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County Office Assessor

Clerk of Courts County Court School District

Superintendent of Schools

Brown County

County Government Records


Elevator Assessments (96-269) Tax Assessor's Records Assessment Records; Dist 1-Dist 46 Assessment Records County Tax Assessors Records Assessors Records; Warner-Groton Assessors Records; Claremont-New Hope Assessors Records Assessor's Records Probate Case File #2958 for JLW Zietlow (BN/63/1) (94-095)

Naturalization Records; (70B/6/1) (90-144)

Detroit School District; Teacher Register; Detroit School #9 (Rasmussen School) (BN/32/1) School Records (BN/32/5) (96-098) Daily Attendance & Record of Grades; Registers (BN/32/4) (94-105) Teachers Term Reports; School Districts 1-3 (BN/34/2) (79-133) Teachers Term Reports; School Dist 4-9 (BN/34/2) (79-133) Teachers Term Reports; School Dist 10-13 (BN/34/2) (79-133) Teachers Term Reports; School Dist 14-16 (BN/34/2) (79-133) Teachers Term Reports; School Dist 17-20 (BN/34/2) (79-133) Teachers Term Reports; School Dist 21-23 (BN/34/2) (79-133) Teachers Term Reports; School Dist 24 & 25 (BN/34/2) (79-133) Teachers Term Reports; School Dist 26 & 27 (BN/34/2) (79-133) Teachers Term Reports; School Dist 28-33 (BN/34/2) (79-133) Teachers Term Reports; School Dist 33-39 (BN/34/2) (79-133)


4786 MF3176-3234 MF3332-3364 MF3447-3451

MF3758 MF3840 MF3879 MF3950-3960 MF4183-4185 Restricted V2985-V3021

3979C MF1159

FB202 6633











School Clerk & Treasurer's Reports (BN/34/3) (79-) Student Records; Columbia HS 1937-1964 (BN/34/1) (81-009) Student Records; Westport HS '37-43; Bath #19 '30-40 (BN/34/1) (81-009) Student Records; Columbia HS '37-43; Bath #19 '56-66 (BN/34/1) (81-009) Warner School Dist #23; Records, 1931-1958 (BN/32/2) (92-137) Records; Teachers, 1949-1950 (99-083) Register of Teacher Certificates (2002-029) Records; Textbook, n.d. (99-083) Records; Textbook, 1942 (99-083) Records; Minutes, 1926-1943 (99-083) Records; Records, 1917-1926 (99-083) Records; Records, 1884-1888 (99-083) Records; Records; 1880-1882





5518A 7350

7600D V5853 V5854-5855 V5856 V5857 V5858 V5859

Department Aberdeen

Local Government Records


Aberdeen Incorporation Proceedings, 1887 (80K/1/3) (H76-088)



Other Government Records

Department Civilian Conservation Corps

Department of Education and Cultural Affairs

Department of Executive Management


Case Files; Aurora-Brown (91A/1/3) Case Files; Brown-Campbell (91A/1/3) Historic Preservation Office; Documents Relating to Historic SD Str; Brown Co. CNW RR, 1859-2000 (2002-033) Gubernatorial Division; Centennial Commission; Community Coordinator Town Files; Aberdeen-Clear Lake (10A/24/8) (90-158) Gubernatorial Division; Centennial Commission; Community Coordinator Town Files; Houghton-Newell (10A/24/8) (90-158)


691 692 7540A



Department of Health Department of Highways Department of Legislative Audit

Department of School and Public Lands

Secretary of State

Gubernatorial Division; Centennial Commission; Community Coordinator Town Files; Warner-Zell (10A/24/8) (90158) Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse; Alcohol and Drug Abuse Facility Files; Aberdeen through Rapid City (18G/1/5) (91-089) State Highway Commission; County Highway Systems; Correspondence; Aurora-Brown (41B/2/5) Auditor General; Brown County Audit Report, 1987-1988 (32A/1/3) (89-143) Auditor General; Audit Reports; AberdeenBison (32A/1/3) (86-001) Auditor General; Audit Reports (City & Town); Aberdeen-Yankton (32A/1/3) (89153) Auditor General; Audit Reports, 19761989; School Districts AberdeenWoonsocket (32A/1/3) (89-158) Auditor General; Audit Reports; GrotonHuron (32A/1/3) (86-001) Auditor General; Audit Reports; WarnerZiebach (32A/1/3) (86-001) Commissioner; Brown County School Census (4/1/7v) (79-132) Commissioner; School Census Records; Aberdeen-Misc. Schools (4/1/11) Commissioner; School Census Reports; Aberdeen-Draper (4/1/6c) Commissioner; School Census Reports; Aberdeen-Elk Mountain (4/1/6d) Commissioner; School Census Reports; Aberdeen-East Charles Mix (4/1/6b) (78040) Commissioner; School Census Reports; Aberdeen-Edgemont (4/1/6e) Commissioner; School Census Reports; Aberdeen-Faulkton (4/1/6f) (82-107) Commissioner; School Census Reports; Aberdeen-Eureka (4/1/6g) (82-107) Commissioner; School Census Reports; Mobridge-Warner (4/1/6f) (82-107) Office of the Secretary of State; Certificate



565 3295B

1297 3839

3856-3857A 1302 1309

288-297 MF421-425

2060 265 269 274 278 282 280 3868A

Department of Social Services Department of Transportation

U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare U.S. Department of the Interior

