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A Publication of the Missouri Hotel & Lodging Association

President's Message

Trey Propes Director of Operations Ehrhardt Hotels

July/August 2018

Fraudulent hotel listings on Airbnb? YOU BET!!

Hotels and hotel guests are now being prayed upon through Airbnb. Thieves are using the platform to create fake listings for hotel rooms and selling them at deep discounts. They use pictures from the real hotel branded websites and then create a listing, claiming that they are the hotel and want to sell the room and since there is no licensing system and the platforms don't hold anyone accountable everything appears legitimate to the unsuspecting guest. The guest then provides their pertinent information, including credit card and BOOM!, they are the victim. Not only are they out the $$$ but who did they just give their credit card information to?

This highlights a real problem with these out of control and unverifiable entries. As a hotelier myself, my heart goes out to these people who just did not know that they could be victimized in this fashion but on a sold out week or event... honestly as legitimate lodging establishments there is nothing we can do for them because we are already sold out and we honor our commitments. Apparently ANYONE can go online, list any hotel room, apartment or home even if they don't own it and aren't living in it! The poor guest then shows up during MU Homecoming, has no real reservation, no place to stay and nothing they can do. Who are they going to blame? AirBnb or other platform who provided the means for them to be cheated? Probably not. The home or apartment owner and the hotel are actually the only ones on site so of course that is where the poor person who drove 6 hours is going put the blame even though they never new anything was happening until the person showed up at their house and said "I am here for my room(s)." There must be some accountability, that is the responsibility of AirBnb and other platform listing companies. To do this lawmakers and the lodging industry must work together in the next legislative session to place the proper regulations in place to insure that no more potential guests or property owners in Missouri are victimized in this fashion ever again.

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Missouri Hotel and Lodging Association exists to serve and unite representatives of the lodging and tourism industry in Missouri for

the promotion and protection of our common


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Missouri State Capitol

The Missouri Hotel & Lodging Association exists to serve and unite representatives of the lodging industry

in Missouri for the promotion and protection of their common interest. S.

MHLA's mission is to establish member properties as the preferred

lodging properties of choice in Missouri through enhanced marketing

efforts and the highest standards of professionalism.

From the Capitol

Jorgen Schlemeier, Governmental Consultant

Top story of the session - Governor Resigns ? while will be decided in August instead of November. Labor

the new governor has asked the department directors was hit hard again in 2018 with the legislature

to remain, he will likely eventually replace some

passing paycheck protection and a limited reform to

of the directors with his own cabinet.

prevailing wage.

The change of guard in the Governor Mansion, was Tax / Budget Package

not all that was surprising this session. The success of The House and Senate resolved their differences on

the session surprised many, including those who walk tax issues, and boiled a 300 page bill down to

the halls on a daily basis. The House and Senate were 11. The House and Senate proposals cut individual and

highly efficient moving through bills despite the

corporate income tax by a mild amount. As you recall,

distraction of the Governor's circumstances. Below is the initial proposal would have cut rates deeper,

a summary of what passed and failed.

increased gas tax by up to 12 cents, implemented

Streamline Sales Tax and cut our 2% sales tax vendor

One other note, this is an election year, and one of the allowance.

largest turnovers of state reps and senators will occur

this cycle due to 8 years passing since the last round In the end, the 2% was not reduced, no additional

of term limits hit. This means we will have about 10 statewide hotel lodging tax passed and the gas tax is

new senators of out 17 (34 senators, only half are up headed back to the voters for their approval (or not)

for election in 18) and nearly 50 of the 163 state reps again.

will be new.

Since the Quill case was overturned by the US

Ballot measures include another version of campaign Supreme Court there is no need for the Streamline

contributions, medical marijuana and maybe the

Sales Tax initiative.

biggest item will be whether Right To Work will go

into effect in the State. The measure was passed last Tourism Funding Approved

session (2017) and signed by the Governor, however With revenues meeting expectations and the court

our constitution allows for the Govs signature to be case noted above, the Governor signed the budget

overridden if enough signatures are collected making bills last week with $16.4M for tourism with additional

it eligible to be put to a statewide vote. That measure

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From the Capitol

Jorgen Schlemeier, Governmental Consultant

flexibility for Tourism Coop Marketing Program. As for a venue and merchandising practices reform bill

you recall the previous Governor cut tourism to

to resurface next session, and have broader more

$10M, but the legislature restored the funding

determined support than this past session.

throughout the process. With a change in

administration, and a Governor who believes Tourism Hotel Taxes

is one of the vital economic components to the State, While numerous bills were introduced, nothing bad

I anticipate an investment in Tourism instead of

happened. The statewide hotel tax authorization bill

seeing it as an expense will be the upcoming

was never heard in committee and local taxes we

approach. There could be big changes on the horizon opposed were blocked as well. One item regarding a

for Tourism.

