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y Surprise Today - 02/21/2018

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, at the Valforming Arts

Former Canadian leader

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14898 W. Acom

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623-523-8300 PTA Princess Feb. 23 Site council, 7:1

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ve Duarte

By Jennifer Jimenez

"Democracy does not

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happen by accident," Mr.

5-7 p.m., March

ection of Jack Discussionsonforeignpoli- Turner explained. "It only

Spring picture

cy, immigration, environment happens when men and ncert is open and politics are all topics at women become involved

Canyon Ri

The arts cen- the forefront of most adult and offer their time, opin-

17359 W. Sur

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ion, strength, weaknesses

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High School students in the Dysart Unified School District had the opportunity to speak freely with former Prime Minister of Canada

tem. You didn't get the United States by accident, they put this country together and it hasn't been sustained by accident. It takes gener-

STEaM nigh March 1

Principal cof a.m., March 13

PTA member


John Turner on Feb. 7, these ation after generation and

6:30 p.m., Marc

o will take p.m. Saturat Dysart 11425 N. Dys-

too were concerns for those educated and intelligent young minds in the crowd.

I find that this generation

people are less involved and

Former Canadian Prime Minister John Turner visits with students and staff members Feb. 7 at Willow Canyon High School to discuss the importance of

>> See Discussion on page 15 participation in democratic institutions. [Courtesy of DUSD]


17032 W. Sur Loop South



ct is seeking assionate ed-


Cimarron R p.m., March 1

demonstrate ning every ng to a release

American Heart Association

PTA mother/s p.m., March 9

Site council, 3:1

rict. "The ue opporturk and learn


supports Willow Canyon program

PTA family nig 5 p.m., March 15

art has to of-

Dave and Bus

s from every The Willow Canyon High lators, demonstration mani- donated equipment, accord- ued at more $600.

Hanna Lane, Gl

ble to meet

Countrysi School Medical Foundations kins, facilitator lesson plans ing to a district release.

The American Heart As-

program has received a do- and student instructions for "Students were thrilled to sociation was founded in

sonnel spe- nation from the American hands-only CPR, CPR with hone their skills using the 1924 and is dedicated to 15047 N. Park

a Sanchez

Heart Association that in- breaths and choking relief materials, and many ex- fighting heart disease and 623-876-7800

t "is a great cluded instructional car- instructions.

pressed an interest in ob- stroke and aims to improve Fatherdaught

or teachers to diopulmonary resuscita- Inaspanoftwodays,more taining CPR certification to the lives of Americans by p.m., March 2

vative Dysart tion materials.

than 170 freshmen, sopho- further their learning based providing public health ed- Spring spor

mpetitive sal- Among the items donat- mores and juniors were able on the lessons," the release ucation in CPR education March 14

efits, collabo- ed were automated external to learn and practice hands- stated.


Pioneer Vill

unity, nation- defibrillator training simu- ondemonstrationsusingthe The materials were val-

grade field trip,

d programs ment to teach-

nt provides tunity for in-





12950 W. Var

City recruits students for youth council rviews will

the expo.

Mirage 623-876-7100

nterested in

Site council 4:1

tions can also The city of Surprise is ty-building events, accord- and 15 seconds, and should to Mike Cassidy, youth ser- Band conce

at seeking new members for ing to a release from the city. include name, grade, school vices administrator, by up- March 13, Dysar

the Surprise Youth Coun- Studentswhoareingrades andreasonsforwantingtobe loading the application vid- PTO meetin

e set for review

cil, a group of teens willing to make a difference in the community.

SYC members serve the

6-11 may apply, as long as they are attending a middle school or high school within the Surprise city limits, attending a

on the SYC, the release stated. Other areas that should be addressed are:

? If you could bring one

eo from a Google drive and sharing it with cityofsurpriseyouth@.

Applicants must also have

March 27

El Mirage

13500 N. El M

ardians and community by collaborating Dysart Unified School Disnts have unCF-eobpryuraigrhytw2?3i,2t20h0118l8oIn5cd:a4e4pleplenmdae(dGntMeNrTes+w,7si:m0n0ec)dliauIdncin. UgSA, Atllrriigchttshreigsehrvsedc.h0o2/o21l/o20r1l8ive withew and/or re- the mayor and City Council, in Surprise city limits.

thing to the city or change one thing, what would it be and what can you and a

a parent or guardian com- Mirage

plete and return a PaProewnetreAd bcy-TECNA6V2IA3-876-7200

knowledgement Form.

Site council, 4

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