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Vocational Rehabilitation: Evaluation of vocation rehabilitation options in PI and WC, short and long term disability, marriage devolution and disability retirement cases, including vocational testing protocols

Economic loss evaluates re: PI, WC, ADA, Discrimination Cases including hedonic loss and life care planning. Economist/Consultant: Responsibilities include economic research analysis and report writing.

Ergonomic Evaluations: Devises ergonomic evaluation, disability prevention and other cost containment guidelines, procedures and protocols.

ADA Employment and Facilities Access under ADA Titles I, II, and III: Evaluation of accessibility of facilities for people with disabilities.


Employment Discrimination, Analysis of employment actions related to Title I of the ADA, Sex, Ethnicity, and Gender discrimination. Evaluation and Training regarding determination of essential job requirements and functions as mandated by ADA. Providing a wide range of disability management services designed to assist persons with

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disability. Designing ands and delivering presentations regarding sensitivity training, disability awareness, and ethical issues in the vocational rehabilitation process. Workers' Compensation Coordination including attorney fee disputes. Disability case management in PT, WC claim determinations, ADA requirements and LTD management. Job surveys and Labor Market Analyses. Analysis of past and future wage and benefit loss. Interpretation of vocational rehabilitation reports and reduced capacity. Analysis of past and future self-employment and other business loss of profits. Matching discount rates to length of future loss interval. Valuation of household services. Present value of life care plan. Economic analysis of expert deposition and trial testimony. Calculation of personal consumption offset.


EDUCATION Bachelor's Degree, University of Miami, 1960 Education. Master of Arts, Western Michigan University, 1962 Rehabilitation of the Blind and Visually Impaired. This was the first class at the WMU Dept. of Blind Rehabilitation; sponsored by the U.S. Dept. of Health, Education and Welfare. Master of Science, University of Wisconsin, 1966 Economies of Disability, Ergonomics, and Work Adjustment with Special Research in Behavioral Cybernetics. Doctor of Philosophy, Pacific Western University, 1985 with course work in: Professional Communication and Introduction to Research Professional Report Writing Functional Awareness in a Career in Compensation Economics Analysis of Problems in Compensation Economics Critical Context and Theory of the Commercial and Industrial Economy Integration of Personal and Professional Development Research Methodology Philosophical, Historical, Social, Technological and Theoretical Foundations of Compensation Economics Organizational and Administrative Competencies for Managerial Policy Making Research, Computational, and Statistical Skill Financial Planning Dissertation: "A Study in Compensation Economics and Ergonomics"


University of Chicago. Chicago State University. Indiana University Nova University. University of Miami, School of Business Tax and Investment Management Seminar, 1984.

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Broward Community College - Computers. Marylhurst College - Economies of Personal Injury. Medical Hypnosis, University of Miami, School of Medicine, 1976. Actuary Economist in Litigation, University of San Francisco, 1981. Valpar Training Program, Vocational Evaluation, 1981. Trinity University Workshop, Manual Materials Handling.

CERTIFICATIONS and LICENCES Certified Rehabilitation Economist - American Rehabilitation Economics Association. State of Florida Department of Labor and Employment Security, Division of Workers Compensation (QRP) ? WC1000529. Program discontinued 2012 Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC) - #00975. Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialist (Permeant Certified). Certified Disability Management Specialist (CTRS), (CDMS) - #00190. National Certified Counselor (NCC). To 1988 Vocational Expert (VE) - Social Security Administration (OHA). Certified Vocational Evaluation Specialist (CVE) - W00279. to 2002 Senior Disability Analyst - Diplomat (ABDA). American Board of Disability Analysts Certification #6075-98. Diplomat: American Board of Vocational Experts to 1988 Instructor Certification #351875, State of Florida Dept. of Insurance in Life, Health, and Risk Management Education. Mental Health Counselor State of Florida Initial Certification to 1990


Economic Programming, Johns Hopkins University, 1981. United States Vocational Rehabilitation Administration, 1963. United States Office of Vocational Rehabilitation, 1962. State of Florida School for Alcoholic Studies, 1961. American Council of the Blind Local Chapter Service Award. Orlando Convention 2006 Meritorious Service Award from the Florida Council of the Blind May 13, 2006

PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATIONS (Past and Present) Achievement Newspaper for Disabled People, Board Member to 1985. Association of Higher Education and Disability Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association. American Academy of Economic and Financial Experts American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine. American Council of the Blind. American Council of the Deaf-Blind. American Economic Association (Listed in `The Economic Review"). American Health Care Association. American Institute of Economic Research. American Rehabilitation Counseling Association. American Risk and Insurance Association,

