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FC Bayern Munich Principles

Bayern Munich's club motto, "mia san mia," is a Bavarian phrase meaning "we are who we are." Bayern Munich is the biggest and most storied club in German soccer history. Bayern Munich has an unprecedented 23 league and 16 national cup trophies in its display case. Good things come in threes at FC Bayern. Led by the legendary Franz Beckenbauer, a player so good that he invented the modern sweeper position, Bayern Munich won three straight European Cups from 1974-1976. In 2013, the club completed a historic Treble, capturing the German Bundesliga, DFB-Pokal league cup and UEFA Champions League crowns.

In addition to other strong benefits, the FC Bayern Munich's philosophy, which is, shared throughput the FC Bayern world including their players, staff and fans mirrors the beliefs that the Parsippany Soccer Club has. We all need to remember these principles and be proud that we can share the same philosophy and be affiliated with one of the biggest clubs in the world.

Please take a moment and read through these principles and you will understand why we are affiliated with such a powerful but yet very humbled soccer club.

The 16 principles of FC Bayern are explained below and are an accurate description of who Bayern really are. Again, they form a philosophy which players, staff and fans should live alike.

Mia san ein Verein ? We are one club: We are all formed by the club's history, we are all involved in its development and we share the same values.

Mia san Botschafter? We are ambassadors: Everyone, whether player, staff or fan, builds the image of the club. It is therefore the responsibility of everyone in the club to always live by the club's values and contribute towards a positive image of the club.

Mia san Vorbilder? We are role models: The players and the staff act as role models to their fans. The younger players look up to them, wishing to follow in their footsteps. Accordingly, the fans too should be role models for fans of other teams. We should not be sore losers, or hooligans, and we should always support our team, in good and bad times.

Mia san Tradition? We are tradition: This is pretty self-explanatory, and for me one of the most important. We should be proud of our tradition and history, both on and off the field. Among others, one can find Bayern's opposition to the Nazi regime, the way we treat and respect our players and help them when they are in need, and our financial discipline.

Mia san Innovation? We are innovation: We should always seek new ways to improve our sporting, financial, traditional, philanthropic image.

FC Bayern Munich Principles

Mia san Selbstvertrauen? We are selfbelief: We have high expectations of ourselves and always aim high. We believe in our quality and we fear no one. We aim to win every match and we will attack and defend courageously as a team.

Mia san grenzenlos ? We are diversity: We accept everyone, regardless of race, religion and beliefs. We believe we can learn from cultural diversity and our values our shaped by it. Here, Bayern's motto is linked with the European Union's motto, "United in diversity". is a good example of us living this as fans.

Mia san Fu?ball ? We are football:Our club unites people from all walks of life thanks to the beautiful game.

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