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Business and Behavior Science Building Sirrine Hall Replacement

Clemson, SC

State Project H12-9929-SG

Request for Qualifications

to provide

Construction Management at Risk Services

Caution: The only official source for this document is the one cited in the advertisement in the South Carolina Business Opportunities newsletter. Not getting this document directly from that source could mean that this document has been superseded by a later version. Answers to questions, all clarifications, any addenda and all postings/notices will be available online at: The Owner is not responsible for any reader's failure to heed this warning.

Qualifications Due: June 1, 2016; by 4:00 PM

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1. Introduction ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 3 1.1 Purpose of Procurement -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 3 1.2 Project Objectives ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 4 1.3 Project Assumptions ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 4 1.4 Definitions of Terms -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 4

2. General Instructions -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 6 2.1 Building Program ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 6 2.2 Selection Process ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 6 2.3 Pre-submittal Conference------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 7 2.4 Pre-proposal Conference ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 7 2.5 Scope of Work Overview-------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 7 2.6 Schedule of Events--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 9

3. Initial Written Submittal--Qualifications Submission Format and Requirements -------- Page 10 3.1 Physical Submittal -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 10 3.2 Initial Written Submittal Prerequisite Criteria----------------------------------------------- Page 11 3.3 Initial Written Submittal Evaluation ----------------------------------------------------------- Page 12 3.4 Contents -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 13

4. CM-R Required Clauses ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Page 15 Exhibits: Exhibit A ? Maps and Photos ------------------------------------------------------------------ Page 20

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Clemson University

Written Submittals of Qualifications to provide Construction Management at Risk Services for the construction of Project No. H12-9929-SG, Clemson University Business and Behavioral Science Building/Sirrine Hall Replacement.

1. Introduction

1.1 Purpose of Procurement


This project will design and construct an approximately 160,000 square foot building to relocate the College of Business and Behavioral Science (CBBS) from Sirrine Hall which was built in 1938. The antiquated academic facility no longer provides adequate space for planned growth or modern instructional delivery methods. The College of Business and Behavioral Science is currently co-located with other academic programs in Sirrine Hall. The replacement facility will become the dedicated, recognizable home for all business and related disciplines within the CBBS, and it will provide space for the college's administrative offices, teaching, outreach and research institutes.

Specifically, the Sirrine Hall replacement building will include a variety of classrooms and learning laboratories, faculty and administrative offices, study and gathering spaces, student services spaces, and common areas that will encourage greater collaboration among students, faculty, staff and business partners. The replacement facility will provide an enhanced interface between academics and industry, accommodate growth, and provide flexibility to adapt to advancements in technology and instructional methods. Construction of the new facility will also allow Sirrine Hall to be utilized as swing space, which will allow for the systematic renovation of other aging campus facilities. Clemson currently has no swing space to allow for major renovations in an efficient manner. The project will be funded by a combination of Institution Bonds, private gifts and state capital appropriations. Specific financing terms and conditions will be determined prior to Phase II approval. Completion is planned for the summer of 2019

1.1.2 Cost Limitation: The stated cost limitation for the project construction is $66 million.

1.1.3 "Construction Management at Risk" (CM-R) is the chosen project delivery method for this project (Please see the definition section below).


Clemson University officials have selected the design team of LS3P Associates of Greenville, SC with LMN Architects of Seattle, Washington for architectural design work for this project. The design team is in the program verification/site analysis phase of the project.


SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS FOR CM AT RISK ? South Carolina Code ? 40-11-320 and Reg. 19-445.2145(N): Firms seeking CM-R work must be registered both as a construction manager and as a general contractor with the SC Contractor's Licensing Board. The CM-R General Contractor's license must have a license group designation that will allow the CM-R to provide 100% Performance and 100% Labor and Material Payment Bonds for the entire project. Moreover, prior to contracting for a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP), all construction management services provided by a CM-R must be paid as a fee based on either a fixed rate, fixed amount, or fixed formula. In addition, construction may not commence for any portion of the construction until after the governmental body and the construction manager at-risk contract for a fixed price or a GMP regarding that portion of the construction.


