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Department of Teaching and Learning K-12 and Gifted Programs

Gifted Dance Education Program Intent to Audition Form

(NON-VBCPS Students)

Applications for students not currently enrolled in Virginia Beach City Public Schools should be completed and returned to Old Donation School, 4633 Honeygrove Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23455 by 5:00 p.m. on or before February 1, 2022. Incomplete, late, faxed, or emailed Intent to Audition form will not be processed. (Students currently enrolled in VBCPS must complete the online application at ).

Application Due on or before February 1, 2022 by 5:00 p.m. to Old Donation School

Student's Legal Name: ____________________________________________________________________




Gender: _____ Grade:

Date of Birth:

Current School: _______________________________

Parent/Guardian Name(s): _________________________________________________________________________

Street Address: ______________________________________________ Cell Phone: _________________________

City: ______________________ State: _____________ Zip: _________ Other Telephone: ____________________

E-mail: ________________________________________________________________________________________

Application Initiated by: _____ Regular Class Teacher _____ Parent/Guardian

PE Teacher _____ Self

______ Gifted Resource Teacher Other (specify) ___________________

Does this student have a current IEP or 504 Plan?



If yes, a copy of the testing accommodations must be attached.

School of Attendance for year 2022-2023: ____________________________________________________________

Do not write below this line.




_______________________________________________________ Signature (Identification Committee Member)

Kelly A. Hedrick, Ed.D., Principal Janet Smallwood, Assistant Principal Susanne Meyerholz, Assistant Principal

J. Denise Schmitter, Counseling Department Chair C. Eric Bone, School Improvement Specialist Sara Wade, Student Activities Coordinator




4633 HONEYGROVE ROAD . VIRGINIA BEACH VA 23455 . OFFICE: 757.648.3240 . FAX: 757.648.3265 SCHOOL COUNSELING DEPARTMENT: 757.648.3267 . FAX: 757.648.3266

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Thank you for your interest in the Gifted Dance Education Program for students in grades three through eight. Students should be advised that the Gifted Dance Education Program is not a recreational program and that there will be some requirements involving in-depth physical, oral, and written work inside and outside of the classroom. Criteria considered by the Identification Committee are based on strong potential in dance as demonstrated during the one-day audition to include rhythmic ability, movement qualities, sequencing, developmental movement patterns and creativity. Formal dance training is not required to be considered for this program.

To initiate the process of identification, students not currently enrolled in VBCPS must submit the completed attached Intent to Audition form to Old Donation School located at 4633 Honeygrove Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23455 on or before February 1, 2022 by 5:00 p.m. The Intent to Audition form not submitted by the deadline will not be processed. All applicants will be notified of the oneday audition date by email.

The Identification Committee will review the audition results to determine if a student is identified for gifted services in dance education. You will be notified of the Committee's decision by email. Please note specific information on student applications is not gathered from committee members to provide feedback to students or parents. Enrollment in Virginia Beach City Public Schools is required to participate in the Gifted Dance Education Program.

Any questions regarding the process may be addressed by calling Old Donation School at 757-6483240.


Kelly A. Hedrick, Ed.D. Principal


Aaron C. Spence, Ed.D., Superintendent Virginia Beach City Public Schools

2512 George Mason Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23456-0038

Produced by the Department of Communications and Community Engagement for Virginia Beach City Public Schools.

Notice of Non-Discrimination Policy Virginia Beach City Public Schools does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation/gender identity, pregnancy, childbirth or related medical condition, disability, marital status, age, genetic information or veteran status in its programs, activities, employment, or enrollment, and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups. School Board policies and regulations (including, but not limited to, Policies 2-33, 4-4, 5-7, 5-19, 5-20, 5-44, 6-33, 6-7, 7-48, 7-49, 7-57 and Regulations 4-4.1, 4-4.2, 5-44.1, 7-11.1, 7-17.1 and 7-57.1) provide equal access to courses, programs, enrollment, counseling services, physical education and athletic, vocational education, instructional materials, extracurricular activities and employment.

Title IX Notice: Complaints or concerns regarding discrimination on the basis of sex or sexual harassment should be addressed to the Title IX Coordinator, at the VBCPS Office of Student Leadership, 641 Carriage Hill Road, Suite 200, Virginia Beach, 23452, (757) 263-2020, Mary.Dees@ (student complaints) or the VBCPS Department of School Leadership, 2512 George Mason Drive, Municipal Center, Building 6, Virginia Beach, Virginia, 23456 (757) 263-1088, Elizabeth.Bryant@ (employee complaints). Additional information regarding Virginia Beach City Public Schools' policies regarding discrimination on the basis of sex and sexual harassment, as well as the procedures for filing a formal complaint and related grievance processes, can be found in School Board Policy 5-44 and School Board Regulations 5-44.1 (students), School Board Policy 4-4 and School Board Regulation 4-4.3 (employees), and on the School Division's website. Concerns about the application of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act should be addressed to the Section 504 Coordinator/Executive Director of Student Support Services at (757) 263-1980, 2512 George Mason Drive, Virginia Beach, Virginia, 23456 or the Section 504 Coordinator at the student's school. For students who are eligible or suspected of being eligible for special education or related services under IDEA, please contact the Office of Programs for Exceptional Children at (757) 263-2400, Plaza Annex/Family and Community Engagement Center, 641 Carriage Hill Road, Suite 200, Virginia Beach, VA 23452.

The School Division is committed to providing educational environments that are free of discrimination, harassment, and bullying. Students, staff, parents/guardians who have concerns about discrimination, harassment, or bullying should contact the school administration at their school. Promptly reporting concerns will allow the school to take appropriate actions to investigate and resolve issues. School Board Policy 5-7 addresses nondiscrimination and anti-harassment, Policy 5-44 addresses sexual harassment and discrimination based on sex or gender. Policy 5-36 and its supporting regulations address other forms of harassment.

Alternative formats of this publication which may include taped, Braille, or large print materials are available upon request for individuals with disabilities. Call or write Nicole Ingalls, Virginia Beach City Public Schools, 2512 George Mason Drive, P.O. Box 6038, Virginia Beach, VA 23456-0038. Telephone 263-1075 (voice); fax 263-1260; 263-1240 (TDD) or email him/her at Nicole.ingalls@

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May 2021

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