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The StarCraft Edition of the Alternity Adventure Game introduced the science fiction setting of the StarCraft computer game into the world of roleplaying games. The StarCraft RPG uses the "Fast-Play" rules of Alternity: a streamlined, simpler version of the full game rules. This allows new players to easily learn the basics of the Alternity game while adventuring in a setting they are familiar with: StarCraft. Once the players have learned the basics of the Alternity system, they may want to take the game a step further by playing with the full version of the Alternity game rules. Likewise, experienced players of Alternity will undoubtably wish to use the full game rules when adventuring in StarCraft universe. This document is intended to bridge the gap between the Fast-Play and full version Alternity rules in the StarCraft setting. However, this document does not restated core information provided in the Alternity: StarCraft Edition boxed set and is NOT intended to act as a replacement for that product. To take full advantage of these expanded rules, you will still need the StarCraft Edition of Alternity.

A Word on Conversions

For simplicity and sheer product size limitations, many elements of the StarCraft computer game were not included in the StarCraft Edition of the Alternity game. In order to implement the expanded StarCraft setting, the additional creatures and war machines are added here. Other elements were rewritten as needed to take full advantage of the Alternity rules. This includes things like careers, detailed psionics, expanded unit descriptions, and more.

Wherever possible, the rules and statistics given in the Alternity: StarCraft Edition game are used. For example, all creatures have the same ability scores, durability, and skills. Damage, armor, and some details have been changed to fit the full Alternity rules. For new creatures and units described here, the Hit Point, Armor, Shield, and Attack scores from the StarCraft computer game are used. These have been compared to units detailed in the Alternity: StarCraft Edition boxed set, and the ratio comparisons used to create the Alternity stats. This helps make the roleplaying game as consistent as possible to the computer game. (One exception occurs with Protoss energy shields, which in these expanded rules have been separated from the armor ratings of Protoss units.)

When an item has a near identical facsimile already outlined in the Alternity rules, the original rules for that item are simply used in the conversion. Examples include the statistics for PL 6 powered attack armor (PHB p. 188) used for the Terran marine's CMC300/400 Powered Combat Suit or the Dragon 3 Heavy Flamer statistics (Star*Drive Arms & Equipment Guide p. 62) used for the firebat's plasma-based Perdition Flame Thrower.


There are three sentient species in the StarCraft game: Terran, Protoss, and Zerg. Of these two, only the Terran and Protoss can be chosen as Heros. (One exception is the Mutate, explained below.) This document will not give the backgrounds of these species. For histories, see the Alternity: StarCraft Adventure Game or the StarCraft computer game manual. The advanced game details of these species appears below.


Terran are the human race originating from earth. Their statistics and details are fully described in the Alternity Player's Handbook. The history of the Terrans in the StarCraft universe can be found in the StarCraft computer game manual. The military plays a strong role in the Terran culture. Many player characters will be individuals who were "adopted" by the military in youth, often orphans, and trained all their life for a military career. Others will

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be criminals or other humans who are unable to fit into society. The military takes these troubled Terrans and, through vigorous mental and physical "reconditioning" training, shapes them into deadly fighting machines.


All Protoss are inherently psionic. This means

that even those who are not full mindwalkers

(zealots and dark templars, for example) are still

talents. Protoss communicate with each other

psionically, telepathically emitting their thoughts to

those around them. For simplicity sake, assume

the effective distance of telepathic communication

is the same as a human voice could carry.

