Ancient egyptian homework project year 3

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Ancient Egyptian Homework Project ? Year 3

Listed below are 20 different activities relating to our ancient Egyptian topic. You must complete 4 of the 20 activities ? however if you want to choose more, then brilliant.

You may choose to display your work anyway that you wish to e.g. a book, posters, power point or combination of any of these.

Your work will be displayed in the hall and guests will be invited in to talk to you about what you have done as part of our end of topic exhibition.

1) Research and write some paragraphs about Tutankhamen. Draw a picture of the pharaoh Tutankhamen beside your written work. 5) Construct a pyramid ? using any suitable materials e.g. lego, unifix cubes or sugar cubes etc. 9) List ten things that we would see in Ancient Egypt

13) Using the words ? Ancient Egypt create an acrostic poem.

17) Make a 3D model of a typical home during ancient Egyptian times.

2) Invent a new set of hieroglyphics and write them out. Then use them to write your name and title of your homework project. 6) Think of 5 ways that the Nile could be used to improve the environment. 10) Design a leaflet to encourage tourist to visit Egypt.

14) Create a word search about ancient Egypt. This can be about only one topic if you want. 18) Draw a picture of a new Egyptian god or goddess. Write 2-3 sentences about your god or goddess.

3) Take a piece of A4 paper and split this up into 8 squares. In each square draw a cartoon sketch about daily life in ancient Egypt. 7) List ten things that we would not see in Ancient Egypt.

11) Write a short play about ancient Egypt.

15) Either draw and label or make a model of a machine that can mummify a body. 19) Create a crossword puzzle about ancient Egypt.

4) Draw a net of a square based pyramid with the triangles all having angles of 60 degrees.

8) Write 10 questions that you would ask Tutankhamen.

12) Make a simple game about ancient Egypt e.g. snap, uno, snakes and ladders etc. 16) Compose a short song about either ancient or modern day Egypt.


Free Choice

Just for fun.... complete the Egyptian Tomb Adventure game ? see below ?

Due in Monday 3rd April 2017

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