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Wi-Fi? Gateway Replacement

selfinstallation guide

Reminder: ? Your Wi-Fi Gateway does not contain a battery backup. ? Battery backup is available for purchase from third-party manufacturers and retailers to keep you connected in the event of a power failure. Visit batterybackup for more information.

Get started Approximate installation time: 20 minutes

These instructions will guide you through the process of replacing your Wi-Fi Gateway.

In the box:

Wi-Fi Gateway (Front View)

Power Cord (2 parts)

Warning: Use only the power supply and cord that came with this device. Failure to use the authorized power supply and cord may cause electric shock, fire, bodily injury, and/or property damage.

BGW210 with Voice Swap Guide 06/17


1. Set up Approximate time: 10 minutes

Please note that your U-verse TV, Internet, and voice services will not operate during this process. This includes recording TV shows.


? Unplug power cord from existing Wi-Fi Gateway

? Set power cord aside

? Stand new Wi-Fi Gateway side-byside with existing Wi-Fi Gateway


? Transfer one connection at a time from the existing Wi-Fi Gateway to new Wi-Fi Gateway


? Carefully read and remove yellow Power sticker covering the Power port of new Wi-Fi Gateway

? Connect new power cord to Power port of new Wi-Fi Gateway and into electrical outlet

Below is a completed setup. Your existing Wi-Fi Gateway and connections may vary.

Existing Wi-Fi Gateway

New Wi-Fi Gateway

B Yellow

Ethernet Cable

B Yellow

Ethernet Cable

Wall Jack


Green Data Cable

B Gray

Phone Cable

C New Power


Electrical Outlet

(U-verse TV Customers Only)

Wireless Access Point (Optional) and/or DVR (Not Shown)

3. Go Wi-Fi Approximate time: 1?5 minutes

A. Select only one option to begin the Wi-Fi setup.

Option 1: Connect using PC

? Connect laptop or PC with an Ethernet cable to your Wi-Fi Gateway

? Continue to B

Option 2: Connect using smartphone/tablet

? Establish a temporary connection using new Wi-Fi settings located on yellow sticker on new Wi-Fi Gateway

? Open your device's Wi-Fi connection settings, select your Wi-Fi Network Name and enter your Wi-Fi Password to connect to your network

? Continue to B


Note: Please wait up to 10 minutes for the Wi-Fi Gateway to complete the power-up process before attempting to restore your settings.

? Open a browser and go to ufix.restore ? Log in to your U-verse account. If you forgot your User ID (primary AT&T email address) and Password, help can be found on the account log-in screen.

? Follow the onscreen instructions to transfer the existing Wi-Fi settings. ? Record existing Network Name and Wi-Fi Password on separate yellow sticker from kit. ? Place new yellow sticker over your new Wi-Fi Gateway's yellow sticker.

NOTE: If Wi-Fi settings did not transfer, or to use new Wi-Fi Network Name and Password, refer to the Need more help? section on the back of this guide.

NOTE: Any custom settings made for security cameras, game consoles, etc., on your original Wi-Fi Gateway will also need to be made on your new Wi-Fi Gateway.

4. Easy return (Refer to return instructions in your kit)

A. Return your equipment at no

cost to you within 21 days to avoid $150 charge.

B. Take original gateway and power

cord to nearest The UPS Store. Bring your AT&T account number located on your packing slip.

Please do not return other devices.

C. UPS will scan your equipment,

provide a receipt, pack, and ship equipment to AT&T at no cost to you.

2. Power up Approximate time: 1?5 minutes Your Wi-Fi Gateway is now powering up. During this time (up to 5 minutes), do not disconnect the power cord or unplug any cables connected to this device. This can permanently damage the Wi-Fi Gateway and significantly delay your service activation.

When complete, the Service light will begin flashing, then turn to solid green. If the Service light does not turn solid green or continues to blink after 5 minutes, see Need more help? on the back of this guide.

NOTE: Your TV may take a few minutes to display. Check your TV for service. If your TV does not respond, refer to Need more help? on the back of this guide.

Lights may vary with setup.

5. Smart Home Manager (For AT&T Internet customers only) SHM Dashboard Learn how the Smart Home Manager can help you manage your Wi-Fi network information, connect devices to your network, and more.

The Smart Home Manager (SHM) Dashboard gives you easy access to all the network information you need.

? View your Wi-Fi network and devices connected ? Easily reboot your Wi-Fi Gateway ? Change your Wi-Fi Network Name or Password

Access the Smart Home Manager

Log in with your AT&T ID and Password that manages your AT&T Internet account to have your network connections at your fingertips.

Need more control over your home network?

Go to to see how you can easily manage all the devices in your home.

Need more help?

No TV or Internet service:

Check your connections: Cables usually make an audible click when secure.

Front View


Light Check Power: Power light on the Wi-Fi Gateway should be green; if not, try another


Light electrical outlet.

Check Service light on front of the Wi-Fi Gateway: If after 5 minutes, the light is red or off, power down the Wi-Fi Gateway by holding down red Reset button for 10 seconds.

If your existing Wi-Fi settings did not transfer, you will need to set up a new Wi-Fi Network Name and Password.

? Use settings from new Wi-Fi Gateway yellow sticker

? Open your device's Wi-Fi connection settings, select your Wi-Fi Network Name and enter Wi-Fi Password to connect

? Record and keep your Wi-Fi settings for future reference when connecting all your Wi-Fi devices

Back View

Reset button

Power button

TV Receivers not responding: Confirm Service light is solid green on the Wi-Fi Gateway. If so, hold the TV receiver's Power button down for 10 seconds and release, then wait five minutes.

Wi-Fi Gateway Power light is amber: Don't worry. This is a normal part of the power-up sequence.

No dial tone: Make sure your phone cable is plugged into the Phone Line port on the Wi-Fi Gateway.

Power supply: If the power supply or cord becomes damaged or needs to be replaced, please contact AT&T customer service to obtain an authorized replacement.

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Go to fibersupport to find answers to frequently asked questions.

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Visit support Call us at 800.288.2020 and ask for "technical support."

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