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Carondelet Health Network has made it easy for you to access and use Cerner to provide the best care possible to your patients. Visit Carondelet's Physician Portal, dr., and click on Cerner Directions to download a PDF of instructions on how to...

Access remotely

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For Cerner questions, please contact Carondelet's Physician Helpline at (520) 419-6264 between 8 am and 5 pm, Monday to Friday.


Accessing Cerner requires the use of a third-party application called Citrix. Prior to accessing Cerner and other Carondelet Health Network applications outside of the network, Citrix must be installed on your computer.


To install Citrix, open your Internet Browser and type in the address bar and press the Enter key.


At the top of the Citrix webpage, click on Downloads.


From the Downloads page, under

Most Downloaded, click on

Citrix Receiver.


Click on the Download Receiver

for Windows button.


Check mark the box to Agree to

the terms of the Citrix License

Agreement and then click Continue.

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Click the Save button.


Select to save the file to your Desktop

and then click the Save button.


Go to your desktop to find the CitrixRecieverWeb.exe file.

Right click on the file and select the Run as.....option.

Follow the onscreen prompts to complete the installation

of the Citrix Receiver software.


Once the installation successfully completes, you will be

able to access Cerner by opening your Internet Browser, typing

dr. in the address bar, and pressing Enter.

10. Click on the CompassCernerWorks link.

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Enter your username and password. Leave the domain as AZTUC and

then click on the Log On button.

NOTE: If this is your first time logging in, you will be prompted to select a new password.

12. Click on the Powerchart PROD AHTU_AZ icon.

13. A "Launching" window will appear as the Citrix application starts. This may take a few moments.

14. When the Cerner login screen appears, enter your same username and password, then click the OK button.

IMPORTANT: When finished using Cerner, fully logout of all applications and close all open windows to ensure application security.

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You can directly access and view patient radiology images in Cerner without logging into PACS. Studies performed before April 29, 2014 are not available through Cerner and may only be viewed in PACS. Images are not actually stored in Cerner. Instead, they are linked to radiology reports through patient identifiers. When you click to view an image in Cerner, Cerner sends the request to PACS and opens the image in a special PACS viewer.


1. In Cerner, open the patient's chart to either the Results Viewing tab or the Documents tab.

2. Double-click the document to view the report. If the report contains an image, this message will appear at the bottom of the report "PACS Reference Pointer: This document contains an image."

3. To view the image, click the View Image button on the report toolbar.

IMPORTANT: This is a change in how ECG images are viewed. Images will no longer open automatically when you view the document. Now, you must click the View Image button at the bottom of the document. This does NOT affect FirstNet users.

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Accessing your patients' information has never been so easy. Using your iPad, tablet, iPhone, or Android, you can now access Cerner, PACS, WebNow and more. Setup is simple. Just follow these steps.


How to add Cerner app

1. Add Citrix Receiver App Press the Home button on your iPad (circle button) Touch the App Store icon Touch the Search box in the upper right corner and type "Citrix" From the available suggestions, touch Citrix Receiver for iPad or tablet Press the Citrix Receiver icon to open the full description page Touch the Free button under the Citrix icon on the left A window will appear and ask for your Apple User ID. This is not your Carondelet login. It is a private ID/password combination that

you can create on or iTunes program. After entering your Apple User ID/password, the Citrix application will be installed on your iPad or tablet.

2. Add Cerner App to Citrix Touch the Citrix icon on your iPad Press the Setup my enterprises app icon Touch the Address window and type Press the Next button in the upper right corner Use the information below to fill in the blanks:

Domain: aztuc Username: your Cerner username Password: your Cerner password Press the Save button in the upper right corner A list of applications available to you will display Touch the green plus symbol next to Cerner (and any other app you'd like) to add to your Citrix "home" screen on your iPad or tablet. Each time you start Citrix from your iPad's main home screen, you will see the Cerner app and any others you've chosen.

3. Update Citrix Timeout Settings Before opening any Citrix applications, update your iPad or tablet settings as follows.

Touch the white cog in the upper right corner Press Session Options Touch Caffeine Touch the Stay Awake slider so the word ON is highlighted in blue Touch anywhere on the screen to close this window. Doing this prevents your iPad from going to sleep and logging you out of

Cerner each time.

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