Works Progress Administration

of Incorporation of the city of Aberdeen; May 1911 (5/1/45) Office of the Secretary of State; Articles of Inc. or Dissolution of Cities, Town, and Townships; Aberdeen-Groton (5/1/50) (90010) Division of Social Welfare; Medical Services; Nursing Home Agreement Files; Aberdeen-Howard (24B/4/1) (86-120) Division of Railroads; Director; Milwaukee Road Deeds; B. Homme, Brown, Brule, C. Mix (25E/1b/3) (82-053) Office of System Analysis; Maps of South Dakota Cities; Aberdeen-Jefferson Division of Policy Devlp. & Evaluation; Transportation Systems Analysis; City & Urban Area Maps; Aberdeen-Fairview (25D/3/3) (91-141) Public Health Service/Aberdeen/Pine Ridge/Community Mental Health Prog.; Pine Ridge Research Bulletins, 1968-1970 (18G/1/5) (91-089) U.S. General Land Office; Letters Sent; June-Aug. 1910, Aberdeen Office (92A/1/2) U.S. General Land Office; Letterpress Books; 02/05/04-06/08/04 (92A/1/42) (H86-002) Index to Brown County Case Files (91C/3/3) (96-003) Brown County Case Files (91C/3/3) Research & Records Project; South Dakota Graves Maps; Brookings-Brown (91C/6/1) (96-041) Research & Records Projects; South Dakota Graves Registration File; BrownBuffalo (91C/6/1) (96-041)


2345 218 MD229 MD230


V441 V3631 6133-6134 Restricted MD148 Census shelves

Collection Manuscript

Non Government Records


Yellowstone Highway Association; Records, 1914-1939

Florence Olson 1908-1987; Family Papers, 1860-1980 (bulk 1920-1940)

Hiram Ernest Beebe, 1886-1973; Papers, 1886-1971

League of Women Voters of South Dakota; Records, 1922-1970 Brown County Agricultural Society South Dakota Directories; Aberdeen and brown county, 1887-1925 League of Women Voters of South Dakota; Brown county league scrapbooks, [19171995]. League of Women Voters of South Dakota; Brown county league and state records, 19511998 Brown County History Zietlow, J.L. W. Council Telephone; Board of railroad commissioners; Aberdeen Aberdeen Business College; commencement invitation Aberdeen-Huron and Southern RR Co.; two stock certificates, 1908 Zietlow, J.L. W. Council Telephone; telephone directories Aberdeen, 1924-1987 Ward, A. L. Family Papers; Aberdeen photographs & Herreid Banks, William J.; Aberdeen, WA's harbor post newspaper Plat Maps; Aberdeen, spearfish, 1909-1912 South Dakota Directories; Aberdeen and brown county, 1887-1925 Aberdeen Normal School; Henderson, Catherine certificate, 1878 United Spanish War Veterans; Aberdeen, post 17, history Postcards; Watertown, Aberdeen, Mitchell & Custer state park


(H68-1) 3649B (H97-20) 6805 FB228 MD098

(H74-97) (MSS 8) 3634A MD067

(H75-75) 3636B-3638A (SC-052) 3651B (H77-052) 1969-1970MF

(H98-083) 6909

(H99-007) 6941A & 6942

(MF 743) 1906MF (H91-024) 5954-5955

(H92-089) 5495A

(H76-035) 3564A

(91-027) 5968-5969

(H91-109) 5518B

(H96-003) MD 263 (MF 646) 1880MF (H77-052) 1969-1970MF

(H98-092) 6908

(H99-049) 6954A

(H99-197) 8527

General Photograph Collection (*restricted)

Autograph Book; Aberdeen, SD Photographs; blizzard photos; Groton, Aberdeen and Redfield Buck, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer and Orpha; posters and certificates; Aberdeen annual ball, new barn theater Shakespeare Club of Aberdeen; meeting minutes Ephemera; bird's eye view lithographs; Pierre, Sioux Falls, Aberdeen, deadwood Photograph; Aberdeen golden jubilee City Directories of the United States; Aberdeen, SD Aberdeen Railway, papers Aberdeen Street Railway; photos, maps, & description Zietlow, J.L. W. Council Telephone; social telephone company, Hecla General Federation of Women's Clubs; Hecla member histories South Dakota Farmers Elevator Company, Verdon, S.D.; Records Photograph; Osceola Brown County Court House; County; Brown County Court House Interior; Brown County; Brown County League of Women Voters; Brown County scrapbooks, 1917-1995 Brown County; League of Women Voters, 1917-1995 Northern State College Young Republicans, 1963; Misc. Subject file; Groups of People/Political Lincoln Hall; Northern State Teacher's College; Postcard Northern State Teacher's College; Lincoln Hall; Postcard Northern State Normal School; Campus; Graham Hall, postcard, [1910] The Capitol Theatre, 1990; Aberdeen Capt. E.F. Conklin; 1st inf. Battery A; Aberdeen, 1896 Capt. C.H. Englesby; 1st Inf. Co. H; Aberdeen, 1896

(H2000-007) 7015A (H2000-088) 8535A

(H94-080) MD 008

(H2001-043) 4314MF

MD 073 (H2003-024) 8539A

4112-4116MF (H95-059) 4286MF (MF 743) 1906MF (H91-025) V03063-

V03067 (H2001-022) 6996 (H99-199) 3603B & FB

403 (H89-079) 5516A



6909, H98-83

6909, H98-83


6861A, H99-080

6861A, H99-080

8535B, H2004-004 3425, 2004-017 6825, H97-055

6825, H97-055

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