C w facility services inc registering in the c w facility

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C&W Facility Services Inc. Registering in the

C&W Facility Services Vendor Management System

Revised January 2016


Registering in the C&W Facility Services Vendor Management System

1. Log into the C&W Facility Services Vendor Management System website: a. b. Under "Register as a Vendor", click "Sign up Now".

2. After clicking ,Sign up Now and reviewing the C&W Facility Services Inc. Terms and Conditions, complete the following fields: a. Tax ID: If you are a US vendor, enter your Federal Tax Id (may be either an Employer Identification Number or Social Security Number from your W9 form). If you are a vendor located outside the US, enter your phone number in the Tax Id Field. b. Reference Code: If you have been asked to register as a C&W Services vendor with a specific Reference Code, enter it in here. If you have not been issued a Reference Code, this field should be left blank. c. Company Name: Enter your company name or if an individual, enter the name payments should be made to.


3. Continue registration by entering your Name, Contact Information and setup a User ID and Password for your vendor account. All yellow fields must be completed. Keep track of your User ID and Password in order to log into your account in the future.

Your profile should resemble the image below:

Enter the Captcha text image and Click Continue


4. You will receive one of the two of the messages below: a) If you receive a message "Tax ID Already Exists in our System", then your company is an existing vendor in our vendor system. For any questions regarding your existing profile, you may email the vendor management team at: vendor-management@

b) Otherwise, if you are not an existing vendor in our system, you will receive the message below, click ,Continue.


5. Under the Basic Tab: a. If you have an alternate or DBA company name, enter it in the Repeat Name or DBA field, otherwise you should re-enter your Primary Company Name. b. Select your Country of Business, Business Type and Number of Employees from the drop down menus. c. Click Next.

6. Under the Address Tab: Enter and verify your Physical and Remit To addresses:


7. Under the Diversity Tab:

8. Under the Services Tab: Click the blue arrow to the left of each header category to view full list of service options:

*Please note the insurance requirements necessary for the services you provide. If you provide multiple services, you must have the limits of the highest coverage required


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