tax DECREASE did surface which would have been

detrimental to some hoteliers. One of the tax bills

Short Term Rental Meeting ? Tax "Fix" Passes out of would have capped local sales taxes at a rate that was


below some currently assessed levels. The bill could

The short term rental "light" bill passed out of

have blocked further funding of existing convention

committee but never really made any further

projects, such as in KC and perhaps St. Louis and St.

progress. We continued to work with the

Charles. The legislators quickly realized that is not a

legislators and stakeholders, but this fight had

fiscally viable idea, and it was eliminated.

numerous factions and could not get all of them to

adopt basic changes in the law, such as instituting Failed - HB2577, Changes the law regarding local

a uniform tax platform for the state. The

taxes by authorizing all political subdivisions in the

homeowners/realtors believed the marketing

state to levy a transient guest tax instead of only

platforms were working too hard to accommodate us those political subdivisions previously authorized.

(hoteliers). The major disagreement between the

platforms (Expedia et al) and our industry was how Joplin ? 17% Proposal

local communities could zone such activity. One side The city of Joplin definitely promoted an increased

wanted a total pre-emption, and we wanted locals to hotel and lodging tax. This new tax would have been

be able to zone as they would otherwise deem fit for as high as 5%, on top of the 4% they already impose

their community. I am not certain I see a path of

for a lodging tax. Pete Hall has been working with the

resolution for all three entities, and this summer

city to get to an agreement. None has yet been

may provide time to think of an alternative

reached. The big issue, understandably, is they are

mechanism to ensure these businesses being

not clear on what project they want to use the

conducted in a residential structure adhere to basic money. We worked Joplin's delegation to oppose the

business requirements. No property tax changes tax until an agreement is reached. The delegation

were passed with respect to properties used for these agreed that a whopping 17% sales tax on a hotel


room for a project that is undetermined is not worth

support at this time. It was amended onto one bill,

There was a side issue regarding St. Charles County but it was killed.

Convention tax, which was

Employment Discrimination

Tort Update

There was some discussion of revising the legislation

All bills related to tort were killed this year as the passed last year on this topic, but nothing ever

trial bar found sympathy with some republicans who materialized. I am not certain what the future is for

had traditionally been strong supporters of

this bill in 2019. We will have to wait to see the

reform. The business community is restructuring their results of the election to better understand the

approach and their reform proposals. I would look

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From the Capitol

Jorgen Schlemeier, Governmental Consultant

dynamic of the House and Senate. While there was registered sexual offenders staying on the premises.

great interest among our members to repeal or at When a customer makes a reservation over the phone

least modify that law, the bills that were introduced or Internet the lodging establishment shall inform the

by democrats had no chance as republican leadership customer at the time the reservation is made if there

said no amendments will pass this year.

are any registered sexual offenders staying on or

scheduled to stay at the premises. This bill died in the

Predictive Scheduling

Crime Prevention Committee, chaired by Rep Don

Rep Dan Shaul presented a bill to a House Committee Phillips R-Kimberling City. If you are from that area

related to "predictive scheduling". HB1397 prohibits (Branson), you deserve a nice "Thank You" from

political subdivisions from requiring employers to alter other hoteliers in the state for taking action and

or adjust any employee scheduling unless required by calling your state rep who happened to be the

state or federal law. This bill received some

chair. You could not check each of your patrons as to

discussion, but did not make substantive movement. whether they are on a list or not.

More bad legislation

Bad Legislation

Hb2418 requires a lodging establishment that knows a HB2451 was heard in Professional Registration

registered sexual offender is staying on the premises committee. It has support of the homebuilders

to conspicuously post in a prominent and visible area association. The bill relates primarily to new

behind the registration desk a sign informing potential construction, and not inspections of rental homes. It

customers that there are one or more

remains in committee. HB1510 is stuck in Rules

and has made no additional progress. It is the more

problematic legislation. It stated;

"No city or county shall adopt, enforce, or maintain a

residential property licensing ordinance or resolution

that includes a requirement for periodic interior

inspections of privately owned residential property for

city or county code violations unless the lawful

occupant has consented to such interior inspections."

These bills limited local authorities inspection and building permit issuances on residential property. We cleaned this bill up, and no longer applies to issues related to us or short term rental inspections.



