Bro geoffrey jackson governing body let s begin by visiting a

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Talita Alnashi: "The Eyes of the Blind Will Be Opened"

Bro. Geoffrey Jackson (Governing Body): Let's begin by visiting a family in Stockholm, Sweden.

The parents, Usama and Kristina, have two daughters, Talita and Isabella.

When Talita was born, the doctor found cataracts in both of her eyes.

A cataract is a clouding of the eye's natural lens.

So the doctor had to operate so that Talita wouldn't lose her sight completely --a terrifying situation for any parent.

Today, Talita is seven years old and almost blind in one eye but completely blind in the other.

Teaching a child about Jehovah in this system of things is already a challenge even without physical ailments involved.

But let's find out how Talita's parents rose to the challenge, making sure that she received a proper spiritual education despite her poor vision.

Talita Alnashi: I look forward to not having poor sight anymore and that I can play with a bear and a lion and to sit on the back of a tiger.

Usama Alnashi: Jehovah gives us a fantastic promise at Isaiah 35:5: "The eyes of the blind will be opened."

Kristina Alnashi: It's been a challenge to get to where we are today. We thank Jehovah for all the help he has given us.

Usama Alnashi: As soon as Talita was able to leave the house after the operation, we made sure to go to the meetings.

Kristina Alnashi: It helped us a lot to be able to throw our burden on Jehovah. We prayed together; we cried a lot together because it was so hard.

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Talita Alnashi: "The Eyes of the Blind Will Be Opened"

Usama Alnashi: One of the challenges is that we have to give Talita audio description constantly. We have to tell her who is coming in and what is happening.

Kristina Alnashi: We get so many amazing materials on and also through the congregation. She really loves to read Learn from the Great Teacher. It has questions which make her a part of the story.

Usama Alnashi: She has a very good memory, and therefore she remembers a lot of what she reads. So when we are with friends, she often quizzes them.

[At a family gathering with brothers and sisters]

Talita: OK, what are the names of Jesus' apostles?

Brother: There are so many.

Talita: But Joseph's brothers, they are more difficult!


Brother: Exactly. This is nothing....Judas Iscariot...the other one.

Talita: Judas Thaddeus.

Brother: Judas Thaddeus.

[Family singing together]

Talita: I really like to sing the songs in my songbook.

Kristina Alnashi: Talita's spiritual goal is to learn more of our Kingdom songs. We get so much help from the beautiful music on the website and also from the Caleb and Sophia videos.

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Talita Alnashi: "The Eyes of the Blind Will Be Opened"

Usama Alnashi: She knows many of the stories from My Book of Bible Stories, so she can answer in her own words. We will ask a question like, Do you know this about David? And if she knows the answer, then we encourage her to answer at the meeting.

Talita (answering at a meeting): "And your God my God. Where you die I will die, and there I will be buried."

Talita: When I give an answer at the meetings, Jehovah becomes happy because he loves children.

Kristina Alnashi: She often asks the friends, "Do you love Jehovah?" So she feels very united with them.

Kristina Alnashi: One of the best moments where we saw that Talita's spirituality had grown was when she came home from a sleepover at her grandparents' house. My parents are not Jehovah's Witnesses, and her grandmother had said that God doesn't exist. So when Talita came home, she said, "And then when I was going to sleep, I prayed to Jehovah, "`Would you please help Grandmother to realize that you do exist --that you are real?'"

Usama Alnashi: We try to keep our wonderful hope alive, so we often talk about what we will do in Paradise. We really look forward to when Talita will be able to see again and live in a paradise with all our friends. It's going to be wonderful!

Talita: I think that Jehovah looks forward to looking at me when I play with a tiger.

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