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Welcome to Groton-Dunstable's Youth Lacrosse League (GDYLL). We would like to thank you for considering volunteering as a head coach, assistant coach, or team manager. It is because of people like you that our league is so successful at teaching children fundamental lacrosse skills in a positive, nurturing way.

GDYLL's mission is to provide our children with a safe, fun and educational lacrosse experience.

Head Coach Job Description (* Applies to Assistant Coaches)

? Communicate practice times to parents. ? Communicate expectations to parents and players. (For example, if a child does not attend all practices

during a week, he/she does not start the game.) ? Prepare practice plans in advance of practice. This should include which coach is in charge of a

skill/station and the equipment required. It should also include a rough time estimate of how long a station or drill will take place. ? Share practice plans with assistant coaches prior to practice so that everyone arrives at the field prepared. ? * Attend all practices and games to the best of your ability. ? *Arrange for practice/game coverage if you are unable to attend. ? Start and end practices on time. (This means you show up at the field 15 minutes prior to the start of practice.) ? Adhere to GDYLL board requirements and recommendations. ? Attend all coaches' meeting. ? You and other designated coach are always the last to leave the field. ? Ensure that you, assistant coaches, and parents understand and practice GDYLL's code of conduct. ? * Fill out and pass CORI check. ? Confirm all games with referees. ? Confirm all games with opposing teams, ? Submit equipment requests to your Coaches' Director ? Frequently communicate with your Coaches' Director ? Notify Coaches' Director of cancelled home games and when you plan to reschedule them. ? *Must obtain US Lacrosse number () ? Above all else, ensure that you are providing a safe, fun, and educational environment for all players. ? * Ensure that there are always two coaches at the field.

Benefits for Head Coaches

GDYLL will pay for US Lacrosse membership fee. GDYLL will pay for coaching education, training or certification, with limitations.

Duties that the Head coach can manager or delegate to assistant coach or Team Manager

? Submit a complete roster to the coaches' manager, including uniform numbers. ? Give parents directions to all games. ? Give parents game schedule. ? Submit any public relations articles to GDYLL's policy manager for review PRIOR to giving them to a

paper. ? Assign someone to manage the game clock.

? Arrange for snacks at all games. ? Help coaches uphold GDYLL's code of conduct. ? Collect signed code of conduct form from all parents. ? Ensure that fields are cleaned up after practices and games.

Application/Coaching Bio

________________________________________________________________ Name

________________________________________________________________ZIP _____________ Address

______________________________ Phone

________________________________ E-mail

________________________________________________________________ Please list any lacrosse experience. (Playing or Coaching)

_____________________________________________________________________________ Formal Coaching Certification. (IE: USA Hockey patch number, Soccer rating, US Lax Level 1 etc.)

________________________________________________________________ Please list any coaching experience (in lacrosse or other sports).

________________________________________________________________ Please list any experience you have leading children in other activities (i.e. Den leader)

Please check which position you are volunteering for:

Head Coach Assistant Coach Team Manager

Which team would you like to assist with?

Girls' Teams

1st and 2nd grade 3rd and 4th grade 5th and 6th grade 7th and 8th grade

Boys' Teams

1st and 2nd grade ( U9) 3 rd and 4th grade (U11) 5th and 6th grade ( U13) 7th and 8th grade ( U15)

Stick League (boys and girls combined, pre-school/kindergarten age)

Application/Bio continued.

Head Coach Check list (Please read, check off and sign)

I will adhere to all rules, regulations and requirements set forth by the GDYLL board. I will work with the Coaching Director (s) in implementing the practice programs that are beneficial to our players, parents and community. I will attend all practices, including indoor, meetings and games to the best of my abilities.

GDYLL Code of Conduct

As a Coach in the Groton-Dunstable Youth Lacrosse League, I will "honor the game" of lacrosse, as stated in the US Lacrosse code of conduct. I have read and abide by this code and philosophy. I will provide a safe, fun and educational lacrosse environment that will foster a child's development. I will understand and know the game rules, along with any league rules. I will coach in such a manner that will not violate these rules. I will respect the GDYLL board and support their efforts. The GDYLL will support you and provide you the necessary tools you need to succeed.

_______________________________________________ _______________



Please read and sign

GDYLL may amend the duties or qualifications of Head or Assistant coaches that will assist them in their volunteer efforts.

GDYLL will review all applications in a timely manner. Please be aware that all Head Coaching Applicants will present themselves to the board prior to being chosen

________________________________________________ Name

______________ Date

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