7th grade global studies

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Intro to Africa Lesson CycleCallanan Middle SchoolPatterson(W) – on websiteUnderline- rationale the students should walk away withBlue Word – Click on blue word and hold down “ctrl” buttonThe purpose of this lesson cycle is to introduce students to the region, issues, and vocabulary that will be the focus of class for the next couple of weeks.Day 1Intro to Region (W) Vocab: Sub-Saharan Africa, Thematic, Physical, and PoliticalAfrica Political Map (W)ResourcesSubAfricaStudentSheetIntotoSubAfricaRegion_Vocab (W)Africa Political Map (W)MaterialsExtensionDay 2Warm UpAnalyze Thematic Map (Page 2)-What is this map showing?-What type of map is this?Discuss why this map be important for ESPN?Africa Political Map (W)-model reading directions,-marking/showing CAPS-title, color in the same directionResourcesAfrica Political Map (W)MaterialsExtensionSporcleLatitude and Longitude Practice linkDay 3Warm Up What type of map did we use for the Division?-Watch Bear Grylls, Season 2 Zambia-30 minutesIf you were planning a trip for Bear Grylls, what would have to think about?-Have students discuss how they would use each type of map, -Have the students find the maps that would use for filming an episode on Google-Students would write a paragraph using physical, thematic, and political map, page 3ResourcesMaterialsBear Grylls, Season 2 ComputersExtensionFinish watching episodeSub-Africa Vocab Quiz (W)Stand up, hand up, pair up, share with vocabulary,Quiz36576001257300College Football Fan Map00College Football Fan Map-1504764127616300Name:Block:Man vs. WildTeacher:Directions: Bear Grylls is an adventurer for the Discovery channel that travels to different parts of the world. Choose a place for Bear Grylls to visit for a future episode. Explain how you would use political, physical, and thematic maps in the planning process. Your paragraph should be at least five sentences in length. You should also use and highlight when you write use political, thematic, and physical maps in your writing.____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________QuizletDo you have a smart phone?If yes, download the app called Quizlet. Search for Callanan and click on the quiz titled Sub-Saharan Africa Callanan. Study the unit vocabulary by playing the scatter game for this quiz set. Your goal is to match all of the vocabulary.If no, use may use either a computer or an I-pad. Go to Google, search for the website called Quizlet. Search for Callanan and click on the quiz titled Sub-Saharan Africa Callanan. Study the unit vocabulary by playing the scatter game for this quiz set. Your goal is to match all of the vocabulary.SporcleUsing a computer, practice your master geography skills by playing Sporcle games. Log in to a computer and type the web address in bold exactly how it appears below.Oceans and Continents Quiz of the World Quiz Country Quiz WallCreate a poster for the class word wall. Make sure that your word wall poster has these three different parts. Also, make sure you spell every word correctly and make sure you write large enough to read across the classroom.1. Vocabulary Word2. Definition3. A picture showing the meaning of the word

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