Binge eating disorder assessment and treatment

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Binge Eating Disorder: Assessment and Treatment

Christina Wood Baker, Ph.D.

Northampton February 9, 2012

Assessment of Eating Disorders

Dx: questionnaire + interview Current problems with eating

? Eating habits (e.g., daily patterns, binge eating) ? Weight/shape control measures (e.g., food restriction, excessive

exercise, laxatives, diuretics, vomiting) ? Perceptions and feelings about weight/shape, weighing

Impairment from ED- physical and psychosocial, SLEEP Development and evolution of problem

? Weight history and treatment history

Comorbid medical/psychiatric problems, current tx Brief personal history Personal and family psychiatric history, MSE Motivation/ambivalence, attitude towards tx

Useful Self-Report Instruments

Eating behavior and cognitions


? Eating Disorder Diagnostic Scale by Stice provides diagnostic information, 22 items

? ales/


? Eating Disorder Exam Questionnaire


? Clinical Impairment Assessment, assesses psychosocial impairment from the eating disorder

? credo/cbt_and_eating_disorders

Assessment of Binge Eating

Tricky aspects of assessing binge eating

? Subjectivity of "loss of control" ? Subjectivity of "large amount of food" ? Grazing all day versus discrete episodes





Objective Binge Episode

Subjective Binge Episode


Objective Overeating

Treatment: Guided Self-Help

CBT GSH: Overcoming Binge Eating

CBT short group + boosters

? 8 weekly + 5 boosters ? Better than waitlist and sustained improvements at 12-

month follow-up.

Schlup et al, 2009

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