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2016 Journey to 300

Rules and Regulations

Objectives: 1. Challenge any grower purchasing Beck's corn products to break the 300 bushel per acre mark on their farm.

2. Partner with growers to greatly improve corn yields.

3. Create awareness that 300 bushels per acre is possible. Entry:

1. Any grower purchasing a minimum of thirty (30) acres of Beck's corn products is eligible to participate in the Journey to 300. Any of Beck's corn products may be entered.

2. More than one thirty (30) acre field area may be entered into the challenge. Each thirty (30) acre area must be from a completely separate field.

3. Each entry field is to have one (1) or more Beck's products entered. Only Beck's corn products will be considered for the challenge. Additionally, a minimum of a five (5) acre check should be established with each entry. Twenty five (25) acres and five (5) acres of check for a total of at least thirty (30) acres. The check acres should be treated like the rest of your acres. The check will offer an in-field measure to compare with the challenge acres.

4. Each interested grower is to complete the attached application and submit it to Beck's no later than April 22, 2016. One application per field is required.

Planting: 1. Grower will choose, at minimum, a thirty (30) acre field area to meet this challenge. This includes at least a five (5) acre check strip within or adjacent to at least twenty five (25) challenge acres.

2. Grower may attempt to break the 300 bushel mark by either splitting the planter with two different Beck's products or planting the two products in blocks.

3. Growers may choose any agronomic practice that they wish. This includes, but is not limited to: irrigation, tillage methods, planting depth and populations, row widths, fertilizers, insecticides, fungicides, foliar and seed treatments, etc.

4. A Beck's representative will assist in agronomic decisions, as needed.

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Harvesting: 1. Harvest three (3) strips; each strip is to be separated by at least three (3) combine head widths apart totaling an accumulation of at least ? acre for each hybrid. The highest yield of the three strips will be used.

2. Harvest at least one (1) strip from the check acres and weigh.

3. No field borders or end rows will be allowed. A minimum of three (3) passes from the edges of the field are required.

4. The harvesting and weighing of the area must be supervised by a Beck's Seed Advisor or representative. Scale tickets are acceptable.

5. Row length will be measured by a Beck's Seed Advisor or representative.

6. Yield monitor data will be accepted if the Seed Advisor or representative ensures proper calibration within +/- 2% accuracy.

7. The weight of the harvested corn will be corrected to 15.0 percent moisture. Moisture will be taken the same day as harvesting by the Beck's Seed Advisor or representative.

8. Harvest data will be recorded on a Beck's plot harvest form, signed by the grower, and submitted to Beck's along with the agronomic information for each entry no later than November 18, 2016.

9. The final official yield calculations will be computed by Beck's main office. Beck's Practical Farm Research (PFR)? Director will make the final decision as to whether a grower has met the Journey to 300.


1. Information gathered from those growers participating in the Journey to 300 will be summarized and may be published for other growers to review and learn from.

Practical Farm Research is a trademark of Beck's Superior Hybrids, Inc.

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2015 Journey to 300 Entry Form

(Online registration available at JourneyTo300)

Name and/or Farm Name: ________________________________________________________________ Address: ____________________________ City: __________________ State: _____ Zip: ___________ County: __________________________________ Phone: ______________________________________ Beck Seed Advisor or Dealer Name: ________________________________________________________ Email: ________________________________________________________________________________ Planned Beck's Products to Plant 1. ________________________ 2. _____________________________ What are two key factors you are implementing in this plot that you do not currently do in your normal operation?

1. ________________________________________________________________________________ 2. ________________________________________________________________________________ What would you normally do? ______________________________________________________________

It is understood that the information obtained from this challenge that you are giving your consent to Beck's Superior Hybrids, Inc. (Beck's), to use the information for any reasonable purpose including but not limited to press releases, marketing materials, presentations, and website without acknowledgement and without being entitled to compensation for such use. Additionally, you will be authorizing the use, reproduction and electronic posting of any and all information taken by Beck's or provided to Beck's in conjunction with this information. You will be acknowledging and agreeing that the ownership of all the information will be retained by Beck's.

Participant Signature: _________________________________________ Date: ____________________

Entry form must be submitted to Beck's no later than April 22, 2016. Mail to: Beck's Hybrids 6767 E. 276th Street, Atlanta, IN 46031

If you have questions about the Journey to 300, contact Mackenzie Miller at 317.565.4483 or mackenzie.miller@. Page 3 of 4

Journey to 300

Beck's PFR 300 Bushel Recommendations

*These recommendations are based on past performance of these products and practices in Beck's PFR and/or farmer's on-farm testimonials. Individual results may vary due to environmental and other conditions.

Planter Attachments:

Flo-Rite? Seed Firmers

Seed Treatment:

Apply 4 oz. Amplify-D? per 50 lb. of seed

Planted Population:

30 in. rows: 35,000 to 38,000

20 in. rows: 38,000 to 42,000


250-300 lb./A. as split sidedress applications with 37 oz./A. Instinct II?

Row Starter:

2x2: 50% UAN / 50% 10-34-0 with 1 qt./A. Start Right and 48 oz./A. USA 500

In-Furrow: 5 gal./A. 6-24-6 with 1 qt./A. Start Right and 48 oz./A. USA 500 + 6 oz. Ascend?

Foliar Applications:

V5: Apply 1 qt./A. Versa MaxTM AC + 4 oz./A. Priaxor? + 8 oz./A. Respire?

VT: Apply 10 oz. Headline Amp? + 6 oz. Hero? + 1 pt./A. 10% Boron

*Select a field with good drainage and high fertility levels. *Keep the field weed-free from planting through harvest. *For product information, please refer to the product description section of the 2015 PFR book starting on page 248.

Flo-Rite is a registered trademark of Flo-Rite, Inc. Amplify-D is a registered trademark of Conklin Company, Inc. Instinct II is a registered trademark of The Dow Chemical Company ("Dow") or an affiliated company of Dow. Ascend is a registered trademark of Winfield Solutions, LLC. Versa Max AC is a trademark of Midtech R&D, Inc. (Manufactured for: Rosen's, Inc.) Priaxor is a registered trademark of BASF. Respire is a registered trademark of Chandler, Inc. Headline AMP is a registered trademark of BASF. Hero is a registered trademark of FMC Corporation.

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