everyone comes to class and rehearsal on time and prepared, class and rehearsal time is better spent. There is not a lot of class and/or rehearsal time for the Nutty Nutcracker, so attendance and participation are vital in order to put on the quality performance the Nutty Nutcracker has become known for.

Nutty Nutcracker Waiver

This waiver must be signed and turned in with your deposit

no later then September 24th.

I have read and understand the information required to participate

in the Nutty Nutcracker with Airborne Dance.

Tour Ensemble. Performance Team and Group Gym DO NOT need to turn in this form. Separate forms are available at the front desk

Dancer’s Name Class day(s) and class time(s)

Even if your dancer is in only one style of dance class, they can still do 2 dances in the Nutty Nutcracker. Circle the number of dances you would like to be considered for below.

(DanceStars and older only.)

1 2


Dancer’s Signature Date

Parent or Legal Guardian’s Name Parent or Legal Guardian’s Signature

If dancer under age of 18

T-shirt Size

Please Circle One

CHILD: Small Medium Large

ADULT: Small Medium Large X-Large

Tights Size

Please Circle One

(If unsure see size charts at front desk.)



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