Cigarette tobacco license information

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Office of the City Clerk License Division

200 E. Wells St. Room 105, Milwaukee, WI 53202

(414) 286-2238 e-mail address: license@ license

Who needs a Cigarette License?

A license is required to sell, exchange, barter, dispose of, or give away any cigarettes or tobacco products.

DEFINITION OF CIGARETTES Any roll of tobacco in paper or any substance other than tobacco. Tobacco products: cigars; cheroots; stogies; perique; granulated, plug cut, crimp cut, ready-rubbed and other smoking tobacco; snuff; snuff flour; cavendish; plug and twist tobacco; fine-cut and other chewing tobaccos; shorts; refuse scraps; clipping; cuttings and sweepings of tobacco and other kinds and forms of tobacco prepared in such a manner as to be suitable for chewing or smoking in a pipe or otherwise, or both for chewing or smoking.

License Period

Annual; expires one year from the date of issuance.



Forms Needed

? Business License Application (ccl-busapp) ? Business Plan of Operation (ccl-busplan) ? Application for Cigarette and Tobacco Products Retail

License (CTP-200) ? Detailed Floor Plan (see sample plan and list of required


Copy of Seller's Permit Required

A copy of your current Wisconsin Seller's Permit must be submitted with the application. The Seller's Permit must be issued in the same name as the legal entity applying for the license. Applications submitted without the Seller's Permit are incomplete and will be returned. Providing only the Seller's Permit number does not meet this requirement.


Not required

Federal Employer ID Number

A Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) must also be provided. This is obtained from the Internal Revenue Service, U.S. Department of Treasury, 1-800-829-4933, businesses/ . Your Social Security Number cannot be used as your FEIN.

Individual applicants or Limited Liability Company applicants with only one member are not required to provide an FEIN.

Record Keeping

Every licensed retailer shall keep complete and accurate records of all purchases and receipts of cigarettes and tobacco products. The records shall be preserved on the licensed premises for 2 years in a manner to ensure permanency and accessibility for inspection and shall be subject to inspection at all reasonable hours by authorized state and local law enforcement officials.

Ban on Flavored Cigarettes

It is illegal to sell fruit-, candy-, or clove-flavored cigarettes according to the U.S. Food & Drug Administration.

Vending Machines Are Illegal

It is illegal to sell cigarettes through vending machines according to the Federal Drug Administration.

Tobacco Products Distributor Permit

A state-issued Tobacco Products Distributor Permit is required if you are purchasing non-Wisconsin taxed tobacco products from outside Wisconsin.

The CTP-129: Application For Cigarette And Tobacco Products Permits/Registration form can be found at

Secondhand Dealer License

If you purchase, sell or exchange any secondhand articles of personal property (including used cell phones), you will also need to apply for a Secondhand Dealer License. "Secondhand" means previously owned by a member of the general public immediately prior to your transaction. This application is also obtained from the License Division.

City of Milwaukee Ordinance Regulations

? MCO 84-43 and 106-30 ? Available online at


Application for Cigarette and Tobacco Products Retail License

Submit to municipal clerk.

Applicant's Wisconsin 15-digit Sales Tax Account Number

This must be issued in the same Legal Name of the licensee below.

Legal Name (corporation, limited liability company, partnership or sole proprietorship)

MUNICIPAL USE ONLY License Number Period Covered Date of Issuance

Federal Employer Identification No. (FEIN)

Trade or Business Name (if different than Legal Name)

Business Address (License Location)


State Zip Code

Mailing Address (if different than Business Address)

Business Located In






Telephone Number



Business Telephone




State Zip Code

Organization (check one) Sole Proprietor Partnership Other (describe)

Wisconsin Corporation ? Enter date incorporated: Out-of-State Corporation ? Are you registered to do business in Wisconsin?





1. Does the applicant understand that they must purchase cigarettes only from distributors or jobbers

who hold a permit with the Wisconsin Department of Revenue?



2. Does the applicant understand that they must obtain a Tobacco Products Distributor permit if purchasing

untaxed tobacco products from an out-of-state company? (Tobacco Products Distributor permit is

available from the Wisconsin Department of Revenue at 608-266-6701. See application form CTP-

129, revenue.forms/excise/ctp-129.pdf.)



3. Does the applicant understand that they cannot purchase/exchange cigarettes or tobacco products

from another retailer, including transferring existing stock to a new owner?



4. Does the applicant understand that they must provide employees with tobacco sales training approved

by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services? ()



5. Does the applicant understand that they may not sell, give or otherwise provide cigarettes/tobacco

products and nicotine products to minors (including electronic cigarettes containing nicotine)?



6. Does the applicant understand that they may not sell single cigarettes?



7. Does the applicant understand that cigarette and tobacco products invoices must be kept on the

licensed premises for two years from the date of the invoice and be available for inspection by the

Wisconsin Department of Revenue/law enforcement and that failure to comply can result in criminal

penalties, including loss of cigarettes/tobacco products?



8. Does the applicant understand that only cigarettes and roll-your-own (RYO) tobacco products listed on

the Wisconsin Department of Justice's website labeled "Directory of Certified Tobacco Manufacturers

and Brands" at may be sold in Wisconsin?

Cigarettes / Tobacco will be sold

over counter

through vending machine


READ CAREFULLY BEFORE SIGNING: Under penalty provided by law, the applicant states that each of the above questions has been truthfully answered to the best of the knowledge of the applicant. Applicant agrees to operate this business according to law and that the rights and responsibilities conferred by the license(s), if granted, cannot be assigned to another.

Any lack of access to any portion of a licensed premises during inspection will be deemed a refusal to permit inspection. Such refusal is a misdemeanor and grounds for revocation of this license. Any person who knowingly provides materially false information on this application may be required to forfeit not more than $1,000.

CTP-200 (R. 7-18)

(Officer of Corporation / Member / Manager of Limited Liability Company / Partner / Individual) Wisconsin Department of Revenue

West 1st St


Cigarette and Tobacco Floor Plan Sample: Please see the Cigarette and Tobacco Detailed Floor Plan Requirements

for a list of all items that must be included.

Loading Area



Emergency Exit


Shelving Shelving





Shelving Cashier

N Parking Lot

120 x 50



Jane A. Doe, Agent for "ABC, LLC" "ABC Store" 123 S. Any Street Date: June 1, 2015

North Main St

Total Square Footage = 7200

ccl-sslflr 11/2/15

ccl-cigplanreq 8/23/18

Cigarette and Tobacco Detailed Floor Plan Requirements

Please read all instructions before preparing the floor plan. A detailed floor plan must be submitted with this application. Any application submitted without the detailed floor plan (including all required items listed below) will be returned. Even if the premises has been previously licensed and a floor plan submitted, a new floor plan must be submitted

with this application. The floor plan must be filed on 8 ? x 11 inch size paper. Handwritten plans are acceptable. Plans do not need to be architectural drawings and need not be to scale.


1. Dimensions of the premises (length x width) and Total square feet of the premises

2. Label all entrances and exits 3. Show building/licensed premises in relation to surrounding streets and

Provide street names 4. Label all parking areas on the premises (do not include street parking) This is required even if the parking is

shared, for example, a strip mall and Provide the dimensions (length x width) of all parking areas on the premises. The parking area(s) should be

marked on the floor plan for the first floor showing the relation to the building. 5. Label all loading zone areas 6. Mark the North point (N) on each page 7. Write the legal entity name (and agent's name if a corporation or LLC) on each page 8. Write the trade (business) name on each page 9. Write the premises address on each page 10. Write the date on each page 11. Location of shelving and cashier

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