Governor cooper s recommended budget 2019 21

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Determined North Carolina

Governor Roy Cooper's Recommended Budget


Office of State Budget and Management

Office of the Governor Raleigh, North Carolina Charles Perusse, State Budget Director Kristin Walker, Deputy Director

osbm. March 2019

Questions about Governor Cooper's Recommended Budget 2019-21 or requests for further information may be directed to the Office of State Budget and Management, 20320 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, NC 27699-0320, or telephone (919) 807-4700. The document may also be downloaded from the Office of State Budget and Management's website at osbm..


Governor's recommended budget for the state This document summarizes Governor Cooper's recommended state budget for the two fiscal years of the 2019-21 biennium. It includes recommendations for expenditures from the General Fund, Highway Fund, and Highway Trust Fund. Recommended expenditures for capital improvements and for reserves, debt service, and other adjustments are also included.

Governor's letter and highlights Governor Cooper's priorities are listed in his transmittal letter, followed by a brief description of key recommendations on a "Highlights" page.

Revenue and budget summary A summary of General Fund recommendations by department/budget code for the entire state budget appears in two tables: "Governor's Recommended General Fund Appropriation, FY 2019-20" and "Governor's Recommended General Fund Appropriation, FY 2020-21." Estimates of fund availability, an economic forecast, and demographic analysis are also included in this section. Budget recommendations The budget recommendations portion of this document meets the requirement of the State Budget Act to distinguish between continuation requirements (i.e., the base budget) and recommended adjustments to the base budget. Brief explanations of recommended adjustments to the budget are provided in sections that correspond to the following government functions: Education; General Government; Health and Human Services; Justice and Public Safety; Natural and Economic Resources; and Transportation. Budget adjustments for a given department/agency appear in the appropriate section (for example, the University of North Carolina appears in the Education section, the Department of Revenue appears in the General Government section, and so forth). A department/agency presentation begins with a summary table, showing a base budget, adjustments to the base, and the total of requirements, receipts, appropriation, and positions for the department/agency. Next is an explanation of each adjustment, and the recurring and nonrecurring requirements, receipts, net appropriation, and positions for the proposed change. Adjustments are arranged with compensation changes first, followed by changes grouped by priority. The Transportation section summarizes recommended revenue and expenditures for the Highway Fund and the Highway Trust Fund in addition to the typical presentation of adjustments. The Capital Improvements section and Reserves and Other Adjustments section display information in a manner similar to the presentation of adjustments as described above.


Appendix Tables and Line Item Details Tables summarizing various components of the state budget, including a series of tables that show the total state budget by function, department, and source of funds for each year of the biennium. Documents contained in the appendix in previous years can be found on the OSBM website. Line item base budget details for all budget codes and their component funds are available in PDF and Excel format on the website of the Office of State Budget and Management (OSBM), osbm..


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