Although they have trouble with some sounds,

Protoss can speak verbally when needed. Protoss

have the following minimum/maximum ability



7 - 15


4 - 11


8 - 14


4 - 14


9 - 16


4 - 11

Special Abilities

' Psionic Ability: All Protoss possess some level of psionic ability. Any hero who does not choose the Mindwalker profession will automatically be a talent. The Protoss have learned to harness this psionic ability in nearly every facet of their lives, communicating entirely through telepathy. They have learned to integrate their psionics with technology, powering some weapons and armor with psionic power (see the psionic blades and Protoss power suit for details). Like the Fraal, the Protoss possess a higher level of psionic power than other races, earning 1.5 x their Will score in psionic energy points for Mindwalkers, and psionic energy equal to their Will score for talents and Diplomats with Mindwalker as a secondary profession. ' Unique Tech: The Protoss have a very unique technology. This technology is designed to take advantage of the Protoss' physical structure, two-thumb/two finger hands, and in some cases, psionic ability. For this reason, all Protoss suffer a +3 penalty any time they attempt to use Terran technology. On the other hand, Terrans and mutates suffer a +3 penalty using Protoss technology. Protoss tech that uses psionic energy, such as their shields or psi-blades, are designed specifically to Protoss psionic brain patterns, and are completely unusable by other species...even if the member of that species is a mindwalker. Protoss rarely carry ranged weapons, but instead prefer to use psionic ranged attacks or cybernetic subdermal weapons. At the GM's discretion, some ranged weapon effects of Terran technology can be used as a subdermal cybernetic implants for Protoss. For instance, a Protoss could have a subdermal laser pistol without incurring the +3 step penalty.


In the StarCraft Adventure Game, the character Sistask is a mutate: a being part Zerg and part human. Mutates came about through genetic engineering of Terran scientists. The mutates are primarily human in appearance, but have had the genetic code of the Zerg imprinted in their DNA. In game terms, the mutate hero is created by simply using the

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mutant rules found in the Alternity Player's Handbook. Players and GMs who own the Alternity: Gamma World game can use the vastly expanded list of mutations found there. Players should design a mutant keeping in mind appropriate mutations that could come from the genetic engineering and splicing of Zerg DNA. Dermal armor, acid touch, and natural attack are all good examples, but almost any mutation could be attributed to Zerg genes.


Dark Templar

(Protoss Free Agent Career) The Dark Templar are a mystery, even to the Protoss. Dark Templar have developed

the innate ability to bend light around themselves, making them virtually invisible. This causes them to show up as a nearly imperceptible humanoid-shaped distortion in the air. This gives them a +3 resistance modifier against both melee and ranged attacks and a -3 step bonus to Stealth-sneak/hide skills. Dark Templar are able to turn off this ability and make themselves visible when they wish. This ability to bend light is negated by most equipment or armor a dark templar wears (that is, the carried items are not invisible), therefore dark templar rarely wear armor or carry any other weapon other than their psionic blade. However, their light Protoss shield does not affect this ability. While permanently cloaked, there are some defenses that can see through the Dark Templar's cloaking. The Protoss observer can detect cloaked individuals and psionically communicate their image to nearby units. Likewise, the Terran have some devices, such as missile turrets, that detect cloaked units and digitally project the 3D image in the "heads up display" (HUD) of marines and other units. And finally, Zerg overlords can also mentally project the images of cloaked enemies to the Zerg units under their control. Cloaking of both the Dark Templar and Ghost also bends light of the infrared spectrum, so infrared detection devices alone are not enough to detect these cloaked beings. As with all Protoss, Dark Templars must choose to be a psionic talent. Skills Package: Melee Weapons-blade; Stealth-sneak, hide; Interaction-intimidate Signature Equipment: Protoss light shield, psionic blade

High Templar

(Protoss Mindwalker Career) The High Templar have sacrificed the principles of martial training to concentrate on

their innate psionic abilities. The templars are able to wield massive psionic abilities unique only to Protoss, such as the psionic storm. Skills Package: Awareness-intuition; Resolve-mental; Telepathypsionic storm, hallucination Signature Equipment: Protoss light shield, Khala Prayer Book


(Terran Combat Spec Career) Occasionally, instead of direct rehabilitation of a criminal, the

military will opt to "refocus" the aggressive tendencies of criminals into the training of a firebat. This makes firebats ruthless opponents, often reveling in the destruction of their enemy. All firebats are required to take the skills and signature equipment listed below. Skills Package: Armor Operation-powered; Heavy Weapons-

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direct fire; Stamina-endurance Signature Equipment: CMC-660 Heavy Combat Suit, Perdition Plasma-based Flame Thrower Suggested Perks: Tough as Nails Suggested Flaws: Criminal Record


(Protoss Combat Spec Career) Zealot is probably not a strong enough term for this Protoss warrior. Zealots are willing

to do anything for the good of the tribe, and will relentlessly pursue their goals. Zealots normally attack with two psionic blades, inflicting devastating melee damage to opponents. The goal of all Zealots is to reach the upper levels of the Khala. The psionic blades of the Zealot are actually cybernetically installed into their forearms. All Protoss must be psionic talents. Skills Package: Melee Weapons-blade; Armor Operation-powered; Stamina-endurance Signature Equipment: Protoss Power Suit, Khala Prayer Book, 2 psionic blades Suggested Perks: Faith, Ambidextrous Suggested Flaws: Obsessed Cybertech: Good subdermal weapon mounts (x2 for blades)


