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1. Why is Paul D`s tobacco tin blown open? (p. 218) His tobacco tin is blown open because he wasn`t strong enough to open it but also because of the temptation given that he maybe wouldn`t have opened it if it had not been for the wind. The reference to this being blown seems to be like it was not intentional or that it was not really meant to happen but since it is may as well reap the benefits. With a closer look into the passage the blown open tin can could represent Paul D`s opened heart ripped open and torn by events that have happened.

2. What doubts does Paul D have of his own manhood? Paul D is concerned that he is not a man due to his absent ability and presence of a family. As he traveled everywhere he met a huge amount of people each with families varying from different people. Half white, part white, all black, mixed with Indian as the book describes to show the huge variety in people Paul D meets. He wonders why he does not have a family of his own and instead only watched others grow. The mentioning of Sethe and Halle`s journey is fresh in him mind due to the fact that he and Sethe are now in a relationship. We might assume that since he is away from the family he is with now, Sethe, he is thinking about his own vulnerable state of which he has not completed his manhood with.

3. What is the shining that lights the Thirty-Mile Woman? I think that it might be the glint of hope or knowledge of the trail that must be taken to freedom or maybe the stars in the sky that will light their way to the underground railroad and to freedom. It is hard to say because there is only one line about it. She is lit now with some glowing, some shining that comes from inside her. Before when she knelt on creek pebbles with Paul D she was nothing, a shape in the dark breathing lightly. Then as we continue to read it is because Paul D sees her shining in some light and it is from the lamps that Schoolteacher and his pupils are coming with.

4. Why does Sixo sing? I think he might have started to sing so that he would be able to cast some attention away from his woman even more and then get more attention to himself as he already had decided to die. Since he dies because schoolteacher wants to shut him up his death could have been easily avoided if he had just been quite in the first place. But since he started to sing maybe sixo wanted to die and so he did it on purpose.

5. What does Sixo mean when he shouts, Seven-O! (p. 278) A relationship between the names SIX-O and SEVEN-O, could be due to the fact that the Thirty mile woman now carries a child of his and that he wants a tradition to continue. The story told of Sixo as the only man who remembered his African roots so maybe this was a tradition and a plead to help continue his own thoughts to the child that he will never see.

6. Why is Sixo laughing when he dies? Sixo is laughing when he dies because he has given up and does not want to live the life that he has now. He would rather die that try and continue to live with the schoolteacher and under his rules. Plus the fact that even with his death schoolteacher has not caught his only son which will carry his traditions with him he understands that this is not the last of him and that he hopes his woman and child will be safe. The thirty mile woman got away with his blossoming seed. 229


1. What is the tone of the conversation between Stamp and the man who asks about Judy? The tone of the conversation is very nonchalant as it is basically just a conversation between a lost man and what seems to be a local. But then again it could be a little suspicious as the rider asks for a woman working in a slaughter house and how he continues to press to see if stamp knows her and if she does in fact work there.

2. Where does Stamp think Beloved comes from? Stamp thinks Beloved comes from a house over by Deer Creek that a white man lived in and had locked up a girl inside. He said they found the man dead last summer but no girl so he was thinking that it might be her.


CheriseKam, Brenda Lee, Lydia Lee, Jennifer Park, Mark Thornburg, Jessica Wu, Neriah Yue Period 4

3. What is the tone of the last sentence: Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? (p. 289) Stressed, angry, concerned, unsettled are all tones conveyed in the last sentence as Paul D asked Stamp Paid, How much is a nigger supposed to take? Stamp replies with all he can repeated and maybe due to the alcohol or the drugs Paul D took he responded with so many why`s but other than that he may have been exaggerating how he felt with all the problems and tribulations he is facing.


1. Why is Denver worried? Denver is worried because Sethe and Beloved are distancing themselves from her but also because Sethe has lost her appetite and has stopped acting normally but instead putting every ounce of attention to Beloved. She is also worried because Sethe has lost her job and is still spending an unusually large amount of money on whatever Beloved wants or whatever Sethe thinks she needs. Expensive clothes, foods, and decorations are just some of the many things that Sethe buys.

2. In what ways have Sethe and Beloved traded places? Sethe used to be in charge and take charge of situations plus she was the one usally walking around and doing different activites. The two of them have sqitched places because now Beloved is no longer sleeping all the time but instead being catered to by Sethe. Sethe is now very tired and cumbersome but also detached from the current world and all the things they are facing. Also Sethe is becoming very small and weak while Beloved is growing bigger.

