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In Drink Pro Tycoon you can create company of your dreams and dominate world drink industry. Produce best drinks and make best advertisement campaigns. Research the latest technologies and market your drinks in the best way.

Set up new factories all over the Europe. Upgrade them and decide everything about your workers. Their salaries, work hours and even workloads.

Decide everything for your drinks. Make the most addictive Soda by using caffeine or make the most sour Lemonade. Also you might produce the first Ice Tea in the World for proper investments. This is all up to you.

You have to pay attention your character skills for making a good advertising film, which introduces your company to the

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World. With the higher appearance and fame skills, you could make better advertising but making a good advertising film is not enough by itself, you also should publish them on TV to increase your renown.

Enter a tough race with other companies to make yours beverages the best-selling. Research the latest drink technologies to stay in that race.

Try newest and unique game mechanics which are available through the researches which you have completed.

Start a beverage production company in the 70's. Create best and unique beverage formulas.

Research new technologies which bring new mechanics to the game. Set up new factories and upgrade them.

Make the most effective advertising campaigns. Set everything in your factories. Use different map modes.

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Title: Drink Pro Tycoon Genre: Indie, Simulation, Strategy Developer: NyberRoar Interactive Publisher: NyberRoar Interactive Release Date: 5 Mar, 2018 a09c17d780 English,Turkish,German,French

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