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American Society for Personnel Administration. American Society for Training and Development. Architectural Barriers Committee, Chairman. Association for the Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind and Visually Disabled. Atlantic Economic Society. Arthritis Foundation. Business Coalition for Americans with Disabilities Center for Independent Living of South Florida, Board Member (2001). Charles Babbage Memorial Fund, Board Member (1990). Council on Exceptional Children, Board Member (1998). Dade Rehabilitation Association. Facilitator, ADA Compliance Specialist Seminar. Florida AAWB-AEVH Alliance. Florida Association for Counseling and Development, Editorial. Board Florida Association of Rehabilitation Professionals in the Private Sector. Florida Health Care Activities Coordination Association Florida Paraplegic Association, Board Member. Florida Rehabilitation Association, Job Placement Division. Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, Aging TG. Chairman of the Committee on Rehabilitation, 1985-89 Presidential Rules Committee Chair. Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, Safety TO. Institute of Cost Analysis. International Academy of Life Care Planners Mensa. Proctor and member of the Regional Nominating Committee Metro-Dade Elderly and Handicapped Transportation Committee. Miami Economic Forum. National Group for the Prevention and Treatment of Decubitus Ulcers. National Association of Forensic Economists, Board Member - 1989. International Association of Rehabilitation Professionals National Employment Counselors Association. National Federation of the Blind. National Head Injury Foundation. National Industrial Labor Council, 1977. National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association. National Paraplegic Foundation. National Rehabilitatiol1 Association. National Therapeutic and Recreation Association. National Vocational Guidance Association. Post-Polio Association of South Florida 1988-90. President's Committee on Employment of Persons with Disabilities. Society for Human Resource Management Diversity Committee Society for Disability Studies. Test and Evaluation Technical Group. University of Wisconsin Economic Alumni Association.

Evaluation and Work Adjustment Association (VEWAA) NRA

Western Economic Association.

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Wheelchair Pilots Association. White House Conference on Disabled Individuals. Who's Who in Rehabilitation.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE President: Rehabilitation Services Inc. as of May 20, 1974 US Air Force Reserve - Safety AFSC 1954-60. Counselor, Sunshine Camp for Handicapped Children 1959 World Committee on the Employment of the Handicapped --- 1954-1960 Work Adjustment Therapist, Hollywood Pavilion Mental Hospital. 1975 Adjunct Assistant Professor, University of Miami, Dual Appointment - Schools of Medicine and Business. Advisory Board Member-Drake College (Ft. Lauderdale University) 1965-70. Advisory Board, Counselor Education, Florida International University 2001 Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance Program Americans with Disabilities Act Grant Reviewer for NIDRR. National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research Peer Review - 1998. Americans with Disabilities Act. Testified in Congressional Hearings 1990. Ann-Marie Adker Overtown Community Health Center Advisory Board Consultant. Tetra Pak Recycling Project UCP, Miami, FL 1994. Bureau of Hearings and Appeals, U.S. Social Security Administration, "Vocational Expert' Since 1965. Clinical Teacher in Movigenics, Barry College, Miami, Florida. Conference Presenter at Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami, Florida. Concept House (Initial Grant Writer). Constance Brown Hearing & Speech Center, Kalamazoo, Mich. Consultant in Neurometrics, St. Francis Hospital, Miami Beach, Florida. Consultant, Fort Lauderdale Center for the Blind. Consultant, WPLG Channel 10, Miami, Florida. Consultant, Goodwill Industries, Chicago-Milwaukee. Consultant United Cerebral Palsy, Miami (Grant Writer.) Consultant, Retardation Program, State of Florida Health and Rehabilitative Services. Consultant, Switchboard of Miami. Court Appointed Witness in Worker's Compensation, Liability, Social Security, Arbitration and Divorce cases in Rehabilitation, Ergonomics, Economics and Employment. Curative Workshops, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Intern) Director of Jewish Vocational Services Workshop, Miami, Florida. Director -Manpower and Career Development, South. Florida Hospital Association. Director of Rehabilitation Services Workshop, Inc. Family Practice Staffing, Participant in Rehabilitation Ergonomics Founder, Crawford Rehabilitation Company. Founder, ADA Compliance Specialists Network. Founder, Independence House - Halfway House for the Disabled. Grant Reviewer ? U.S. Vocational Rehabilitation Administration Dade County High School Wrestling Official 1960-85.

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Director of Peripatology, Illinois Visually Handicapped Institute 1964. International Medical Centers (Continuing Medical Education). Opportunity Center Intern Evaluator, Madison, Wisconsin. Organizer of Boy Scout Troops for Boys with Disabilities. "Managing Cultural Diversity-Work Force 2000", Panelist, National Forum for Black Public Administrators, 1992. Orientation and Mobility Consultant. Association in Higher Education and Disability, 2004 Presenter, Social Security Advisory Council, 1981. Presenter, ADA Board Guideline Hearings 1991. President, Crossed Keys Life Care Community Housing for the Elderly and Disabled, 1982-1985. Rehabilitation House Counselor, Neenah, Wisconsin- (Intern) Rehabilitation Resources, Inc., Director of Rehabilitation. Society for Human Resource Management-Member Match Committee 1994. Sunland Training Center, Consultant, Miami, Florida ? (Instructor) Veteran's Administration, Director Regional Counseling Center- (Director) Veteran's Administration Hospital- 0 & M Specialist, Hines, Ill ? (Intern) Veteran's Administration Regional Placement Specialist - 1993. Work Adjustment Center Counselor, Menasha, Wisconsin. ? (Intern)


Metro-Dade County Scouting for Boys with Disabilities. National Forum for Black Public Administrators. National Federation of the Blind


American Society of Ophthalmic Nurses. Business Coalition for Americans with Disabilities. Defense and Plaintiff Bar Association. Kiwanis Club. Lions Club. Rotary International. Medical Education, University of Miami School of Medicine. University of Florida, 1980, Sexual Dysfunction in the Disabled. Conference on Health and Movement, Miami Beach, Florida, 1984. Lions Club. Medical Auxiliary. Paper on Ergonomics, Human Factors Conference in 1983. Pilot Club. Seminar on Compensation Economics, 1984 NARPPS Annual Conference. South Florida Claims Association. South Florida Life and Health Claims Association. Transportation Underwriters Conference, Indiana. National Association of Accountants, University of Miami, 1990.

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