3. Why is Beloved becoming tyrannical and vindictive? Beloved is now demanding different things rather than just having Sethe do as she pleases. Sethe is now like Beloveds personal assistant and she is completely taken advantage of due to the fact that Sethe realizes Beloved is her murdered child reborn into another body.

4. Why is Beloved`s stomach getting larger? Beloved stomach is getting larger because she is eating a lot more sweets and have many more meals, but also is being catered to in every aspect and is not exercising or doing anything that requires some energy.

5. Why does the community rally in response to Denver`s request for work and the obvious problems at 124? The community is trying to stay connected and safe and a rumor is heard that Beloved is a ghost and needs to be put down.

6. What accounts for Beloved`s behavior? The time lost by her death by the mother, Sethe. Also the fact that she wants to take back what was hers. Her life and that it was in fact taken by Sethe, needs to get some type of remorse from ti.

7. Why is Sethe getting smaller as Beloved gets bigger? Sethe is getting smaller because she is giving everything she possibly has to Beloved without a single thought going through her head. She just goes and lets Beloved have whatever she wants and take wahever she wants since she feels guilty to the fact that she did kill her daughter.

8. Why does Janey say, I guess there`s a God after all. (p. 312) I think she says that because Baby Suggs was such a good person and the lines on the hands represents hard work and maybe some type of bad influence or deed. But since there isn`t any it is a good sign or message that everything is okay.

9. Why do the Bodwins have a statue of a black boy that says, At Yo Service? (p. 313) Because they are there to help and communicate or congregate with the other people of the city even if they are black. But it could also be the fact that they have servants in the house. Also since it is carrying money in a jar it is like it is there to serve and hold and help.

10. Why does Ella change her mind about Sethe and organize the other women to rescue her? Because she believes that the baby should not come back and kill what was hers. Its not fair and in danger to Sethe, but also the fact of whipping and taking advantage that should not be tolerated by anyone especially women since she is an abolitionist and wants freedom and rights and equality.

11. How does the singing of the women at the end of the book parallel Paul D`s description of the escape of the chain gang? When Paul D escaped from his place in Georgia, a harsh concentration camp where he suffered with other men in chains all tied together they all went together and broke out and were bonded by song.

12. In what ways does the group of neighborhood women serve the same function as the chorus in Greek tragedy?


CheriseKam, Brenda Lee, Lydia Lee, Jennifer Park, Mark Thornburg, Jessica Wu, Neriah Yue Period 4

13. What is the meaning of the Biblical reference, Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof? (p. 315) 14. Why do the women decide to drive out Beloved?

The women decide to drive out Beloved because they think she is evil and that they are also persuaded by Ella who believes in women`s rights. 15. Who was Medusa in Greek mythology? In what ways is Beloved portrayed as Medusa on page 322? Medusa was a beautiful woman who disgraced Athena. Medusa seduced Poseidon and he fell in love with her and all the men loved her as well when looking into her beautiful eyes. So Athena cursed Medusa so that any man that looked her in the eyes would turn to stone and untimely die. Beloved portray Medusa because she seduces Sethe and convinces her to be of her calling but it really killing her as she does so. Medusa, originally a beautiful young woman whose crowning glory was her magnificent long hair, was desired and courted by many suitors. Yet before she could be betrothed to a husband, Poseidon (Neptune) found her worshipping in the temple of Athena (Minerva) and ravished her. Athena was outraged at her sacred temple being violated, and punished Medusa by turning her beautiful tresses into snakes and giving her the destructive power to turn anyone who looked directly at her into stone. 16. Why does Sethe think that Mr. Bodwin is schoolteacher? Sethe is somewhat not really mentally there as she has a flashback and sees a white man approaching her. Knowing that schoolteacher is a white man she feels threatened and needs to protect Beloved. 17. What is Beloved`s reaction to Sethe`s running toward the women? It think that it is a sense of disbelief but greatness because what I got out of it was that Beloved has done what she needed to and connected with Sethe but also got her to move on and defy any means necessary.


1. Why does Beloved disappear? Beloved disappear has Mr. Bodwin is coming to pick up Denver. She also disappears as Seethe is trying to attack Mr. Bodwin, as Sethe is running towards Mr. Bodwin, she has the ability to identify with the human race, and as her conscience is reattached when the women are trying to hold her back from Mr. Bodwin, Sethe as a direct access to her guilt and is able to finally forgive herself. By trying to killing Mr. Bodwin Sethe was trying to take the easy way out and kill her so that her guilt could be taken away. Readers still know that her guilt is there by her saying, She left me... she was my best thing, (321) Beloved has stay this whole time because of Sethe guilt towards Beloved, because she killed her own daughter. But once that guilt was set free, and Seethe is finally able to forgive herself, Beloved ultimately disappears. Finally it is Paul D that helps Sethe forgive herself the most, when he says You are you best thing, Sethe.(321)Why do some people say she exploded? Because she was twice the size of Sethe and disappeared without any mention, there was no liable reason of how she could have just disappeared.

