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Brown County Planning and Land Services

The 32nd Annual Wisconsin Lakes Convention 3-30-10

William Bosiacki-Zoning Administrator

Matthew Heyroth-Assistant Zoning Administrator

Brown County Maintenance Program History

1990 entered into the Wisconsin Fund Program.

One of the criteria for participation was to develop a maintenance program.

Since January of 1990 every new and replacement sanitary permit issued has required 3 year maintenance. (~6,500 systems)

Brown County Maintenance Program

We have recently added the remaining systems that either we had old records on or were identified by air photo interpretation.

This brings the total number of systems on the maintenance program to approximately 10,819.

Of the 10,819 systems, 3,000 were installed prior to the existence of this office but now we have at least created a file for them and have identified the location of the parcel.

Brown County Maintenance Program

As of October 1, 2008, counties have five years to place all septic systems on the maintenance program.

Brown County has completed this.

Brown County Zoning's goal is to verify if the recently identified 4,319 systems are failing by ss. 145.245.

We do not know if this will be feasible from a political standpoint.

Brown County Maintenance Program

Therefore, by the end of 2013 we would like to look at, in detail, these approximately 4,319 systems. If they are found failing by ss. 145.245, replace them with a new system.

This would mean about an average of 1,500 existing system inspections per year in Brown County.

Brown County Maintenance Program

From 1990 until present we have ~6500 systems on maintenance.

Three notices are mailed to property owners. One notice every 30 days until compliance is obtained.

Failure to comply results in the file being turned over to the Corporation Counsel office to set up a small claims summons and complaint in the amount of $5,000.

This results in gaining better than 99% compliance.

For the 1% that don't comply, an inspection warrant is obtained and the county completes the inspection.

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