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7th Grade Social Studies Syllabus

Welcome to Seventh Grade

Teacher: Eddie Ford IV E- Mail: eddieford@ccs.k12.nc.us Text: Exploring Our World

Course Title: World Geography, History and Culture: Patterns of Continuity and Change

The Great Global Convergence (1400-1800) to Present Day

Description: Seventh grade Social Studies is a study of the world from a geographical, historical, and cultural perspective. The new course allows for a comparative exploration of cultures all across the globe with a particular focus on conflict and cooperation, economic development, population shifts, political thought and organization, cultural values and beliefs and the impact of environment of regions in the modern world.

Words from Mr. Ford This class is designed to inform students of the history that has gone before them. We will discuss the curriculum requirements and current issues going on through out the world today. We will have rigorous lessons and test to keep the children sharp, prepared and ready for higher levels of learning after my class is completed. All Students who receive lower than a 70 will have the opportunity to retest.

Grading: 10 point grading scale A- 100-90 B- 89-80 C- 79-70 D- 69-60 F 59-0

? If a student does not turn in an assignment the student has 2 days to turn in all make up work. After 2 days it will become a zero in the gradebook.

Major Grades- 70% (Test/Assessments 30%, Classroom work 25% Quizzes 15%) Minor Grades- 30% (Homework 10%, Bell Ringers 10%, Notebook Checks 10%)

Main Topics: *Five themes of geography/ Bias/ Propaganda *Reformation period * History from the 1400's- Present time. During these periods of history we will discuss many different things such as geographic tools, the renaissance, colonial, and enlightenment periods, personal finance nationalism, cold war, and the early 20th century history. Famous People (Explorers, Musicians, Kings, Queens, Presidents....Etc) Key Terms

Procedures: ? Students will come to class on time, prepared, and ready to learn. ? All assignments, notes, and returned papers will remain in their social studies notebook. ? Students who are absent should ask the teacher for missing assignments. ? Homework is checked immediately in class and will not be accepted late unless the student has an excused absence.

Wish List: Boxes of Tissue and Hand Sanitizer

Supply List 1. Spiral College wide rule notebook 150 sheets or bigger 2. Pencils (mechanical or regular number 2 pencils) 3. Pens (Blue or Black ink only) 4. Glue stick 5. Colored Pencils

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