2. Why are Stamp and Paul D finally able to laugh? The two men are able to finally laugh at Sethe`s experiences and in her efforts to try and kill Mr. Bodwin. They laugh partly because they do no understand the suffering that Sethe has gone through because of Beloved or because on her injustice. However the message of laughter also conveys a different meaning, the meaning that it is something so horrible and it is the human mind to make humor to deal with the pain. Both Paul D and Stamp understand the injustices in what Sethe has gone through but they cannot empathize with what Sethe is going through. The book read, Its seriousness and its embarrassment made them shake with laughter. (313) This line emphasize that they know that the situation was grave and they feel the fear from it; however they are coping with their emotions through a joke. Even though they have a connection to Sethe, they cannot connect what motivated her actions, therefore laugher was able to make their pains and confusion to a humorous way. The two of them are finally able to laugh because they feel the presence no more of one and because it is quite in the house.

3. Why does Denver change her attitude toward Paul D? Denver changes her attitude because she realizes that Paul D was not a threat but it was a complication to beloved and she needs to accept him for Sethes sake.

4. Why does Paul D go to 124? Paul D goes to 124 because he loves Sethe and no longer feels the burden of Beloved. As Beloved slowly starts taking over Sethe`s life, Denver is forced to change some of her actions. Denver is forced out of her boundaries that include 124 and has to look for her own job, to help sustain the family. Denver must think on her own and by doing so, she starts to have opinions of her own. This is apparent especially during Paul


CheriseKam, Brenda Lee, Lydia Lee, Jennifer Park, Mark Thornburg, Jessica Wu, Neriah Yue Period 4

D and Denver`s conversation. Well if you want my opinion... Paul D says, and Denver responds, I don`t I have my own.(315) Readers can tell by her change in tone that she has become more mature. Which leads Paul D to say, You`ve grown. Denver no long needs Sethe to function daily, and this is mainly why her attitude changes towards Paul D. In the beginning Denver was envious of Paul D because he was receiving the attention that was usually given towards her by Sethe; however circumstances have changes especially with Beloved slowing taking over Sethe`s life. Therefore Denver changes her mind to give Pail D a chance, she leaves saying, Thank you. And Paul D you don`t have to stay away but be careful how you talk to my mamma you hear?(315) 5. In what ways is Beloved`s departure in this chapter similar to and different from her death at the beginning? 6. It was a swift and easy departure and with many people watching and hearing about it. After Paul D`s talk with Denver, Paul D decided to go to 124, as he is walking to 124 Paul D starts to reminisce on his journey in coming to Ohio. In five tries he had not one permanent success, (316) this means that after he escaped from Sweet Home he was not able to settle. With no white man to help him or protect him, Paul D became a nomad. Then he explains, Then came a miracle (317) standing in a street in front of a row of brink houses, he heard a whiteman call him to help unload two trunks from a coach cab. Afterward the whiteman gave him a coin.`` Paul D realizes after enjoying his first pay that to eat walk and sleep anywhere was life as good as it got. But then, he found himself in southern Ohio, where an old woman and a girl he use to know had gone (318) and that`s how Paul D came to 124. Ultimately he comes to check on Sethe, and to reconfigure his life with her, after leaving the family after the fight, especially after Denver shows him her change in heart and accepts Paul D to be near her mother. 7. Why does Denver change her attitude toward Paul D? Denver changes her attitude towards Paul D because Denver has changed both with her stature and her emotions becoming more mature. She has matured through this section of the book because of the events that have happened recently with her own self reliance of getting out into the community to sway away from Sethe and Beloved in their own. Plus the main reason of why she was mean to him was due to the fact that she believed that he was invading her personal space. But now that she is not confined to the depths of her own home she is open to new ideas and realizes that Sethe and Paul D are good for each other and might even need each other in the end. 8. In what ways is Beloved`s departure in this chapter similar to and different from her death at the beginning? In this chapter, Beloved simply disappears after Sethe tries to kill Mr. Bodwin with an ice pick. Whether she exploded or left, it is unknown; however she is not murdered like she was in her death in the beginning. What is similar is that, Sethe tries to kill someone. In Beloved first death, Sethe killed Beloved after hearing that the schoolteacher was on his way to capture her and take her back to Sweet Home. In this chapter, Sethe also tries to kill when she mistakes Mr. Bodwin as the schoolteacher, either way, every time a white man comes to 124 Sethe tries to kill, as neighbors gossip on page 311


1. Why does the memory of Beloved disappear? The memory of Beloved disappears because, Remembering seemed unwise(324) After Sethe forgives herself for Beloved murder he continues to build a life with Paul D, and they simply a just forget her memory. Even though everyone knew what she was called, no one really knew her name. And because no one was looking for her either, there was no purpose is keeping her as a memory.

