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CITY OF RUSHFORD VILLAGE AGENDA OCTOBER 6, 2020REGULAR COUNCIL MEETING 7:00 PM 43038 State Hwy 30, Rushford Village, Minnesota 55971-5167Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag CALL TO ORDER: Acting Mayor Dennis Overland, Council Members: Mike Ebner, Roger Knutson, Robert Hart and Rick Ruberg; Planning-Zoning Administrator Jon Pettit, City Attorney Joseph O’Koren, Public Works Supervisor Kyle Chiglo, Treasurer Judy Graham, Clerk Mary Miner.AGENDA APPROVAL:Motion__________ Additions: MINUTES APPROVAL: September 15, 2020 Regular and Closed Council Meeting Minutes(Additions /Corrections?) Motion__________CITIZENS /OTHERS PRESENT /WISHING TO BE HEARD: ________________________________________________Derek Olinger-Bolton & MenkFINANCIALS September Expenses $51,891.94, September Receipts $71,110.94(Includes $63,361.00 CARES), Outstanding Checks as of 9/30/2020 $38,880.12, Bank Balance as of 9/30/2020 $220,846.15/ Estimated October Receipts $16,000.00/ Estimated October Expenses $25,000.00 CD’s renewing at current advertised ratesMotion__________ 1) PLANNING / ZONING–Pettit: New Permits /Inquiries/Updates;New Permits: #1415-Featherstone Fruits & Vegetables-Lean on Shed-City Park Road#1416-Brett & Janet Wynia-Enclose back,siding, Window, doors-Hayes St#1417-Dorothy Pettit-Replace weather & water damage to shed-State Highway 43 SOctober 20, 2020 Planning and Zoning Meeting2) ROADS/WATER/SEWER: a) Jackie & Cory Baker Driveway-Main St Motion__________ b)South Rushford Drainage Project-Outfall Grading Easements-Derek Olinger, Bolton & MenkMotion__________ c) South Rushford Drainage Project-Outfall Grading Bid Award-Derek Olinger, Bolton & MenkMotion__________ 3) OTHER: a) David Lind-29705 State Highway 30Motion__________ b) Big Truck QuotesMotion__________ c) November 3 Regular Council Meeting-General ElectionMotion__________ d) CARES Fund Motion__________ OTHER UPDATES / MEETINGS:October 19-23-Miner on VacationNovember 3-Tuesday-General Elections-7:00 am-8:00 pm @ CRV Community CenterDecember 1-Tuesday-TNT Meeting-7:30 pm at CRV Community CenterNext Meetings:Council: October 20 & November 17, 2020, 7:00 pm at 43038 State Highway 30 Zoning: November 17, 2020, 5:30 pm at 43038 State Highway 30MOTION to Adjourn at _____ p.m., by _________, 2nd by _________

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