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Curriculum Vitae/Resume Business Information Technology| | 703-789-7212

Nicholas James Brown

(last updated May 8, 2021)


Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA Ph. D: Business Information Technology Advisors: Paul Benjamin Lowry and Quinton Nottingham

Expected May 2022

Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA M.A: Data Analysis and Applied Statistics

May 2021

Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA M.A: Leadership

Virginia Tech, Falls Church, VA M.I.T: Business Analytics

Virginia Tech, Falls Church, VA M.B.A: Information Technology

James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA B.B.A: Marketing Information Systems & Management ? Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship


Behavioral privacy Voice systems

Information security Digital trace data

Behavioral surveillance


Wu, D., Zhang, J., Moody, G., Brown, N., and Lowry, P. (2021). "Resolving the `mobile security notification rejection paradox' by explaining the dual effects of fear control and irritation control in persuasive security communication," submitted to Information Systems Research.

Ali, S., Lai, F., Dominic, P., Brown, N., Lowry, P., and Ali, R. (2021). "Stock market reactions to favorable and unfavorable information security events: a systematic literature review and an agenda for future research," revise and resubmit at Computers & Security.

Brown, N., Lowry, P., and Nottingham, Q. (2021). "Privacy concerns in data annotation: Understanding effects of perceived human involvement in data labeling for voice systems," Dissertation chapter.

Zhang, J., Wu, D., Brown, N., Lowry, P., and Moody, G. (2020). "`Remind me later' in mobile security notifications: What factors lead to users' deferred security coping behavior?" SIGHCI 2020 Proceedings. 6.

Wu, D., Zhang, J., Brown, N., Lowry, P., and Moody, G. (2020). "Patching the "human" in information security: Using the inoculation defense to confer resistance against phishing attacks," SIGHCI 2020 Proceedings. 7.

Nicholas Brown



Convenience versus privacy: Examining consumer perceptions of computer vision monitoring inside cashierless stores (IS phenomenon: Privacy)

Darkside of gamification in financial trading: Moral disengagement, unethical decision making, and the `Robinhood dilemma' (IS phenomenon: Gamification)

Digital hoarding as an emerging threat to organizations and society: Understanding what fosters hoarding behaviors in an increasingly digital environment (IS phenomenon: Information security)

Hello, is somebody there? An empirical study on machine monitoring and privacy intrusion in the context of consumer internet of things use (IS phenomenon: Privacy)

"Hey, I just met you and this is crazy but I think I know you" Understanding the impact of algorithmic classification output on online service sign-up behaviors (IS phenomenon: Online web site use)

Managing email clutter: a choice architecture based design using and active choice inbox management tool (IS phenomenon: Information management)

May we come in and have a listen? Understanding privacy invasion implications in the context of home Internet of Things device use (IS phenomenon: Privacy)


Wu, D., Zhang, J., Brown, N., Lowry, P., and Moody, G. (2020). "Patching the "human" in information security: Using the inoculation defense to confer resistance against phishing attacks," Proceedings of the Nineteenth Annual Pre-ICIS Workshop on HCI Research in MIS, Virtual Conference, December 12. (People's Choice award for best presentation)

Brown, N. (2020) "Can panopticon prevent a pandemic? The impact of surveillance and monitoring of citizens on the containment of COVID-19." Graduate Student Assembly Research Symposium (GSARS), Blacksburg, VA, April 8.

Brown, N. (2020) "Lifestyle tracking through the lens of a dietitian: Understanding the smart age of electronic health records." Department of Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise (HNFE), Blacksburg, VA, January 14.

Brown, N. (2019) "An active choice inbox management system to reduce email clutter." 2019 INFORMS Annual Meeting, Seattle, WA, October 20 ? 23.

Nicholas Brown



Teaching interests: Web application & e-commerce |Healthcare technology | Blockchain | Analytics Course design: (1) BIT 5594 Web application & e-commerce; (2) ACIS 5574 Healthcare Data Management

Virginia Tech, MIT & MBA Programs Distance Learning Instructor

1. BIT 5594 (Spring 2017) `Overall teaching effectiveness' score: 2. ACIS 5574 (Sum. 2017) OTE score: 3. BIT 5594 (Fall 2017) OTE score: 4. BIT 5594 (Spring 2018) OTE score: 5. BIT 5564 (Sum. 2018) OTE score: 6. ACIS 5574 (Sum. 2018) OTE score: 7. BIT 5594 (Sum. 2018) OTE score: 8. BIT 5594 (Fall 2018) OTE score: 9. BIT 5594 (Spring 2019) OTE score: 10. BIT 5564 (Sum. 2019) OTE score: 11. ACIS 5574 (Sum. 2019) OTE score: 12. BIT 5594 (Sum. 2019) OTE score: 13. BIT 5564 (Sum. 2021) OTE score:

