Business education slogans

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Business Education Slogans to Use for Posters or Stickers

*Display posters in your classrooms or hallways to promote BE & IT!

*Use stickers on student’s work to promote your program!


• Business Education makes Dollars and Sense

• Business — An education you can bank on.

• "Your Future is Our Business"

• Business Education & Information Technology "Don't just dream it...BE-IT"

• "Need a lifesaver? Take business classes." (We would write the above slogan on cardstock and attach a life saver with it.)

• Don't blow your future! (blow pops handed out)

• Be A Smartee, Take A Business Class (Smartee candy handed out)

• Future Up In the Air? (clipart of a person juggling computers) Your Future Is Our Business!

• Open for Business sign: WELCOME CLASS OF 2010!

• We Mean Business At (Insert your HS name)

• Puzzled about your future? (Use puzzle pieces with class offerings and staff bios)

• Business Education: Careers by Choice—Not By Chance

• Live Your Life Outside the Margins – Find pictures of old typewriters and/or computers

• Business Education Rocks – Use pictures of Pop Rocks candy

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