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Archaeology News

- from the Division of Historic

Preservation and Archaeology (DHPA), office of the Indiana State Archaeologist

? Indiana Archaeology Month officially begins!- Governor Mitch Daniels has issued an official Proclamation designating September as Indiana Archaeology Month. In the Proclamation he urges us all to note this occasion. September provides us with a month full of discoveries and exciting events, so take advantage of this time to celebrate the science of archaeology, and the state's rich archaeological heritage! Go to the following webpage (dnr/historic/archeomonth.html) for more information.

Governor Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr.'s Proclamation regarding Indiana Archaeology Month 2006.

? Pre- Archaeo Month event at the Indiana State Fair- The DHPA Prehistoric Artifact Roadshow came to the 150th anniversary of the Indiana State Fair on August 19th. The interested public brought artifacts for identification and learned about archaeology in our state. Free archaeology outreach materials were available to fairgoers, and the everpopular official Indiana Archaeology Month t-shirts were on sale inside the DNR building throughout the Fair. Information regarding the artifacts was provided, but not monetary values. Indiana State Archaeologist Dr. Rick Jones and Amy Johnson, Archaeology Outreach Coordinator, represented the DHPA.

Dr. Jones and Amy Johnson assisting fair visitors.

? Number of Archaeological Staff will be expanding- The DHPA , office of the Indiana State Archaeologist, will soon have several new full time archaeology job opportunities available. Watch for additional information soon regarding these exciting opportunities.

? DHPA's Archaeo Roadshow- DHPA archaeologists are coming to a number of Indiana Archaeology Month events which are being held around the state. When they come to the events, they will be bringing free archaeology outreach materials, as well as the commemorative Indiana Archaeology Month t-shirts to have available for sale. The archaeologists look forward to coming to these events and to meeting people who share a similar interest in the past. For a complete list of the events happening around the state in September, go to dnr/historic/archeomonth.html.

? Indiana Archaeology Month Featured- The DHPA is pleased that information about Indiana Archaeology Month is featured on the website () of the Midwest Archaeological Conference. Be sure to check out their entire informative archaeological webpage! In addition, Dr. Jones recently gave a presentation to the archaeology branch of the 500 Earth Sciences Club in Indianapolis, and in its August newsletter (The Tumbler), the club included information regarding Indiana Archaeology Month.

DHPA archaeologist Cathy Draeger at a past Indiana Archaeology Month event.

? Changes at DHPA- As part of the reorganization (which has now begun) of DHPA staff offices, storage and work areas, a new research area with individual work spaces will be constructed for qualified researchers who come to our office to conduct records checks. This will allow for better customer service to our visitors and will provide more spacious work areas. The office is being reconfigured and recarpeted; as a result, files are having to be packed, and staff have moved to other locations in the Indiana Government Center South

Empty offices and empty archaeology report shelves in the background. Everything will be removed, including carpet, and restructured to make better use of much needed expanded office space.

temporarily. It is anticipated that the office will be finished and staff will again be in Room W274 by the end of October.

As we pack, move to temporary quarters, and move back into our remodeled space and unpack, our ability to respond to inquiries and to review submitted materials may occasionally be disrupted. We will make every effort to respond in a timely manner; however, we encourage you to plan accordingly and allow adequate time for review and response. Our mailing address, telephone, fax number will remain the same during and after the remodeling; voice mail and email will also remain up and running. We appreciate your patience during this time period. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact

our office at 317/232-1646.

Our office in the hall! This shows just a small portion of the DHPA furniture and files packed and temporarily stored in the DNR hallway. As you can see, our office spaces have seen tremendous changes! Again, we appreciate your patience and understanding during this transition time.

Dr. Melody Pope and Cathy Draeger (facing camera) in their temporary shared quarters in our neighbor's office, the Division of Entomology.

? Archaeology in the latest edition of Preserving Indiana- The latest edition of the Division of Historic Preservation and Archaeology's newsletter, Preserving Indiana, features several sections on archaeology. Check it out online at dnr/historic.

? Getting the word out about Indiana Archaeology Month- Our office is always looking for additional ways to spread the word about Indiana Archaeology Month, and archaeology in our state. This year, we are especially pleased that the AAA Hoosier Motor Club's Home & Away Magazine (Vol. 27, No.5; September/October 2006) includes information for the public about the Month and how to reach the official website, dnr/historic/archeomonth.html. This bi-monthly magazine has a circulation of over 1,500,000. Therefore, it is our hope that many readers of this popular magazine () will take advantage of the opportunity

to visit one or more of the many Indiana Archaeology Month events held during September!

Member of the public signing up to receive information about archaeology in Indiana. Dr. Jones is in the upper left answering questions. This is another way to "get the word out" about archaeology and Indiana Archaeology Month.

? HPF Grant Applications- For those who might be thinking of applying for Historic Preservation Fund (HPF) grant projects, don't forget that the deadline for proposals is Friday, October 6, 2006 at 5:00 p.m. This is not a postmark deadline, and late proposals will not be accepted. Applications can be found at . Contact the DHPA Grants Staff with questions at 317/232-1646.

? Communication with DHPA- Please feel free to communicate with our office at any time with any concerns or questions which you may have regarding any matters that our office handles. We are always pleased to speak with the public, archaeological colleagues, etc. about matters which regard archaeology in Indiana and our office in particular.

In addition, public feedback is always important regarding events held during Indiana Archaeology Month. Look for the public feedback forms at the events that you attend during September. If you complete one and submit it, you will be entered into a drawing, and might be the lucky winner of an Indiana Archaeology Month shirt! Or, you can go to our website () and complete the form after you have attended an event(s). These completed forms allow us to know the public's thoughts about the events they attended, as well as hear ideas for future activities.

This information is distributed via email by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Division of Historic Preservation and Archaeology (DHPA). This is meant to provide information on current archaeological topics and issues in which the DHPA is involved. An archive of past Archaeology News issues is available at . If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our office at 317/232-1646.

Division of Historic Preservation and Archaeology, 402 W. Washington St., Room W274, Indianapolis, IN 46204-2739. dnr/historic

Indiana Archaeology Month (September) webpagednr/historic/archeomonth.html

Compiled and written by Amy Johnson, Research Archaeologist and Archaeology Outreach Coordinator (September 2006). State Fair logo from .

Mission Statement: The Division of Historic Preservation and Archaeology promotes the conservation of Indiana's cultural resources through public education efforts, financial incentives including several grant and tax credit programs, and the administration of state and federally mandated legislation.

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