2. If this is not a story to pass on, why does Toni Morrison write it and pass it on? The phrase pass it on is repeated three times in the last chapter. The first time is it said, It was not a story to pass on(323) Readers believe it to be a story that could not be passed up on, because the story is already told. The third time it read, This is not a story to pass on. (324) Readers believe that this is because the story is already told in Toni Morrison, that there is not reason to pass it on now, because of its horror. Therefore Toni Morrison passes this story on as a warning to other.

Part Three Study Questions

Chapter 25


CheriseKam, Brenda Lee, Lydia Lee, Jennifer Park, Mark Thornburg, Jessica Wu, Neriah Yue Period 4

1. Stamp seems to be very indifferent and he seems to not want to help the person who asked for Judy. At the same time, Stamp Paid seems to be frustrated and doesn`t want to bother about knowing who Judy is and repeated tells the rider that Plank Road is about a mile upwards. However, the rider seems to get angry now and demands respect, but still Stamp Paid shows the same disrespect and indifference towards the rider. Stamp Paid seems to be too busy to talk to the rider, and wants to talk to Paul D. 2. Stamp seems to think that Beloved was the girl that was locked up in the house with a white man by Deer Creek. And the man was found dead and the girl had disappeared. Stamp believes that Beloved is the same girl who ran away. 3. The tone of the last sentences seems to be frustrated and angry.

Chapter 26

1. Denver is worried because Beloved might kill Sethe anytime. At the same time, the family including Sethe and Beloved were getting weaker and hungrier as the food supply was running low. Meanwhile, the relationship between Beloved and Sethe seemed to be getting stronger and closer while Denver was almost out of the picture and left out. All of Sethe`s attention seemed to be on Beloved. 2. At first, it seems like Sethe and Beloved were almost like sisters or friends but Beloved seemed to be getting more powerful and stronger. It states that it was Beloved who made demands. Anything she wanted she got... Beloved invented desire. And the passage clearly states that they two characters altered. Beloved was slowly becoming more and more like Sethe as she even dressed in Sethe`s clothes and behaved in the same way, including talking, walking, and laughing. The passage states, She imitated Sethe, talked the way she did, laughed her laugh and used her body the same way down to the walk, the way Sethe moved her hands, sighed through her nose, held her head. And Denver who is observing all this finds it hard to distinguish both Beloved and Sethe, it was difficult for Denver to tell who was who (Morrison 283). 3. We see Beloved becoming more aggressive and dominant because she is now making demands and ordering Sethe around as she complied with her demands. And Beloved seems to be getting more tyrannical because she is trying to blame Sethe, almost take a revenge on her for leaving Beloved behind in the past. That is why Beloved accused her of leaving her mind... And the arguments seem to continue on as Sethe pours out her emotions and apologies for leaving her. Even when Sethe asked for forgiveness and how her life is now surrounded by the presence of Beloved, ready to sacrifice herself for her. However, Beloved is strong in her mindset and refuses to take Sethe`s excuse or apologies and continues on to blame and criticizes her. 4. Beloved is getting bigger because she is eating a lot, even Sethe`s portion of the food. 5. The town people eagerly help Denver`s family as they leave food on the porch including a message and their names attached to the food. They state that they had connection to the family as some remembers taking are of Denver when she was a baby, and some of they state that they danced with her grandmother in the Clear before. The community has a special relationship with Sethe`s family on 124, which is probably why they willingly leave food for the family to eat. 6. Beloved behaves this way because she is attempting to have Sethe pay for what she had done to Beloved, by leaving her behind in the past. That is why she is being so aggressive and demanding, almost like a revenge on Sethe. 7. Sethe is getting smaller and weaker because physically she has nothing to eat. She gives food to Beloved which is why she is getting bigger. And in the book, Sethe is compared to a child who looks even smaller compared to Beloved who had gotten really big. 8. The town people eagerly help Denver`s family as they leave food on the porch including a message and their names attached to the food. After Denver tells Janey the full story of Sethe`s family including the presence of Beloved, Janey asks Denver whether Beloved had any lines in her hands. Denver replies no, and Janey responds by stating that I guess there`s a nGod after all. This may seem to mean that Janey understands that the presence of Beloved is making Sethe suffer and become weaker. The lines on he hands may represent the wrinkles or the hardships that the family is facing and everyone is getting hungrier and weaker except Beloved, which is why she doesn`t have any lines or wrinkles on her hand. She is getting fatter and doesn`t appear to be undergoing hardships. Therefore, when Denver mentions that she doesn`t have any lines, Janey responds by stating that there is still God after all because she is willing to have Denver work for her and help out with the family, because Denver had stepped outside of her comfort zone and had taken the initiative to come see Janey to help out the family when Beloved is actually deteriorating the health of Sethe. 9.


