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Daniel Hertz

M1 Reference Speaker

Owner's Manual

Daniel Hertz SA


Please read this manual before using your new daniel hertz M1 speakers.

The information in this manual will help you get the full benefit from your investment.

Daniel Hertz is dedicated to complete customer satisfaction. Thank you for choosing Daniel Hertz equipment, and for taking the time to read this manual.

The Daniel Hertz Team

Table of Contents

Welcome Overview The Daniel Hertz M1 product description Speaker positioning Connections to the power amplifiers Operating Notes Care and maintenance Technical Support Specifications Summary


get the full benefit from your investment.

Welcome to the world of Daniel Hertz SA of Switzerland. You have joined a family of people with high expectations who have searched for the ultimate audio equipment to enhance their love of music. I founded Daniel Hertz SA to introduce new concepts and designs to both the residential and professional audio world so that, for the first time in audio history, both music lovers at home and recording professionals in the studio can use the same equipment to reproduce their music without compromise.

The Daniel Hertz team and I thank you for your faith and trust in our work. Should you have any questions or need assistance at any time, please do not hesitate to contact your Daniel Hertz store or distributor, or you may email the factory at info@. It is our pleasure to assist you at any time now and in the future. Your purchase of the Daniel Hertz M1 speaker is just the beginning of a long relationship. We are at your service.


The Daniel Hertz M1, our flagship Reference speaker, sets a new standard for faithfulness and high performance in audio. The Daniel Hertz M1 is designed for decades of trouble-free use. Please care for it as you would a rare musical instrument. In addition to a new level of performance, the Daniel Hertz M1 is built with the absolute highest quality of construction and finish.

The Daniel Hertz M1 is designed by a team of the most sophisticated audio engineers and built by dedicated artisans who work to standards of quality rarely found in the audio world. You have acquired a valuable product that will give you more than you expect, if used according to factory direction. Please read this manual carefully to

Mark Levinson Director Daniel Hertz SA


Daniel Hertz is dedicated to reproducing music with unprecedented faithfulness and emotional impact. Our philosophy is based on quality and simplicity, and the integration of science and the human heart.

Daniel Hertz components are optimized to work together. The result is carefullly tuned to perfection. This level of performance cannot be obtained by accident, i.e. mixing and matching components. The system approach produces the most natural sound, extreme ease of operation, the highest reliability, and classical design which is always pleasing to the eye. Daniel Hertz engineers and craftspeople fine tune the sonic quality of each component with science and the ear.

til now, people had to choose between systems that had pleasing sound but lacked vitality, or systems with more vitality but lacking natural sound. A new series of high efficiency speaker drivers is the foundation of Daniel Hertz systems. It is essential to understand why high efficiency is important. The laws of physics say that the lower the efficiency of a speaker, the more electrical energy is turned into heat. Whatever is turned into heat is lost. You cannot get it back with more powerful amplifiers. With Daniel Hertz systems, 1 Watt of power produces 100 decibels (dB) of sound

pressure level (SPL). This means that most listening levels require only milliWatts of power. With Daniel Hertz systems, you hear the beginnings of notes, the full body of the sound, the details and harmonics and the most subtle sounds, for real connection with what the musicians are doing and what intend.

This result is achieved by the new Daniel Hertz M5 Telikos Mono Reference Power Amplifier design with high purity in the milliWatt region; the Daniel Hertz M6 1

MegOhms Preamplifier, a new design with ultra-transparent sound; the Daniel Hertz Silver 1 pure silver litz interconnects; and Daniel Hertz Premium 500 speaker cable.

Daniel Hertz components can be used individually with other equipment, or together as complete systems. We believe that a total system approach results in the most natural sound possible.

The ultimate test is time. Daniel Hertz is designed for the long haul, to provide decades of pleasure. When it truly sounds and feels like the musicians are in the room, you will know and appreciate the true value of your investment. When your Daniel Hertz equipment sounds and looks like new far in the future, you will appreciate its inherent quality, beauty, and reliability.

Daniel Hertz introduces a revolutionary breakthrough: the first high efficiency audio systems with extremely natural sound. Un-



Product Description

The Daniel Hertz M1 speaker is a 3 way bi-amplified design. Two channels of power amplification are required for operation. Two Daniel Hertz M5 Telikos Mono Reference Power Amplifiers with built-in 18dB per octave active crossovers drive each M1 speaker. Each M1 includes a high frequency compression driver, a 12" mid-bass driver, and an 18" bass driver. The M1 is hand finished in a high gloss piano finish that requires 2 months to apply. Care should be taken to protect this exceptionally rare finish. Avoid any and all possible risks of scratching the finish, as it is not an easy surface to refinish. The M1 cabinet should be cleaned with Windex or another cleaning liquid designed for cleaning glass. It can also be treated with a high quality furniture wax polish. There are three solid hand polished stainless steel driver bezels on the M1,

one per driver. All screws are stainless steel. The stainless steel bezels add rigidity to the 18" and 12" woofers, and provide ideal wave guide termination for the high frequency compression driver horn. These bezels should be cleaned with liquid designed for cleaning glass.