The selection of professional construction services will be by Qualifications-Based Selection (QBS) or "Technically Superior Proposal" method. The South Carolina law adopted QBS as appropriate under state law for competitive sealed proposals: See ?11-35-1530 in the Official Code of South Carolina. The Owner chose the CM-R delivery method specifically to allow concurrent design and construction activities, with the CM-R providing constructability reviews and other pre-construction services essential to the overall success of the project. The CM-R will have a fiduciary role and responsibility to the Owner. The CM-R must act in the best interests of the Owner, using its best efforts to perform the project in an expeditious and costeffective manner consistent with the Owner's program requirements and budget.

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1.2 Project Objectives

1.2.1 Sustainability: The Owner expects to achieve a minimum of USGBC LEED Silver Rating.


The CM-R and the design professionals each will be responsible for comprehending the Owner's Project Requirements, accurately translating those requirements into a Basis of Design, and incorporating all into complete construction documents. With these, the CM-R will deliver a finished facility in satisfaction of the Owner's Project Requirements.

1.2.3 The CM-R will be responsible for pricing and value-engineering issues. At an appropriate point during the project, the Owner will ask the CM-R to commit to a GMP for the project.


The CM-R shall competitively select all construction subcontracts and other work appropriate for competitive selection but is free to use qualification factors other than price of work to select construction subcontractors that will deliver the greatest value to the State of South Carolina and Clemson University.


In selecting a firm, the Owner will emphasize experience of the firm and of assigned personnel in providing like functions on projects of similar magnitude and complexity as the proposed project. Selection preference will be toward firms that have depths of knowledge and resources for general contracting, scheduling, contract coordination and compliance, and budget control, as well as familiarity with state laws, ordinances, and codes applicable to Clemson University.


It is the responsibility of each submitter to examine the entire RFQ and RFP, seek clarification in writing, and review its submittal for accuracy before submitting their qualifications and, if shortlisted, their proposal. Once submission deadlines have passed, all submissions will be final. The Owner will not request clarification from any individual submitter relative to their submission but reserves the right to ask for additional information from all parties that have submitted qualifications. Each firm must describe experience if there are multiple firms proposed as one team. Please indicate, by firm, those qualifying as a minority firm.

1.2.7 Certified Small and Minority Business Enterprises are encouraged to respond to this request.

1.2.8 The Owner wishes to start site/utility construction work by the spring of 2017 and complete all construction work by the spring of 2019.

1.3 Project Assumptions


Clemson University is receptive to working with multiple firms that desire to form a partnership to deliver the CM-R services anticipated under this project. In the event that two or more firms desire to establish a joint venture, it is expected that one firm from the group shall sign the state's contract as CM-R, and that all partner firms will be consultants to the firm that signs the contract.

1.3.2 The Owner expects all parties to this project to work closely together and deal appropriately with project conditions to finish the job successfully. A spirit of cooperation and collaboration among professional construction services providers is of utmost importance to the University.


The CM-R, as a part of its pre-construction services, will assist with developing a strategy for the best approach for the successful completion of the project. For example without limitation, the CM-R will provide guidance and assistance in the preparation of a schedule and a reliable cost estimate.

1.3.4 It is the sincere intention of the University to make every effort to be fair and equitable in its dealings with all candidates for selection.

1.4 Definitions of Terms


Whenever the terms "RFQ" or "RFP" are used, the reference is to this Request for Qualifications or a future Request for Proposals or portions thereof, together with any exhibits, attachments, or addenda it may contain.


Whenever the terms "shall," "must," or "is required" are used in the RFQ/RFP, the referenced task is a mandatory requirement of this RFQ/RFP. Failure to meet any mandatory requirement will be cause for rejection of a submittal.

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Whenever the terms "can," "may," or "should" are used in the RFQ/RFP, the referenced specification is discretionary. Therefore, although the failure to provide any items so termed will not be cause for rejection, the Selection Committee may consider such failure in evaluating the submittal.


Whenever the terms "apparent successful" or "top-ranked" or "highest-ranking" firm or Offeror are used in this document, the reference is to the firm that the Selection Committee ultimately judges to have submitted the case best satisfying the needs of the owner in accordance with the RFQ/RFP. The selection of an apparent successful firm does not necessarily mean the Selection Committee accepts all aspects of the firm's submittal or proposal.


Whenever the term "submittal" is used in the RFQ, the reference is to the response offered by a firm in accordance with the RFQ. The initial submittal responds only to the RFQ portion of this document. Subsequently, only firms shortlisted based on their initial submittal will be invited to respond with technical proposal submittals to the future RFP.


Whenever the term "Selection Committee" is used in the RFQ, the reference is to the State representatives responsible for administering and conducting the evaluation and selection process of the RFQ.


