By dr gregory gelfond computer science uno

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Undergraduate Math Colloquium

Friday, January 18th 3:00-4:00pm Durham Science Center Room 115

On the Western Scientific Tradition and the Uniqueness of Computing Science

By Dr. Gregory Gelfond, Computer Science, UNO

In the present day, the role of the university and the meanings of words such as science and engineering have become blurry. This has profound ramifications in many areas but of particular interest is in how we understand various fields of study. In this talk I present my views on the western scientific tradition, the distinction between science and engineering, and the nature uniqueness of computing science as a scientific discipline.

Math Social with Pizza

Friday, January 18th2:00-3:00pm Durham Science Center, 2nd Floor Foyer

Please join the UNO Math Department for a math social with refreshments and pizza provided. Come and chat with other math enthusiasts. Ask the speaker questions about his hobbies, history, literature, philosophy, martial arts, and music.

All are welcome to join!

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