Essential questions across the grades to facilitate

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Unit 1 – Who is Jesus Christ?Unit 2 – How do I get to know and love Jesus Christ?Unit 3 – How does Jesus Christ teach me to live a moral life?Unit 4 – How are we called to become missionary disciples of Jesus Christ? Early ChildhoodWho is God?Why did God make you and me?Why did God make everything?Who is Jesus Christ?Why do we celebrate Advent and Christmas?Why do we pray?When and how do we pray?Why do we go to Mass?What happens at Mass?Why do we read the Bible?Why does Jesus want me to love myself and others? [Circle of Grace]Why does Jesus want me to make good choices?Why do we celebrate Lent and Easter? Why does Jesus want me to help others? ChildhoodWhat do you know about the life of Jesus Christ on earth?What does Jesus Christ teach you about God?How does praying help me to know and love Jesus Christ?How does going to Mass help me to know and love Jesus Christ?How do the sacraments help me to know and love Jesus Christ?Why and how does Jesus Christ expect me to love and respect myself and others? [Circle of Grace]How do God’s commands guide my life?Why and how does Jesus Christ want me to make good choices?Why and how am I called to follow Jesus Christ?How do I follow Jesus Christ?Younger AdolescenceHow does the Paschal Mystery teach me about Jesus Christ?What is the Mystery of the Most Holy Trinity? What is the Mystery of the Incarnation? Why do Catholics believe that God is three persons in one?How does the Blessed Virgin Mary bring me closer to Jesus Christ?How does a daily prayer life help me know and love Jesus Christ?How does my participation in Mass increase my faith in Jesus Christ?How does grace from the sacraments deepen my love for Jesus Christ? Why and how does the grace given by Jesus Christ help me avoid sin and make good choices?How do Jesus Christ’s commands form my conscience and guide my life?What impact do Jesus Christ’s commands have on the way I live in the world?How does the Church make Jesus Christ present in the world?What does it mean to be a missionary disciple of Jesus Christ?How can I respond to God’s call in my life?How does my faith community help me become a missionary disciple of Jesus Christ?Older AdolescenceFormation Cycle A:How does the Holy Trinity reveal Kerygma to me?How do I know the Bible is God’s self-revelation?Why is the Paschal Mystery considered the fullness of God’s self-revelation? Why does understanding Mary’s role help me to know Jesus Christ? Formation Cycle B:How does the Holy Trinity connect me to God and community?How do I know that the revelation of God in Scripture and Tradition is authentic and true?How does God reveal himself to me through the Paschal Mystery and the Eucharistic celebration of the Mass?How is Mary’s role in salvation history a model for discipleship? Formation Cycle A:What does the Our Father teach me about the intimacy of prayer?How do the sacraments help me to know Jesus Christ more intimately?In what ways do I encounter the person of Jesus Christ in the Mass? How do I come to know Jesus Christ through the Catholic Church?Formation Cycle B:How do I grow in my intimacy with God through prayer?In what ways do the sacraments reveal to me the heart of God, the Father?How does actively participating in the Mass help me to know, love, and serve Jesus Christ?How does the Catholic Church reveal Jesus Christ to the world?Formation Cycle A: How does God’s grace help me to overcome sin and evil?How does the Holy Trinity help me to live a true life of freedom?Why are the works of mercy an essential part of Christian discipleship?Why is the concept of objective truth essential to living an authentic, moral life?Formation Cycle B:How do virtues help me live a holier life?How do the Beatitudes help me to live a happier, more fulfilling life?How is service to others related to the sacrifice of Jesus Christ?How do I embrace and live out a healthy and authentic view of human sexuality?Formation Cycle A:What is required of me to live as an authentic disciple of Jesus Christ? How do I as a Christian share in the mission of Jesus Christ?How is my vocation rooted in my relationship with Jesus Christ?How does the Christian community impact my personal discipleship?Formation Cycle B:How do I move from being a disciple to an apostle of Jesus Christ?How can I as a member of the Catholic Church joyfully proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ?What must I keep in mind when discerning my vocation?How does the Christian family impact my personal discipleship? AdultProximate Lessons/ Adult Confirmation:Who is Jesus Christ and how does He invite me into a relationship with Him?What do the covenants God made with different people and groups reveal about God and His desire for me and for all humanity?How is Jesus Christ the fulfillment of the Old Testament’s promises for a Messiah who invites us to share in His Kingdom?Proximate Lessons/ Adult Confirmation: How does prayer deepen my relationship with Jesus Christ?What do we learn about Jesus Christ from The Creed, our profession of faith? How does my participation in the sacraments deepen my relationship with Jesus Christ and His Church?How does my active participation in Sunday Mass deepen my relationship with Jesus Christ and His Church?Proximate Lessons/ Adult Confirmation: How do the Beatitudes guide me in living a more Christ-like life?How does my understanding of the Church as the Body of Christ shape my faith?Proximate Lessons/ Adult Confirmation: Why should I be a disciple and how might I be one?

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