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Table 1. Article types and submission requirements Article typeDescriptionWord counts and table/figure allowance*Text headingsAbstract headingsPeer-Reviewed CategoriesResearchStudies using well-developed methods to answer clearly stated research questions or hypotheses. A range of research approaches (quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods) and study designs (randomize, non-randomized, observational) are acceptable. Studies may examine economic, clinical, or humanistic outcomes in patients or populations. Policy evaluations are also welcome.4,000; 5 tables and figuresBackground, Objective(s), Methods, Results, Discussion, ConclusionBackground, Objective(s), Methods, Results, ConclusionResearch NotesConcise but complete accounts of preliminary or focused original research. Compared to “full” Research articles, Research Notes are narrower in scope or may have methodological shortcomings that, while not fatal flaws, prevent broader applicability.2,500; 2 tables and figuresBackground, Objective(s), Methods, Results, Discussion, ConclusionBackground, Objective(s), Methods, Results, ConclusionReviewsReviews of topics relevant to pharmacy research and practice that employ documented, reproducible, rigorous, and transparent methodologies.Appropriate reporting guidelines and checklists must be included (see reporting guidelines in Table 2)Authors are strongly encouraged to register their review in PROSPERO ()Systematic, scoping, and rapid review approaches are accepted; for other approaches, consult the journal editorial teamNarrative reviews that do not follow a defined reporting framework may be considered as a CommentaryAuthors are encouraged to contact the editor-in-chief prior to submitting review articles to ensure the topic and approach are appropriate for the Journal5,000; 5 tables and figures (inclusion of a flowchart showing search strategies and study selection is required)Background, Objective(s), Methods (subheadings may include Search strategy, Study selection, Data extraction), Results, Discussion, ConclusionBackground, Objective(s), Methods, Results, ConclusionAdvances in Pharmacy PracticeInnovations or other related advances in pharmacy practice. The manuscript should provide a sufficient description of the practice or innovation to allow implementation elsewhere. Submissions should include some type of formal evaluation (process, implementation, outcome, etc.).Manuscripts that only describe the innovation or practice will likely not be accepted4,000; 5 tables and figuresBackground, Objective(s), Practice description, Practice innovation, Evaluation Methods, Results Practice implications, ConclusionBackground, Objective(s), Practice description, Practice innovation, Evaluation Methods, Results, ConclusionCase ReportsOriginal, detailed reports of an individual or small number of patients, typically related to an adverse event. Case reports must include a description of the case and lessons learned. All case reports involving an adverse event must include an assessment of causality using either the Naranjo algorithm or the WHO-UMC approach.2,000; 2 tables and figuresBackground, Case Summary, Practice ImplicationsBackground, Case Summary, Practice ImplicationsCommentaryInformed (supported by referenced citations) personal opinions about events, trends, and/or developments in pharmacy or health care2,000; 2 tables and figuresUse headings as appropriateUnstructured summary (≤300 words)Non-Peer Reviewed Categories**LettersForum for readers to clarify, critique, challenge, or expand on material recently published in JAPhA. Letters must be received within 3 months of publication of the article in question250; 1 brief table or figureNot applicableNot applicableDose of InspirationBrief reflections that articulate the pharmacist’s relationship with colleagues in pharmacy, other health care providers, the community, and society at large. Submissions may involve vignettes of personal experiences exploring these multifaceted, complex relationships. In general, these should empower pharmacists to positively impact health.750; no tables or figuresNot applicableNot applicablePerspectives in PharmacyConcise reflections of timely and pressing issues facing pharmacy broadly or healthcare in general.750 words; no tables or figuresNot applicableNot applicable*The word count includes only the main body of the text. It does not include abstract, key points, or references. For tables and figures, the number list is the total combined number of tables and figures.**Non-peer reviewed submissions may still receive feedback from the editorial team and will be edited to conform to the Journal style.

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