"Construction Management at Risk" (CM-R) is a project delivery method in which the owner awards separate contracts--one for architectural and engineering services to design the project and the second to a construction manager at-risk for both construction management services and construction of the project.


"Design Professional" and "Designer of Record" both refer to the project's architect or design engineer, whose responsibilities generally include programming of the facility and, at the completion of all construction, providing the owner with Record Drawings.


"Building Commissioning" refers to a formal and systematic process of documentation, adjustment, testing, verification, and training, focused on quality assurance and performed specifically to ensure that the finished facility operates in accordance with the owner's documented project requirements and the construction documents.

1.4.10 "Commissioning Provider" refers to the entity or person providing building commissioning services for a project.

1.4.11 "Guaranteed Maximum Price" (GMP) means a price for all costs for the construction and completion of the project, or designated portion thereof, including all construction management services and all mobilization, general conditions, profit and overhead costs of any nature, and where the total contract amount, including the contractor's fee and general conditions, will not exceed a guaranteed maximum amount.

1.4.12 "Owner's Project Requirements" is a written document that details the functional requirements of a project and the expectations of how it will be used and operated.

1.4.13 "Qualifications Submittal" and "Initial Written Submittal" both refer to a firm's response to the RFQ.

1.4.14 "Qualifications-Based Selection" and "QBS" both refer to a procurement process for the selection of professional construction services for public projects. It is a competitive contract procurement process whereby firms submit qualifications to a procuring entity (owner) who evaluates and selects the most qualified firm, and then negotiates the project scope of work, schedule, budget, and consultant fee.

1.4.15 "As-Built Drawings" are prepared by the contractor. They show either electronically or marked-up PDFs', on-site changes to the original construction documents.

1.4.16 "Record Drawings" are prepared by the architect and reflect on-site changes the contractor noted in the as-built drawings. They are often compiled as a set of on-site changes made for the owner per the owner-architect contract.

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2. General Instructions

2.1 Building Program

2.1.1 Quality The project will be designed and constructed to a level of quality and timeliness that reflects the long-term use of a Clemson University facility.


Owner / CM-R Contract AIA Document A133 CMr-2009, Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Construction Manager as Constructor and the AIA Document A201-2007 General Conditions of the Contract for Construction as amended by the OSE Form 00502 and OSE Form 00812.

2.2 Selection Process


Request for Qualifications This document is a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) and will be used for the short-listing of CM-R firms for a future Request for Proposal (RFP). An interested firm's initial response will be only to the RFQ. Only if a firm is subsequently shortlisted will it be invited to provide a separate proposal in response to the future RFP.

2.2.2 Selection Committee The selection of CM-R providers will be by a Selection Committee comprising representatives of the Office of State Engineer and Clemson University.

2.2.3 Point of Contact The public's contact for information and clarification about the Project must be limited to the project manager, as identified in Section 3, below.


Shortlisting, Proposals, Interviews Selection of the CM-R will be a multi-step process:

a. Initial Written Submittal (Qualifications Statements) The Selection Committee will receive and review statements of qualifications and performance data in response to the RFQ. The Selection Committee will evaluate all firms first against a set of criteria, provided in Section 3 below, to determine which firms are most qualified and suited for this particular project. Qualifications alone will narrow the field to a minimum shortlist of three firms. The shortlisted firms will be invited to respond to the Request for Proposal.

b. Written Technical Proposals (Responses to Request for Proposal ? this section provided for information only) Only shortlisted firms shall prepare and submit written technical proposals that respond to the Request for Proposal (RFP). This written proposal will be evaluated by the Selection Committee against a set of criteria.

c. Interview & Final Evaluation (this section provided for information only) As part of the evaluation, shortlisted firms will be invited to a formal interview to explain their proposal and to answer questions from the Selection Committee. From the evaluations of the written proposals and the interview, the Selection Committee will rank the shortlisted firms in order of suitability and appropriateness for this job.


Fee Proposals Each shortlisted firm invited to interview shall prepare and deliver a fee proposal to the Selection Committee chair at the time of the interview. Each firm will be asked to explain their fee during the interview. These fee proposals will be part of the selection evaluation. The highest-ranked Offeror's fee proposal will be part of the basis for initial negotiations subsequently conducted. If negotiations with the highest-ranked Offeror are not successful, the Owner will then invite the second-ranked firm to negotiate, and so on.

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