(Terran Free Agent Career) When a Terran shows some type of psionic ability, they are

often trained as "ghosts". The StarCraft computer game rules indicates that the military suppresses this psionic ability, refocusing it to improve the overall effectiveness of the ghost. In RPG game rules, this means the ghost is required to be a talent. In turn, they should have the flaws wild talent and implant (the implant being a psionic restraint implant). The points they gain from this should be used in some type of Perk than enhances their abilities or some other physical aspect.

Ghosts employ a psi-stealth cloak that bends light, similar the innate ability of a Dark Templar. The cloak is powered psionically, using the psionic energy points of the Ghost. The cloak offers a +3 resistance modifier against both melee and ranged attacks and a -3 step bonus to Stealth-sneak/hide skills. It uses one psionic energy point per ten minutes of operation (GMs can use the consumption rate of one energy point per game scene of operation for simplicity.) Skills Package: Ranged Weapon, Modern-Rifle; Stealth; Demolitions-Set Explosives Signature Equipment: Hostile Environment Suit, demolitions pack, stealth cloak, psi-restraint implant, 25mm C-10 Canister Rifle Suggested Perks: Increased ability, Observant, Psionic Awareness Required Flaws: Implants, Wild Talent

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(Terran Combat Spec Career) Many marines are criminals or rebels who have been captured and subjected to `Neural

Resocialization". That is, they have been trained and programmed into human killing machines. All marines are standardly outfitted with CMC-400 Powered Armor and a C-14 "Impaler" Gauss Rifle. Skills Package: Modern Ranged Weapon-rifle; Survival; Tactics- infantry; Armor Operation-powered Signature Equipment: CMC-400 Powered Armor, C-14 Impaler Gauss Rifle Suggested Perks: Tough as Nails Suggested Flaws: Criminal Record, Old Injury


(Terran Tech Op Career) The medic is the military doctor used by the Terran. Since a medic is also out in the

field with the troops, they wear a CMC-405 Light Combat Suit for protection, and carry a C7 Stinger Gauss Pistol. Medics have an optic flare built into their combat suit which can damage the optic nerves of opponents. When used, all living creatures within 20 meters of the medic must make a Resolve-physical resolve or a Will feat check. (Those who are aware the medic is about to do an optic flare and close their eyes, or are not looking at the medic are not effected.) Those who fail have their visual detection range effectiveness drop by three categories (Table G8 in the GMG). That is, marginal becomes extreme, etc. In addition, the victim gets a +1 penalty when attacking "close" items with ranged attacks and a +3 when attacking "medium" items (as per Table G7 in the GMG). The victim cannot see vehicle sized or smaller items at Far or Very Far distances. The optic flare can only be used once per hour, and uses the next 60 minutes to recharge. Skills Package: Medical Science- knowledge, treatment; Knowledge-computer operation; Modern Ranged Weapon- pistol Signature Equipment: CMC-405 Light Combat Suit, first aid kit, C-7 Stinger Gauss Pistol


The Alternity: StarCraft campaign takes place in the first part of Progress Level 7. An assortment of PL 7 equipment and weapons may be available, at the GM's discretion. GMs who own the StarDrive Arms & Equipment Guide can use any of the items contained there for their StarCraft game. Some of the weapons specific to the StarCraft RPG are detailed below.

Upgrading and Degrading Damage

Page 190 of the Alternity Player's Handbook discusses degrading damage when the target's toughness exceeds the damage rating of an attack. For instance, when a weapon of Ordinary damage rating hits an object of Good toughness, the damage is degraded by one category. Mortal damage becomes wound damage, wound damage becomes stun, and stun damage is ignored. If the Object is two categories of toughness above the attack rating, such as an Ordinary attack against an Amazing toughness target, the damage is degraded by two categories. This is a crucial rule to use when playing StarCraft and the full Alternity rules presented here.

Let's look at an example. The average hero will have a durability of 10, while a siege tank has a total durability of 20. Does this mean a siege tank can take only about twice as much damage as a human? Of course not! That is where weapon attack rating versus toughness comes into play. If a hammer of Ordinary rating does stun damage to a human,

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