Clubs and activities

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There are a wide variety of clubs and activities available to you as a student of Kimberly High School. You are encouraged to consider the benefits of participating in the activities of our school clubs and organizations.

The co-curricular code of conduct applies to all clubs and activities.

Plan to attend the Club and Organization Expo on August 30th to get more information or to sign up for most clubs and organizations. Fall sports information is available at KHS.

Anime Club Art Club Band(Jazz, Marching, Pep)


Basketball (boys) Basketball (girls) Book Club Bowling Team Car Club


Color Guard/Flag Team Comics at KHS Cross Country

Dance Team

DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America)(/School Store) FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) FCCLA (Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America) Football Forensics

Golf (boys)

Golf (girls) Graphics Club Hockey (boys) Hockey (girls) HOSA (Health Occupation Students of America)

Key Club

KHS Alliance

LARP (Live Action Role Play)

Life Force

Mrs. Reader Mrs. Wise, Mrs. Schaefer

Mr. Gall, Mr. Goethals

Coach McGinnis

Coach Wurtz Coach Cullen Miss Nokes Coach Hanson, Mrs. Guthrie Mr. Girod

Mr. Popke

TBD Mrs. Wise Coach Heling Coach Van Noie, Coach Arnold Mrs. Kalnins, Mrs. Hoffman, Mr. Brown, Mrs. Fischer, Mr. Schaaf

Mr. Murray

Mrs. Scherg

Coach Jones Ms. Loomis, Mrs. Yunk

Coach Miron

Coach Janota Mr. Bowers Coach Van Zeeland Coach Fox

Mrs. Buss

Mrs. Paruch, Mrs. Dollevoet, Mrs. Mathes

Mr. Glenn

Mr. Holtein

Ms. Voissem, Mrs.Verstegen, Mrs. Anderson

Link Crew

Math Team

Multicultural Club

Musical & Theatrical Performances National Honor Society Peacemakers Photography Club Project Green Project Unify Shooting Sports (Archery/Trap Team) Ski/Snowboard Club Skills USA Soccer (boys)

Soccer (girls)

Mr. Yunk, Mrs. Sutton, Mr. Sutton Mrs. Shrode

Mrs. Eckerman Ambas

Ms. Milbach, Ms. Boots

Mr. De Koch, Mrs. Kasper Mrs. Phillip Mr. Bowers Mrs. Heling, Mr. Simon Mrs. Reed, Ms. Van Berkel

Mr. Sahr, Mr. Luke Smith

Mr. Klitzke, Mr. Yunk Mr. Sahr, Mr. Luke Smith Coach Gardner

Coach Ruhsam-Tegelman


Coach Weyers

Student Advisory

Mr. Verboomen

Student Council

Mrs. Ramponi, Ms. Jansen

Swimming (boys) Swimming (girls)

Technology and Engineering Club

Tennis (boys) Tennis (girls) Track (boys) Track (girls)

Coach Terlap Coach Terlap

Mr. Janota

Coach Holschuh Coach Holschuh Coach Hoerth Coach Kroncke

Volleyball (boys)

Coach Seidl

Volleyball (girls) Young Women in the Community (formerly Sparklz) Wrestling

Yearbook (Kimet)

Coach Scharenbroch Mrs. Ringler Coach Engelland Mrs. Yunk

Please be sure to check the display boards in the physical education hallway for more information on athletics and the display boards for clubs in the hallway near the commons and LMC.

All groups have a display board to post current information.

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