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Creating Your Amazon S3 Account

AWS - Amazon S3

AWS Amazon Web Services (lots of services)

AS3 (Amazon S3 stands for Amazon Simple Storage Solutions) is one of those services in AWS

You will need

Name Address Phone number Credit card A Unique bucket name (Buckets are like folders, they are global, so they must be unique)

o all lower case, no hyphens, comma, spaces or underlines o can us a dot between words if you like

Go to

click get started with Amazon s3 brings you to a log in page can use your existing Amazon account (sign in) or create new

o To create a new account, click I am a new user o Select email to use o Leave password blank for now o Click sign in o Goes to form to create credentials for new account

name email password o Click create account button Will be taken to page to enter contact information for your new account o Will need to enter a phone number to receive a call to verify your account o Do Captcha o Agree to service agreement o Click on create account and continue Next screen is to enter your credit card info Next screen is to verify your account, will get a PIN number to enter on the next screen After you are verified, click "continue to select my support plan" Select the basic plan and continue Will be taken to welcome screen and will be sent an email to the address you entered Your account may take a while to become active ( minutes to a few hours)


Once active, go to login and login as a returning customer Click the sign in button Go to all Services Choose S3 under the storage section Recent services you have used will be at the top of the page

Uploading a video to Amazon S3 Login to your AWS (Amazon Web Services) account Go to S3 (under the storage heading or recently visited) Choose the bucket you want to upload your video to Click on upload file Click on add file and find it on your computer Click on add more files if you want to upload more files You can also drag files from your computer Click next and set permission to "grant public access" Click next (don't need to change properties) Upload Go to list in the bucket and find the video you just uploaded Click on the file, opens a new window There will be a link at the bottom of the page (This is the link you can share) Copy the link and test it in a browser to make sure it plays It will not play if the permission is not set to public, it will say "denied access"

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