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Bits and Pieces Practice

My Top 10 Tricky Spots











Parents: help your child identify their top 10 tricky spots. Play through all of the songs we have learned so far, and after each song, see if your child can pick out any tricky spots in the music. Make a

list of these. Then pick out the top 10 tricky spots to focus on for Bits & Pieces Practice. Keep an ongoing list of your child's tricky spots and update their top 10 list as your child improves!

Declare some days "Bits & Pieces Day". On these days, the rule is you are not allowed to play any songs all the way through. Instead we will focus on the bits & pieces ? ONLY on these top 10 tricky

spots in your music. Really take the time to perfect them. Key is lots of repetition! "A bits & pieces day on occasion reminds us of the purpose of practicing, which is to find and isolate problems and to find solutions that correct the problems. Playing a piece from beginning to end is not

practicing. Finding bits & pieces to strengthen or correct is practicing at its finest. Performing a piece has its place in a practice routine, but this should not be a daily technique. Instead,

give bits & pieces a try. Use this technique more often than any other" - Paula E. Bird

concept by Paula E. Bird, on her blog Teach Suzuki, used with permission

Courtesy of Sarah Hemm *

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