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COSC 1301: Lab 10 (PowerPoint Chapter 2) – Landscaping

Your neighbors in your small southwestern subdivision are concerned about drought, fire danger, and water conservation. You volunteer to gather information about possible solutions and share the information with them in a Power Point presentation at the next neighborhood association meeting. In this exercise, you concentrate on developing the content of the presentation.

Assigned Reading

PowerPoint Chapter 2

Design Template

You download a Microsoft Office Online template to create the basic design and structure for your presentation, name the presentation, and create the title slide.

a. Create a new presentation using one of the Available Templates and Themes in the Templates category. Open PowerPoint presentations and slides, open Design slides (backgrounds), open Season design slides, and then download the Sunny days design template.

b. Save the new file as lastname_firstinitial_PP2.pptx.

c. Type Conserve as the title on the title slide. Reduce the font size of the title until it fits on one line.

d. Type the subtitle Waterwise Landscaping.

e. Create a handout header with course number and your name and a handout footer with your instructor’s name. Include the current date.

Outline and Modifications

Based on the storyboard you created after researching water conservation on the Internet, you create the outline for your presentation. As you create the outline, you also modify the outline structure.

a. Click the Outline tab.

b. Insert a new slide (slide 2); type Waterwise Options as the title.

c. Enter each of the following as Level 1 bullet for Slide 2: Zeroscaping, Xeriscaping

d. Type Purpose of Landscaping as the title for Slide 3.

e. Type each of the following as Level 1 bullet for Slide 3: Beauty, Utility, Conservation.

f. Modify the outline structure by reversing Slides 2 and 3.

Imported Outline

You have an outline on zeroscaping that was created in Microsoft Word and a slide show on xeriscaping. You reuse this content to build your slide show.

a. Position the point of insertion at the end of the outline.

b. Use the Slides from Outline option (under the New Slide button in the Slides group under the Home tab) to insert the COSC1301_PowerPoint2_Starter.docx outline.

c. Change the layout of Slide 4 from Title and Text to Picture with Caption (under the Layout button in the Slides group of the Home tab).

d. Insert COSC1301_PowerPoint2_zeropic.jpg in the picture placeholder.

e. Position the point of insertion at the end of the outline.

f. Reuse all the slides from COSC1301_PowerPoint2_Starter.pptx to add four slides to the end of the presentation (On the Home tab, in the Slides group, click New Slide, and then click Reuse Slides; in the Reuse Slides pane, click Open a PowerPoint File; in the Browse dialog box, locate and click the presentation file that contains the slide that you want, and then click Open; right-click any slide, and then click Insert All Slides).

g. Insert COSC1301_PowerPoint2_xeripic.jpg in the picture placeholder on Slide 8.


You know that the room in which you will be displaying the slide show is very light. You decide to change the color theme to darken the slides, which will increase the slide visibility. You also adjust the font size of two captions to increase their readability.

a. Change the theme colors to Solstice.

b. Change the background style to Style 3 (first row, third column).

c. Increase the font size of the title and caption text two levels on Slides 4 and 8.

d. Spell-check the presentation.

e. Apply the Fade Through Black animation scheme to all slides.

f. Save the presentation; then submit it, as required by your professor.


To facilitate moving between the slides concerning zeroscaping and the slides concerning xeriscaping, you create sections.

a. Add a section before Slide 4 and rename it Zeroscaping.

b. Add a section before Slide 8 and rename it Xeriscaping.

c. Save the presentation and submit based on your instructor’s directions..

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