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Essential Questions |Corresponding Big Ideas | |

|How do I graph an exponential function and determine its domain and |y - intercept, horizontal asymptote, rate of growth, |

|range? |rate of decay, half life |

| |Inverse nature of exponential functions and logarithmic|

|What is the relationship between an exponential expression and a |functions. |

|logarithm? | |

|How do I use exponential functions to model exponential behavior? |Exponential Modeling |

| |Determining domain in context of a situation. |

|How do I write and exponential expression as a logarithm? |logab = x [pic] ax = b |

| | |

|How do I use logarithms to solve exponential equations? |Inverse relationship of exponents and logarithms. |

| | |

|How do I use the properties of exponents to simplify logarithmic |Exponential and Logarithmic Equations |

|expressions and solve logartihmic equation? | |

| |Properties of logarithms. |

|How do I use exponential models to solve problems? |Compound interest, Rate of Growth and Decay |

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