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Girls 16U NTB (2015-16)

Mission Statement

Through the use of hockey as a learning tool, develop strong, self-confident, female athletes who have high self-esteem, high self-image, and a strong sense of empowerment. In learning and refining the basic skills of the game of hockey and applying these to the team and tactical components of the game we strive to teach that success is found through a combination of hard work, heart, desire, and teamwork. We also stress that within the team concept success is found by the development of strong leaders and a mutual respect for all teammates and what they bring to the team dynamic. Our goal is to instill a life-long love for the game of hockey as well as help these young ladies develop strong inter-personal bonds that transcend the sport and the season.

Cyclones 16U NTB Season Plan

Girls 16U NTB (2015-16)

The Coaches

John Knowles (coach)

jtkalt@ | (h) 315-524-2410 | (m) 585-208-4877

Girls athletics are my passion; I am continuously furthering my education on how to make our daughters better students, athletes, and people. I believe that this is accomplished by having them understand how to live healthier, how to tap into their "inner beast", how to compete hard for their teammates, and how to find a good work/play life balance.

For the 2013-14 hockey season I made the jump to the WYHA girls program where I was an assistant coach on the girls 12U NTB team (playing 14U in GLGHL). This past season I was the head coach of the girls 14U NTB team (playing 16U in GLGHL). Prior to the 2013-14 season I coached mixed teams in the organization since 2009. I am currently Level 3 certified though the USA Hockey Coach Education program.

I am also involved in coaching girls in a number of other sports:

? Wayne Wings girls youth travel soccer, since 2011 (coach) ? Dynamo Elite Soccer Academy girls soccer, since 2013 (assistant) ? Ontario Wild girls youth lacrosse, 2012-2014 (coach) ? Wayne Eagles girls modified lacrosse, 2014 (coach) ? Wayne Eagles girls varsity lacrosse, since 2013 (assistant coach, goalies) ? Wayne Jr. Eagles cheerleading, 2012-2013 (coach) ? Currently working on obtaining my New York State (NYSED) permanent coaching certification

When I am not coaching I enjoy spending time with my family, playing adult-league hockey, my guitars, downhill skiing, reading, camping, and boating.

tbd (assistant coaches) I will be looking for a number of assistant coaches that share my passion for girls athletics, hockey,

and are willing to be positive role models.

Cyclones 16U NTB Season Plan

Girls 16U NTB (2015-16)

Coaching Philosophy

My coaching philosophy can best be described as "equal opportunity ice time"; meaning that I believe each player deserves the opportunity to play in all game situations and that a certain few players should not be relied upon to "carry the team". I would much rather lose a game while giving a player the chance to succeed than to deliver a blow to their self-esteem and love of the game. Winning seasons and games are quickly forgotten; confidence, passion, and desire are difficult to recover.

"Equal Opportunity Ice Time" is not a skill-based right, it is an effort/attitude-based right. A player needs to show me that they have the will to work hard, to better themselves and their teammates; that they care about playing in a team environment; that they have a positive and supportive attitude. This will earn the right to "equal opportunity ice time".

I also strongly believe in an environment of mutual respect. I live by the Dr. Suess motto that "a person's a person, no matter how small."

Winning seasons are awesome, and winning is a great goal, but I do not coach to win so I can say we won. I believe that by focusing on effort, heart, desire, skills, team play, and fostering creative thinking on the ice, that the wins will come in a positive manner that benefits the longterm athletic development of the athlete. I coach the girls to want to win for each other. I will stress often during the season that it is ok to lose when you could not have worked any harder, but it is never ok to like it.

Finally, I believe that this is our team, not my team. I may be at the helm but we will not find success without the support and buy-in of my assistants, my off-ice volunteers, my players, and their parents. I welcome input and feedback from all members of this team and will always strive to have constructive dialog with everyone. I believe that this will help create the optimal positive and supportive environment for our number 1 priority: the girls.

Coaching... Success is a good goal ? Excellence is more important - but the purpose of coaching is Significance. Significance is about serving others in a way that they take part of the experience with you and use it to pay it forward in their life.