CheriseKam, Brenda Lee, Lydia Lee, Jennifer Park, Mark Thornburg, Jessica Wu, Neriah Yue Period 4

10. Ella seemed to have changed her mind about rescuing Sethe because she found that even if it was wrong for Sethe to attempt to murder and abandon her children, Ella understood that it was also wrong for the children to kill the mama. She stated, and the children can`t just up and kill the mama. Ella according to the text is also very practical and to solve the situation, she understood that Beloved was the root and things had to be rescued. Ella also understood Sethe`s rage in the shed twenty years ago... and Ella at first didn`t understand why Sethe had done such thing, as she considered Sethe complicated, prideful, misdirected... However, now after seeing Denver actually come and take the initiative to ask for help rather than staying at home, Ella seemed to have changed her mind. And Ella understood that the main cause was Beloved, who was beating up on Sethe. Also, Ella didn`t like the idea of past errors taking possession of the present. This means that Ella didn`t believe that what Sethe didn`t deserve what she is going through right now, just because of her past actions. Beloved torturing and taking the life out of Sethe seems inappropriate. 11. 12. In Greek tragedies, the chorus helps portray the background information and sometimes gives extra information to help the audience understand what is going on in the play. The Greek chorus may also directly portray the theme or the purpose of the work that is not directly stated in the work. That is because the background music contains the lyrics that relate to the work itself. In this novel at the end, the women are singing and physically they sang like the chorus, searched for the right combination, the key, the code, the sound that broke the back of words (308). And their singing is what drags Sethe and Beloved out and their singing is what drives Beloved away from the house. 13. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof. 14. The women chose to drive Beloved out because they understood the evil that she brought into the house. They seemed to have almost forgiven Sethe for killing Beloved in the past and the women recognized that they needed to help. However, the key point in leading them to drive Beloved out was Denver`s initiative to go outside and ask for help. And the women, also convinced by Ella, believe that Sethe doesn`t deserve the devil-child. 15. Medusa was the serpent-headed monster and her appearance is what made men turn into stones. But Medusa used to be very beautiful until Athena transformed her into a serpent head because Medusa declared that Athena was jealous of her beauty. Beloved is portrayed as Medusa because they stated that she was beautiful. Yet as she stood on long straight legs, her belly big and tight... she also had vines of hair twisted all over her head. Jesus. Her smile was dazzling. And it is true that she is similar to Medusa because Beloved was very beautiful and appeared to be harmless but she is the evil that represents slavery as she brought evil onto Sethe and into the house. 16. Sethe seems to consider Mr. Bodwin as the schoolteacher accidently. She mistakenly thinks that he is the schoolteacher probably because Sethe is so immersed in the past and she really wants to have revenge back on the schoolteacher. 17. Beloved seems to be standing alone on the porch once again, but this time she is smiling. Her hand is empty. Beloved seems to feel alone once again because Sethe left Beloved hands and started running towards the crowd. She also sees Denver running away for.


1. The moment Sethe and Denver are both running away towards the group of crowds, Beloved runs away and escapes. 2. Some say that she exploded, as the text reads exploded right before their eyes. That is probably because she ran away so suddenly as she disappeared. And some believes that she may come back because she could be hiding in the trees waiting for another chance. 3. They seem to be laughing because everything suddenly seems to be in the past now. The tension in the house is now gone and the ghost of Beloved seemed to have disappeared at this point. Everything that had happened were just memories and Stamp Paid and Paul D seems to be looking back at their memories. Everything was also now very quiet in the house. 4. From this point onward, Denver seems to accept Paul D. The text states, Her smile, no longer the sneer he remembered, had welcome in it and strong traces of Sethe`s mouth (313). Denver seemed to have matured and she is now out of her comfort zone. She is able to go out into the society and not be stuck inside the house and she also learned to accept Paul D and welcome him. 5. 6. Beloved`s departure is similar to her death at the beginning when she was a child because she leaves

Chapter 28


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