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La Cultura del Mundo Hispano


During the semester, you will be presenting 1 news article on different aspects of Spanish-speaking countries (such as music, art, history, literature, sports, science, geography, architecture, environment, animals, food, pop culture, medicine, or education). News articles that are not acceptable: NO POLITICS or NO ECONOMY or NO CRIME.


You will be assigned one of the following Spanish-speaking countries: España, México, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panamá, Cuba, República Dominicana, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Perú, Bolivia, Paraguay, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay.

1. Select a NEWS article that is at least 2 paragraphs long (or a minimum of 8 sentences). Good sources to find news articles are news networks like and or newspapers like the New York Times or magazines like “Time” or “Newsweek”. NO WIKIPEDIA, no Wiki-like websites or research sites. Print out only the FIRST page of the article and MAKE SURE the article date is seen.

2. Write a summary in English in your own words, and not taken directly from the article. You may choose to write your summary in Spanish for extra credit, but it is not required. You need a minimum of 5 complete, descriptive sentences.

3. You must TURN IN a COPY of the article. A TYPED summary on a separate sheet of paper, and INCLUDE the following information at the top using this FORMAT:

a. Your name

b. Date you are turning in the article

c. Title of the Article

d. Author

e. Country the article is about

f. Source of the article

g. Date the article was published (must be AFTER JULY 1st, 2019)

Due dates:

The presentation days will be on Fridays. You must be prepared with your summary at the beginning of the class period and be ready to present it. You will talk about the article in your own words to the class (no reading). You will have a maximum of 5 minutes to talk about your article. No articles will be accepted late, unless you have an excused absence on the day they are due.

All grades for articles will be performance assessment grades. The following procedure will be used to determine your grade:

Validity of Article 15%

Summary 50%

Following the requirements 15%

Oral Presentation 20%

Total Grade 100%

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