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6.7A Prime Factorization

prime number ? a whole

number that has exactly two factors, 1 and itself.

composite number ? a number

greater than 1 with more than two factors.

factors - numbers that you

exponential notation ? used for writing repeated multiplication

more efficiently through the use of bases and exponents.

multiply together to get another number.

factor tree ? an organized diagram used for listing out pairs factor strings ? repeated

of factors of a number until reaching the prime factors of a

multiplication by the same factor


Prime and Composite Numbers ? the prime numbers are circled, the composite numbers are not circled

My teacher's learning goals for me are that I will be able to:

Build a factor tree to calculate the prime factors of any composite number.

Generate equivalent expressions o using factor strings.

o using exponential notation. Calculate the composite value when

given a factor string or exponential notation.

I will master the learning goals for Prime Factorization with

at least _______ mastery by: 1) Asking questions when I'm not sure of something and answering questions when I know the answer.

2) ________________________________________


3) ________________________________________



__________________________are either prime or composite. ___________________and __________ are neither prime nor composite.

Every composite number can be written as a product of prime numbers.

Prime Factorization I do...and you follow along and process





Factor String: Exponential Notation: C.


Factor String:

Exponential Notation:



Factor String: Exponential Notation:

Factor String: Exponential Notation:

When the composite number that is being factored is negative, you must first factor out the negative 1 (put a triangle around it). In doing this, the number that you are now calculating the prime factorization for is positive.


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