3 1970s punk

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3. 1970s Punk

Lecture Outline ? Proto-punk ? New York Punk ? UK Punk ? Hardcore ? New Wave/Post Punk

? In the 1950s, rock represented a challenge to the establishment; in the 1970s, rock IS the establishment. Punk rock is a challenge to mainstream rock.

The Historical Phases of Punk

1. Pre/Proto Punk ? before there was the term "punk"

2. NYC Punk, 1974-1975 3. UK Punk, London, 1976-1977 4. US Indie network, late 1970s-1980s, California 5. Pop punk, 1990s-present

? As with many genres, the term "punk" has been used to describe music that varies widely in sound and social outlook

General Features of Punk

? Musical simplicity; easy to play

? Sometimes sloppy, definitely not polished; may be amateur-sounding ? Simple structures; opposite of prog or psychedelia

? In this sense, more like 1950s rock and roll, or folk

? Aggression, loud ? DIY: from clothes to recording, album art, production, touring ? Fashion: ripped clothes, safety pins ? Many different sounds, but in general, in opposition to mainstream

corporate rock (especially in the 1970s and 1980s)

1960s Garage Rock

? More enthusiasm than skill/musical training ? Lo-fi local recordings, inexpensive equipment Ex: The Kingsmen ? "Louie Louie" (1963) ? First important garage band hit (#2 Pop) ? Amateurish performance, rough vocals and instruments, vocals start

at wrong time at one point

? after guitar solo... then waits two bars

? FCC investigation into possible "pornographic" lyrics

1960s Garage Rock (cont.)

? The unexpected success of "Louie Louie" led to more amateurish local bands being signed

Ex: Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs ? "Wooly Bully" (1965)

? Another good garage rock example: ? and the Mysterians ? "96 Tears" (1966)

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