Critical questions to ask during a customer reference call

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Critical questions to ask during a customer reference call:

Below is a list of valuable questions you should always ask during a shop management software reference call.

Q: Are you a primary user of the shop management system? If not, ask if you may speak with that person.

Q: Were you the decision maker or member of the selection team responsible for purchasing the shop management software? If so, what made you choose the solution you selected?

Q: Does the system reduce the amount of time you spend generating customer quotes, entering orders, tracking labor, material and outside services, and invoicing customers? In a typical week, how many hours has it reduced for you personally?

Q: What functions of the software have you implemented?

Quoting Order entry Scheduling Bar coded labor tracking

Material management Shipping Accounting Quality

Q: How long did it take you to implement bar coded data collection? What was your shop floor employees reaction to this?

Q: Have you seen an increase in efficiency, employee productivity, and customer satisfaction since you implemented a shop management system?

Q: What's the single best thing about the system? What is the thing you wish you could most improve about the system?

Q: When implementing, did you incur any unexpected costs in addition to the price of the solution quoted by the software vendor Why were these costs incurred?

Q: Can you tell me about your experience with implementation, services and support after the sale?

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