Positioning the M1 speaker

The M1 can be placed against a wall or spaced out from the wall. Ideally, the distance between the two speakers (left and right) should be the same as the distance from either speaker to the center listening position. Separation of 2 to 3 meters is typical, but can be varied according to the room and the listening area requirements. The M1 projects the sound across long distances with focused dispersion and very little loss. This makes positioning more flexible than normal speakers. The M1 should be flat on the floor or carpet.

Surround sound

Daniel Hertz M1's can be used with Daniel Hertz M2 speakers for surround sound applications. A Daniel Hertz Matrix can be implemented using a stereo source with no processing. The Daniel Hertz M6 1 MegOhms preamplifier and M5 Telikos Mono Reference Power Amplifiers have special capabilities which can be used for such systems. Details are in the M5 brochure.

Low noise AC connection

To eliminate ground loops and noise, it may be necessary to float the AC grounds of three M5 amplifiers. Typical installations use only one M5 connected to the AC ground. The M6 and one M5 are connected to the AC ground. Any one M5 can be selected for connection to the AC ground. See the drawing below.

Connections to the amplifiers

Four M5 amplifiers are required. Two are used for the Left channel, two are used for the Right channel.

Connect the Outputs of the M5 amplifiers to the M1 speaker as shown on the drawing.

Connect the Main Outputs of the M6 preamplifier to the Inputs of the M5 amplifiers as shown on the drawing.

Connect the M5 amplifiers as shown on the drawing.

Note: Set the front panel attenuator controls of the M5 HPF to -2 dB. Set the M5 LPF attenuator control to 0 dB.



Operating Notes

Keep the volume control of the preamplifier at OFF when the system is not being used, or at a very low level.

Raise the volume to the desired level. The M1 can play with extreme power. It is better to raise the volume than to lower it!

People often play the M1 at subjectively lower volume levels than other systems. This is due to the high level of detail and resolution, and the ability of the M1 to

capture the peaks and beginnings

of notes. The distortion is so low that it is easy to turn the volume up too high. Don't be surprised if you start listening and then turn down the volume. Listening on the M1 is different from other speakers.

Feel free to turn up the volume to very high levels if you wish. Most people do not dare to turn up the volume, as they think the speaker will break. But if you continue

to turn up the volume slowly, a little at a time, you will discover that it is possible to generate enormous sound pressure lev-

els without stress or distortion.

For playing at loud volume levels, choose music that is intended to be played like that. For example, a pop track like "Burn" by Usher sounds incredible at very loud levels. A solo piano recording

by Artur Rubinstein will sound terrible played at such a level. Find the appropriate level for the music you want to hear. Keep in mind that the M1 will do things that other speakers cannot do ? not even close.

After listening a high volume levels, remember to turn down the volume control! Otherwise, you might scare yourself (and your neighbors) when you play the next selection.

The M1 is friendly to a much wider variety of recordings than most speakers. Vintage recordings can come to life. Historical material becomes a new listening experience. Pop tracks can be reproduced at studio levels. You hear all the details in DVD and Blu-ray sound tracks. Compressed music files can sound remarkably good. The M1 is full of surprises.

Music can be enjoyed anywhere in the room. You do not have to sit in a particular spot for musical enjoyment. For the ultimate listening experience, the ideal listening position is on center, 2M to 4M from the speakers. The M1 projects the sound all the way to the back of the room so you do not have to sit close to hear all the details. Listening closer to the M1 provides a more intimate experience.

Care and maintenance

Technical support

Technical specifications


The Daniel Hertz M1 requires no maintenance. Dust and fingerprints can be removed with a light furniture polish or with a glass cleaner such as Windex. The piano finish will retain factory new appearance for many decades.

Avoid physical contact with the drivers. Do not pull on the speaker cables.

If you attempt to physically move the M1, remove anything that can scratch the finish such as a watch, belt buckle or ring.

If you have questions or problems, contact your Daniel Hertz specialist immediately. Please do not under any circumstances attempt to disassemble the M1 or remove drivers! If your Daniel Hertz specialist is not available and your need is urgent, feel free to contact Daniel Hertz directly at info@. Email is usually answered within hours. If you supply a phone number, we will call you anywhere in the world. We use Skype as well. It is best to give us a description of the problem or issue you have so that we can prepare to assist you in the best way.

Height..................................................1550mm (60") Width...................................................560 mm (22") Depth...................................................470 mm (18.5") Weight.................................................150 kg (unpacked) Sensitivity...........................................100dB/1W/1M Input impedance................................8 Ohms nominal Connectors..........................................3-way binding posts Mid/high.............................................input red+, black Bass input............................................red+, black ? Frequency response..........................20Hz to 2OkHz Maximum SPL...................................126dB with 200W Dispersion characteristic..................focused wide angle

The Daniel Hertz M1 is a high performance, high efficiency speaker built to the highest quality standards.

Care must be taken to install it correctly. Operation is simple but some guidelines and notes are provided to ensure your satisfaction. Your Daniel Hertz specialist and the Daniel Hertz factory team are ready to assist you at any time.

Congratulations on purchasing the Daniel Hertz M1 Reference Speaker. You have chosen well.

If a driver is mechanically damaged, it must be replaced according to factory instructions by a qualified technician.

In practice, service for the M1 is not needed. The M1 is extremely robust and immune to probems that are found with conventional speakers.



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