Arlington county fire department

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Arlington County Fire Department

Proposed FY 2018 Budget Highlights

March 22, 2017

Fire Budget at a Glance

? Proposed budget totals $ 59.8 M

? 6% increase from FY 2017 due to:

? Standard personnel increases and additional funding required for two recruit schools

? Non-personnel increases due to: ? Increased funding for two recruit schools ($277,970 ongoing, $268,120 onetime). ? Increased contractual services due to adjustments to the accounting method for the medical billing management fee: $180,000. ? Transfer of Fire's portion of $75,934 for Fire Computer Aided Dispatch System costs from Police.

? 7% increase in revenues from FY 2017 primarily due to:

? Increase in various fees: $460,000

? Net Tax Support of $50.9M, a 6% increase over FY 2017

? Total FTEs: 332.00

? No changes from FY 2017


FY 2018 Departmental Initiatives

? Focus on Recruitment and Retention Increase exposure and interaction with local future workforce. Continue to develop opportunities for education and innovative training that makes Arlington more attractive. Increase involvement with locals schools, universities and job fairs. Work with veterans in the Department to connect with military personnel transitioning to civilian life & looking for a meaningful career.


FY 2018 Departmental Initiatives

Fire Prevention

? Increase in Permit Fees starting July 1. ? Build upon current successful Fire Protection

Systems Testing Program.

? Identify markers of successful fire protection systems that allow for decreased surveillance

? Continue Operation Fire Safe.


FY 2018 Departmental Initiatives

? Community Outreach

? Developing community partnerships through Fire Station Commanders.

? Public Education

? Schools ? County Fair ? Special Events ? Adult Care Facilities ? Social Media ? Operation Fire Safe

? Continuing Innovative Response and National Model Development for:

? Emergency Medical Service ? Fire Suppression ? Hazardous Materials Team ? Technical Rescue Team ? Rescue Task Force for High Threat Incidents ? Bomb Team ? Fire Prevention & Investigations ? Swift Water Rescue Team ? Advanced Practice Paramedics


FY 2018 Initiatives

Focus on Organizational Health and Safety

? Occupational Disease

Cancer & heart disease - two most prevalent

Annual physicals ? increase testing

PPE washing/maintenance capabilities

After the fire ? exposure reporting, decontamination of gear, apparatus and equipment

? Injury/Accident Prevention ? Behavioral Health ? Physical Fitness ? Incident Safety ? Wellness ? Work/life balance


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