Cyclones 16U NTB Season Plan

Girls 16U NTB (2015-16)

The Off-ice Crew

Without this hard working bunch of volunteers a season would not go smoothly.

Manager - tbd Responsible for all off-ice activities and tasks pertaining to the team. This includes the maintenance of the website and game-day volunteer coordination. Where appropriate these tasks will be delegated to the appropriate positions below.

Finance Manager ? tbd Responsible for the collection, tracking, and distribution of the team budget and funds.

Jersey Coordinator ? tbd Responsible for the pre-season coordination of uniforms.

Fundraising/Sponsorship Coordinator ? tbd Responsible for all fundraising activities and leading the sponsorship search. Also responsible for the acquiring and carrying our sponsorship banner.

Social Coordinator ? tbd Responsible for the planning of all team social events, including monthly team meals.

Travel Coordinator ? tbd Responsible for ensuring travel and lodging for all out-of-town events. Also responsible for ensuring we have accurate directions to all away rinks.

Nutrition Coordinator ? tbd Responsible for coordinating the "healthy snack" schedule as well as ensuring the team water bottles are at all games and filled.

Team photographer - tbd Responsible for capturing and storing our memories.

We will require a number of volunteers for scorekeeper and penalty box attendants throughout the year.

Cyclones 16U NTB Season Plan

Girls 16U NTB (2015-16)

The Season

Off-Ice practices These practices will continue into September when we get on the ice.

? Twice weekly in August for 60-90 minutes per session. These nights we will focus on the strength & conditioning of the core muscle groups as well as work on some specific hockeyspecific skills.

? "Fun Fridays" in August for 60 minutes. "Fun Fridays" will focus on the reinforcement of team concepts through playing games that have tactical similarities.

On-Ice practices The ice schedule is typically 2 practices per week Mon-Fri. This schedule is given to us in 3

pieces: September/October, November/December, and January/February.

Practice focus The focus of the 11-15 year-old female athlete is to further develop sports specific skills, begin

to introduce competition, and start to emphasize support training to continue development of speed, strength and stamina while maintaining flexibility. Players should consolidate sport specific technical skills with an increased emphasis on hockey and a reduction in the number of other sports played. A continued emphasis is also placed on the development of individual and group tactics. Social and emotional considerations are addressed by placing an emphasis on teambuilding, group interaction and social activities.

Practice/Game ratio Our target ratio is 2:1, including off-ice practices. As a rough guide, my 2014-15 girls 14U NTB team played: 12 league games, 14 scrimmages, 12 tournament games. We had 13 off-ice practices, 44 half-ice, 11 full-ice. Our 2014-15 ratio was 1.78.

Scrimmages There will be opportunities to have scrimmages throughout the season against league or non-

league teams.

Tournaments I will be looking to do 3 tournaments this season; depending on scheduling and the league we

end up in, our league "play down" may count as one of them.

League It is very likely that we will play in the Great Lakes Girls Hockey League (GLGHL) in the 16U NTB

division. There should be approximately 16 league games but that may depend on the number of teams in our division. The scheduling meeting is early October and games should start by November.

Cyclones 16U NTB Season Plan

Girls 16U NTB (2015-16)

The Season (2)

Strength & Conditioning Once we are on the ice we will look to start a strength and conditioning program run by an

outside vendor. A professionally prescribed program will help ensure that our female athletes are capable of performing at a peak performance level while focusing on "work out" techniques that support their developing bodies and the risks athletics present to them. Nutrition & Wellness

Our athletes will be educated in the importance of a healthy lifestyle both in-season and offseason. Team events

There will be a beginning of the season "face off" dinner. We will have monthly team meals throughout the season. A number of non-meal team events will also be held. These events encourage the entire team family to get to know each other and will result in a much more enjoyable experience for all. Community Service

There will be a community service event scheduled that all players are expected to participate in. Team rules

Team rules will be drafted during the first week of off-ice training and will be done with the participation of the coaches and players.

Cyclones 16U NTB Season Plan

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