January 2017-August 2019

5.57/6 vs 4.89/6 (college mean) 5.57/6 vs 5.21/6 (college mean) 5.31/6 vs 4.89/6 (college mean) 4.67/6 vs 5.01/6 (college mean) 5.56/6 vs 5.22/6 (college mean) 5.61/6 vs 4.79/6 (college mean) 5.35/6 vs 4.79/6 (college mean) 5.68/6 vs 5.02/6 (college mean) 5.53/6 vs 5.02/6 (college mean) 5.76/6 vs 5.30/6 (college mean) 5.70/6 vs 5.18/6 (college mean) 5.40/6 vs 5.18/6 (college mean) Pending


Committee on Improving Online Instruction ? Virginia Tech member April 2020 ? May 2020

Collaborator / tutor ? Virginia Tech Statistical Applications and Innovations Group (SAIG) January 2020 ? May 2020

Reviewer ? Communications of the Association for Information Systems; Journal of the Association of Information Systems, Information Systems Journal; International Journal of Electronic Commerce; Journal of Cybersecurity Education, Research and Practice; Heliyon

December 2018 - Present

Conference reviewer ? ECIS 2020, ISCRAM 2020; ICIS 2020, SIGHCI ICIS 2020

(SIGHCI 2020 workshop runner-up for best reviewer)

March 2020- Present

Associate editor and reviewer ? ECIS 2020 "Security and privacy" and "Health IT" tracks January 2020

Committee on Research ? Virginia Tech graduate student delegate

August 2018 ? May 2020

Ph.D. Project ? IS Panelist and Recruiter

November 2018 - Present

Session chair (Information Systems V) ? 2019 INFORMS Annual Meeting October 2019

HBCU/MSI summit? Minority student speaker Vice president - Virginia Tech Graduate Student Assembly (GSA)

Fall 2018 August 2016 ? May 2017

Nicholas Brown



Pamplin College of Business General Scholarship and Fellowship Awards August 2018 ? May 2021

Pamplin College of Business Diversity Excellence Award

March 2020

Pamplin College of Business Outstanding Master's Student

March 2017


Association for Information Systems (AIS) Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS) Ph.D. Project ? IS Doctoral Student Association (ISDSA) WORK EXPERIENCE

Virginia Tech, Ph.D program, Blacksburg, VA Graduate Assistant

Virginia Tech, MBA Program, Falls Church, VA Graduate Assistant

August 2018-Present January 2016-May 2017

HITT Contracting, Falls Church, VA

August 2017-November 2017

Certified Professional Estimator

? Served as pre-construction estimator on construction projects exceeding $300 million dollars in total

value for clients such as:

o Amazon, General Dynamics, Volvo, Hyatt, and Navy Federal Credit Union.

? Specialized knowledge in Sitework and Structural trades such as:

o Earthwork, Site Infrastructure, Structural Concrete, Structural Steel, Masonry, Landscape,

and Pavements.

The Matthew's Group, Purcellville, VA

May 2016-March 2017

Certified Professional Estimator

? Implemented cloud-based estimating software `BuildingConnected' throughout organization. This


o Creating a minimum viable product using Microsoft Outlook to serve as an outsourcing tool

to illustrate effectiveness of adopting a new workflow process.

o Demonstrating usage of cloud-based system to company Owner prior to final approval.

? Generated project estimates for building construction and civil projects, winning a total of $8 million

in project awards: Scott Jenkins Memorial Park-Phase 2, Osborn HS Athletic Fields, and World

Bank--Building J renovation.

Strittmatter Contracting, LLC, Manassas Park, VA

February 2007 ? February 2015

Certified Professional Estimator

? Creator of D.I.R.T Methodology Estimating System: Determine, Investigate, Read, and Takeoff.

? Estimated and won projects (serving as a subcontractor) totaling over $1 billion dollars in

construction value, such as City Center, DC; United States Institute of Peace, DC; Virginia Tech

Research Center, Arlington, VA; and Macerich's Tysons Corner Center, McLean.

Nicholas Brown


Pattern Day Trader (self-employed) Invite Properties, LLC Property Manager/ Co-Owner Rust Vintage Rentals Operations Manager/Business Development/Co-Owner Certified Personal Trainer


January 2015 ? January 2016 May 2009 ? July 2014 October 2011 ? August 2015 Licensed 2012

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