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IRB Application Template Language

PI Instructions:

Please note that the contact message that you send through ResearchMatch must exclude your direct study contact information (email & phone) and must not exceed 2000 characters. This content must also be approved by your institutional IRB.

Make sure to review your site-specific instructions for any institution-specific application requirements or contact your ResearchMatch Institutional Liaison for any questions related to your institution’s IRB or Research policies.

Please complete page 2 with your study-specific information. Include the information on pages 2-5 of this document as a separate attachment in your submission to IRB. Remember, you must also detail your intent to use ResearchMatch in your study protocol in the sections that pertain to recruitment.

General Description of Request:

I am requesting IRB approval to send the following study recruitment message to potential study volunteers through . ResearchMatch asks me to confirm that this language has been IRB approved and that my direct study contact information has been removed (email/phone) before sending my study announcement through ResearchMatch to volunteers that appear to be a good match for my study.

Contact Message Content Description:

The study-specific announcement that I wish to have inserted into the ResearchMatch notification regarding my study is in the box below.

ResearchMatch provides standard notification language (in grey) that will be received by all ResearchMatch volunteers who may be a match for a given study. My specific message for which I am seeking approval will be inserted accordingly:

A research team with X UNIVERSITY in CITY, STATE, believes you might be good match for the following study:

If you are interested in this study and having the research team contact you directly, please select the "Yes, I'm interested" link below. By clicking the "Yes, I'm interested" link, your contact information will be released to the research team. If you select the "No, thanks." link or do not respond to this study message, your contact information will not be released to the research team.


Thank you for your interest in ResearchMatch.

Additional Background Information:

is a national electronic, web-based recruitment tool that was created through the Clinical & Translational Science Awards Consortium in 2009 and is maintained at Vanderbilt University. There is no cost for researchers at participating institutions in the ResearchMatch Network to use ResearchMatch for the purposes of conducting recruitment feasibility analysis or participant recruitment. The Vanderbilt IRB provides oversight for ResearchMatch as a recruitment tool and this has been documented within the ResearchMatch IRB Letter of Understanding (available upon request). However, individual requests to use ResearchMatch as a recruitment tool are required to be approved by the participating institution’s IRB.

Volunteer Contact Process:

Potential volunteers will be contacted using the IRB-approved content [see Figures 1-3]. Volunteers will then have the option of replying yes or no through a set of quick links available in the notification. If a volunteer choses to respond in the affirmative they will authorize ResearchMatch to release their contact information to me and I will be responsible for managing that information according to institutional guidelines.

Figure 1. Contact Volunteers Page (researcher view).


Figure 2. Researcher previews their recruitment message in ResearchMatch format.


Figure 3. Sample message that ResearchMatch Volunteer receives in email inbox.




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