Ancient egypt research project

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Ancient Egypt Research Project


The Task:

You will be conducting research on an Ancient Egyptian topic. Once you have completed your research, you will write a research paper and create a visual or performance that represents your knowledge on that topic. We will be presenting this at a “Night at the Museum” on February 25th.

1. Students have already chosen a topic!

2. Follow the attached syllabus and rubrics/checklists to make sure you stay on track with your project’s requirements and due dates.

3. Decide how you will present your topic and circle your choice. If you would like to present in another way, make sure it is approved by a teacher and written here in your packet. Follow the specific criteria listed to get all points.

Presentation Choices

1. Create a booklet/picture catalog to present:

• Create a cover for your booklet. Include a title, illustration and you name.

• Each sub topic must have its own page in the booklet. Pages should be at least 8 ½ by 11. (Printer paper size.)

• You must have 4-6 pages. Each page must include a title at the top, a colored illustration, and a paragraph (at least 6 complete sentences).

• Be sure to write using your own words. If you do not understand what you are writing, your audience will not understand either.

• Staple the booklet when done. You must dress as a museum guide at the “Night at the Museum” and be able to explain why your booklet is so important to the museum.

2. Create a 3-D model to present:

• Research an item significant from Ancient Egypt on its importance, how

it was used, etc.

• Create a 3-D model of item.

• Label at least 4 parts of the model writing a short description (at least 2


• You must dress as a museum guide at the “Night at the Museum” and

be able to explain your museum artifact.

3. Take on the role of someone from Ancient Egypt:

• At “Night at the Museum”, you must dress up as your “character” and

place a “Press Me” button on your hand. When a visitor presses your

hand, you must present a speech as if you’re the character just like a

statue would in a museum.

• You must have some sort of movement during your speech.

• Think about these things to include in your speech:

What is your name and are you a kid or an adult? What do you spend most of your time doing in this civilization? Are you in school and what do your study? If you are an adult, what job or skill do you have? Where do you live in our unit of study? Describe what the land around you is like? Are there any special sites you can see? What type of clothing do you wear? What is it made of and is it comfortable? What kind of hairstyle do you have and do you wear make-up? What type of shoes do you wear? What kind of jewelry do you wear? What kind of foods do you eat? What kind of home do you live in? What sort of items can be found in your home? Do you live with your family or co-workers? Are you married? Do you have kids? What games do you play or what do you do in your spare time? Is there anything special you can share about yourself that is interesting? Do you have any pets? Are there any special stories you enjoy telling or listening to? What type of government does your ancient civilization have? How is it organized? What is your religion like?

4. Host a “Workshop” at the museum:

• Create a game for visitors to play. Research popular games from Ancient Egypt and chose one to recreate.

o Write the instructions for your game. In your instructions, you need to include a paragraph on Ancient Egyptian Games.

o Create the cards/materials needed. Be sure they are nicely printed or done using the computer.

o Make or find any other game pieces you may need for your board game. (Player pieces should not be made out of pieces of paper and you shouldn’t see pencil anywhere.)

o Test out playing your game using the exact instructions you wrote to make sure they are detailed enough and will work.

o On a large piece of poster board provided on your own, create your game board. Lines should be neat, spaces should be equal in size, and the art should reflect the time period. It needs to look spectacular!!

• Teach visitors to make/do something (ex. Jewelry, dance)

o Research what you are going to teach/present to them.

o Write a paragraph speech on what you are teaching/presenting to them and its significance to Ancient Egypt.

o Gather enough materials needed for everyone coming to the museum.

o Type out instructions test out the exact instructions you wrote to make sure they are detailed enough and will work. Have a teacher make copies for the museum visitors.

4. See us with questions ASAP. Do not wait until the last minute to clarify directions.

Have Fun!

Class notes on deadlines or project instructions:

Ancient Egyptian Project Timeline


February 8th -12th Begin collecting research! You must use at least 3 different resources. By the 10th you must have one book on your topic. First half of research notecards are due on the 11th.

February 15th- 19th Second half are due on the 16th. Begin first draft of Research Paper. First draft of your research paper will be due on the 19th. Work on your presentation and presentation materials.

February 22nd- 25thRevise and write final draft of your Research Paper due February 23rd. Presentation notecards will be due on the 24th.

February 25th In the afternoon, there will be time to practice and set-up. 5:30pm- 6:30pm will be the Sixth Grade’s Night at the Museum for family to come and see all their hard work and have fun!

February 8th, 2016

Dear Sixth Grade Parents/Guardians,

We are very excited to be starting an interdisciplinary unit with the sixth grade on Ancient Egypt. We are going to be working on this during Language and Literature and Individuals and Societies and will follow the IB criteria given in the following pages. The MYP IB program suggests interdisciplinary learning helps students to bring together concepts, methods, and forms of communication to help explain, solve, and create in ways that would have been unlikely through a single discipline.

During this time your child will be participating in a research project. They will be selecting a topic on Ancient Egypt and writing a research paper on the topic. They then will create a presentation based off their research. They will be creating an Ancient Egypt museum exhibit and hosting a Night at the Museum for their family members on February 25th.

Students will be given time each day to complete their research and various parts of the project, but work will also have to be done outside of class and they will need computer access. Students are able to work during lunch recess if needed during this project. If they would like to come before or after school, they must schedule a time with a teacher at least one day before. Some materials required to complete the project will be provided to them at school and other materials might need to be brought from home.

We would like to make you aware of the due dates, so you are able to help your child meet deadlines. If students do not meet deadlines, it becomes very difficult to keep up with the rest of the class and they will have to miss out on fun activities planned. Ask your child how their project is going and what new information they found today. This project will be significant piece of their English Language Arts grade and Social Studies grade.

Please look over the attached information with the due dates and grading requirements and return the signed sheet to school by Wednesday February 10th. We appreciate your help in making this project a success. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns at or


Ms. Maura Raleigh

Mrs. Linda Roche

**Please only return this sheet. Keep this packet for your reference.**

Ancient Egypt Project

Student’s Name ________________________________________________________

I have read the due dates and grading requirements. I understand missing deadlines will cause my student to miss out on whole class activities. My student commits to coming to the Night at the Museum on February 25th from 5:30- 6:30 pm.

Student Signature _______________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian Signature ________________________________________________

The Research Paper Basics

Method Used:

During the work time provided and outside of class, you will want to:

1. Find sources that will help you write your paper. Print these sources or make copies of these sources. You may highlight and annotate as much as you want.

2. Plan your essay. You should address 3+ subtopics, each of these generated from your response to the sources.

3. Type your essay.

4. Revise and edit your work before submitting.

5. Submit both your essay and a works cited page. You must submit your essay and works cited by printing.


You will be assessed using the attached rubric. We will be looking for:

o An introduction (hook, explanation of topic, thesis statement)

o A 3+ paragraph body. Each paragraph should contain:

• A topic sentence

• Evidence

• In-text citations for all evidence

• Direct quotations

• Interpretations (These are your own ideas, connections, explanations, etc.)

• A conclusion (with a final comment and restatement of thesis)

• A works cited page


My Chosen Topic: _______________________

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