President's Message

Consider Thanking our unsung Heroes As Missouri welcomes in its visitors for our busy tourist season I wanted to take a quick second to challenge you, the Owner or the General Manager to acknowledge the unsung heroes of all of our facilities... Our back of house staff. Our Housekeeping professionals do probably the most physically demanding job at each of our properties. If it's not the most physical I can promise you it is the most "dirty". They clean up after the sick and the "not so showered" and in return we push them to get the job done at a higher quality while still pushing them to lower their minutes per room... it's the nature of what we need from them and I understand but how many times have we all stopped and thanked them in the last 30 days of our busy season. Our Maintenance professional's on the other hand have to work much of their day out in temperatures in excess of 95 degrees!!! Our Housekeeping and Maintenance professionals rarely get the added benefit of hearing how well they are doing from our guests. Our guests always stop by the front desk and tell whomever may be on duty or in some cases they may even ask for the manager to relay a positive comment but how many of these are truly passed on?


Trey Propes

President, Missouri Hotel & Lodging Association

Typo's Happen

An ad displayed in shopping malls for Creative Kids Software read: "So Fun, They Won't Even Know Their Learning."

An ad for a Pentax Optic M60 Compact Digital Camera made it sound more like a laxative: "Powered by lithium batteries, you'll always be ready for a sh*t." (That asterisked letter was not an

WITH COED." He was actually in bed ... with a cold. (The president thought the goof was so funny that he called the and asked for 100 copies.)

Former New York City mayor Ed Koch died in 2013 at 88 years old, but according to his tombstone, he was only 70. That's because the carver put "1942" as Koch's birth year. He was born in 1924.

A billboard for the fast food chain Hardee's advertised its burgers as having "100% Anus Beef."

John Barge's 2014 gubernatorial campaign got off to a bad start. The front page of his official website featured a photo of the smiling candidate next to the words "John Barge: Georgia's Next Govenor." (It's supposed to be "Governor.") Barge, a former teacher, was the Georgia state school superintendent. His explanation: "It's just a typo. Typos happen." (He lost.)

WNDU, a local NBC affiliate in South Bend, Indiana, answered its own question when it displayed this question on the screen: "School Two Easy For Kids?"

In 1940 the

ran this headline about

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt: "FDR IN BED

In a 2013 school yearbook was a picture of a baseball player with the caption "Congrats to our Home Run Hitler!" (It caused quite a Fuhrer.)

In 1904 a malted milk drink called Ovomaltine was released in Switzerland. When it was exported to Britain five years later, a typo on the trademark application misspelled it as "Ovaltine." That's what it's been called in English-speaking countries ever since.

Seen on a sign in a parking lot: "Illegally Parked Cars Will Be Fine." (That's nice.)

Reprinted from Uncle John's Fantastic Reader



Springfield Hotel Lodging Association

CVB President Reaches 30-year Milestone

Congratulations to Tracy Kimberlin on celebrating 30 years at the Convention & Visitors Bureau! Tracy, president of the CVB, was joined by past and present board chairs on his anniversary date ? July 2 ? and his current staff to commemorate his service to the bureau. He has seen many changes in the tourism industry in those three decades, including growing the organization's annual budget from about $400,000 to its current level of more than $3 million, the addition of hundreds of hotel rooms, the development of attractions and much more.

Ozarks Tap and Pour Craft Beverage Tour Launches Saturday

Beginning this weekend, people who like craft beverages will have even more reason to enjoy their favorites in the Springfield-Branson area.

The Ozarks Tap and Pour Craft Beverage Tour booklets will be available during Summer Fest set for 5-9 p.m. Saturday at White River Brewing Co. and 14 other breweries, wineries and distilleries until supplies run out. The free booklets are available beginning Monday at the Route 66 Springfield Visitor Center, open 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday at 815 E. St. Louis St.

Patrons who obtain a stamp in their booklet from at least 10 participating businesses are eligible to receive a collector pint glass while supplies last or through May 31, 2019. The redemption can be done in person at the visitor center or by mail. Participants must be 21 or older.

Participating businesses in Springfield are: White River Brewing Co., 505 W. Commercial St. Mother's Brewing Co., 215 S. Grant Ave. Lost Signal Brewing Co., 610 W. College St. Springfield Brewing Co., 305 S. Market Ave. Missouri Spirits, 507 W. Walnut St. Tie & Timber Beer Co., 1451 E. Cherry St. Show-Me Brewing, 1925 E. Bennett St. 4 By 4 Brewing Co., 2811 E. Galloway St., Suite A

Participants outside Springfield are: Back Home Brewing Co., 1502 S. 3rd St., Ozark Bear Creek Wine Co., 1320 Keithley Rd., Walnut Shade Crown Valley Distillery, 1420 W. 76 Country Blvd., Suite 100, Branson St. James Winery, 405 State Highway 165, Branson Curling Vine Winery, 601 State Highway 165, Branson Lindwedel Winery, 3158 State Highway 265, Branson Missouri Ridge Distillery, 7000 State Highway 248, Branson

The Ozarks Tap and Pour Craft Beverage Tour is a program developed by the Springfield Convention & Visitors Bureau, a nonprofit marketing organization dedicated to improving the local economy through growth in tourism.


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