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Oregon Geographic Information Council PolicyFramework Leadership Nomination and Selection ProcedureVersion 0.4Effective date: immediatelyOregon Geographic Information Council PolicyProcedureFramework Leadership Nomination and Selection ProcedureVersion 0.5February 8, 2019Effective date: immediatelyProcedure OverviewProcedure OverviewThe Framework Implementation Team (FIT) uses consensus-based processes to govern the data assets that compose the Oregon GIS Framework. Data assets are managed by FIT theme work teams that are guided by a FIT Theme Lead. The Framework Implementation Team (FIT) uses consensus-based processes to govern and manage the data assets that compose the Oregon GIS Framework. Framework data assets are Framework geospatial data elements managed by FIT theme work teams that are guided by a FIT Theme Lead. FIT Theme Leads are selected using a nomination and voting process. Nominations are accepted by GEO on behalf of the FIT community on an ongoing basis. Once a FIT Theme Lead has been selected by the FIT theme, the recommendation is presented to Oregon Geographic Information Council for endorsement the Lead within 6 months of a selection. If endorsement is not achieved, the Theme repeats the process until a suitable Lead is endorsed.PurposeThis document describes the procedures used for the nomination and selection of Framework Implementation Team Theme Chairs, also known as FIT Leads. ApplicabilityAll Framework Implementation Team Themes, Theme members, and potential FIT Theme Leads.DefinitionsData asset. Any entity that is comprised of data. Often, an investment or investments have been made to add value to the raw or component data.Framework data element. Framework data elements are foundational geospatial data sets, covering all parts of the state that are possible for that data set. These data are considered to be authoritative, as defined by the GIS Program Leads, and serve the purposes of a broad range of users. Framework data should be developed to agreed-upon standards, shared appropriately, discoverable, and be the best data available given the available resources. Framework data should be maintained under stewardship agreements through a voluntary, collaborative, geospatial-community-based effort.Framework Implementation Team (FIT). This body seeks to develop and steward Oregon and National GIS Framework data elements. Also known as Oregon FIT.Framework Implementation Team Theme (FIT Theme). A collection of related Framework data elements. Also refers to a working group that guides the governance and management of a Framework data element.Framework Implementation Team Theme Lead. The presiding person over a theme in the Oregon Framework Implementation Team. Leader of a FIT theme-based group.Oregon Geographic Information Council. The oversight body re-established in January 2018 under Oregon Revised Statutes 276A to represent the wide diversity of Framework data users, developers, and stewards.OverviewBackgroundThe Framework Implementation Team is a community of geospatial information system professionals, interested parties, and users of Framework geospatial information and data. Framework geospatial data are base data required across multiple levels of government and sectors. Framework data are governed by the Framework Implementation Team community and organized into themes composed of similar geospatial features and attributes. The Framework Implementation Team organizes and largely accomplishes work within themes. These work groups or FIT themes are led by a Framework Implementation Team Theme Chair, who are also known as a FIT Lead, and referred to as a FIT Theme Lead in the remainder of this document. Each FIT Theme Lead works to convene theme members a few times per year, usually every three to four months. The FIT Theme Lead also works with the Oregon Framework Coordinator to ensure alignment of work and needs across themes by attending semiannual meetings convened by the Oregon Framework Coordinator and attending Framework Forums, semiannual one-day conferences where the FIT community comes together to share information and learn about the ongoing activities within the community. More information about the FIT Theme Lead responsibilities can be found below, in the Framework Implementation Team Charter, and in each FIT Theme Charter.The FIT Theme Lead responsibilities include:Preparation and distribution of an agenda, including location and time (in cooperation with FIT Chair)Chair FIT? meetings and preside over decisionsAppoint work groups and monitor their activities (in cooperation with FIT Chair)Ensure that minutes are accurate and publicly available (in cooperation with FIT Chair)The Framework Implementation Team operates under the Oregon Geographic Information Council as an advisory body. The Council was re-established in January 2018 under Oregon Revised Statutes 276A to represent the wide diversity of Framework data users, developers, and stewards. To best meet the goals laid out in the Council’s strategic plan (currently under development), the FIT Theme Leads shall reflect a similar diversity of representatives.GuidelinesDesired qualifications and qualitiesWe are looking for FIT Theme Leads who are knowledgeable about a theme or multiple themes, who have familiarity of Oregon’s GIS Framework, and who have a track record of accomplishment. FIT Theme Leads must be interested in ensuring that Framework data are developed to community-developed standards, are maintained over time, and serve the needs of the user community. FIT Theme Leads must be willing to collaborate with others, be open-minded, and seek consensus around decisions. FIT Theme Leads are voluntary positions. Nomination processCandidates for FIT Theme Lead positions can be made using the online nomination form. Nominations can be made by self-nomination or by someone else. Nomination form content48672759525A draft nomination form can be found here: of nomination: Self-nominated / Nominated by someone elseNominee’s nameQualitiesWhy would this person make a good Framework Implementation Team theme leader?What is the nominee’s familiarity with Framework?What theme(s) has the nominee participated in?What is the nominee's level of commitment to Framework and collaborative processes?Does the nominee have the support of her/his organization to perform the work of FIT Theme Lead for the term duration (usually 3-yrs)?QualificationsWhat leadership positions has the nominee held?What leadership skills does the nominee possess?What are the nominee’s knowledge areas or areas of expertise relevant to Framework?Identify the themes for which this person is well-suitedNominee contact information, organization, and title Selection processNominations are accepted by GEO on behalf of the FIT community on an ongoing basis. When a FIT Theme Lead position becomes vacant GEO will also make an announcement to Oregon GIS community and ask for nominations during a 30-day period. These pieces of information will be provided to the themes as requested by the theme members. After nominee interest in specific theme leadership has been confirmed, theme members will select a new chair from the nominee pool using a consensus process defined in each theme’s charter. In absence of a charter or leader selection process within an existing charter, the theme may:convene in person or via an online meeting to discuss each nominee and make their selection, orconduct an online survey using the theme’s email distribution list, where a 2/3 majority will result in election of a leader of the submitted ballots.The selected nominee must then be endorsed by the Oregon Geographic Information Council at the next quarterly meeting or by an online vote. If endorsement is not achieved, the Theme repeats the process until a suitable Lead is endorsed.RevisionsVersionDateWhoDescription0.120180728T. BurcsuNew document0.320180925B. HarmonSuggested revisions to solicit nominees from GIS community0.420181008T. BurcsuIncorporated revisions, distribution copy for 23rd Framework Forum (Oct. 15, 2018)0.520190208T. BurcsuFormatted for release. Definitions, applicability, and procedure overview sections added. “Guidelines” section header name added. Minor formatting updates. Added statement about what happens if endorsement is not achieved for a recommended Lead.

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