Helping you manage your fleet ford

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Helping You Manage Your Fleet

FCS-35541-17 Jan. 2017

Helping You Manage Your Fleet

The programs within this brochure are designed to be used as either stand-alone applications or blended together.

We offer a network of dealerships that operate with your commercial interests in mind ? and that may mean less downtime for your fleet.

Ford Parts provide original equipment design and fit for your Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles to help restore new-vehicle-like performance and reliability.

Plus, all Ford Parts are backed by Ford Motor Company and built with the engineering expertise from a

manufacturer with more than 100 years of experience.

The name says quality, dependability and performance. Motorcraft? parts are designed specifically for Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles and have undergone extensive laboratory and on-road testing. Our comprehensive product line is built to maximize the performance of Ford,

Lincoln and Mercury vehicles.

A Trusted Relationship Just Got Better. Omnicraft is the newest member of the Ford Family of parts offering

affordable, reliable parts designed for non-Ford repairs. With over a century of parts heritage to build upon, Omnicraft is a quality choice for your business. Now available along with Ford and Motorcraft parts

for one-stop shopping at your Ford Dealer.

Limited labor costs. See seller for limited warranty details.

See your Ford or Lincoln Dealership or Ford Authorized Distributor for two-year/unlimited-miles service part warranty information.


Limited labor costs. See seller for limited warranty details. Motorcraft? is a registered trademark of Ford Motor Company.

Committed to Supporting Your Needs

Table of Contents

Convenient hours and "no appointment necessary." Maintenance and light repair service for all makes, including name-brand tires.

Transportation Solutions Ford Commercial Vehicle Centers are specially qualified to look after your commercial transportation needs, including sales, parts, service and finance.

Ford Collision Replacement Parts Getting the right parts is critical to long-term vehicle performance.

Peace-of-mind Protection Savings on vehicle maintenance, service and repair costs.

Consolidated Billing Program Features ? Simplified management for your entire fleet, including non-Ford vehicles and trailers. Parts Billing Program Features ? Convenience and control, with support of Ford-Lincoln Dealers and Ford Authorized Distributors. Online Business Reports and Invoices ? Supported through fleetcare. with no added costs.

Ford Telematics Powered by Telogis

Maintenance and Repair Features: Pay-as-you-go consolidated invoicing. Guaranteed/prepaid option. The choice of additional fleet services.

Log on to a better way to get parts, featuring VIN search capability and part availability.

Ford Powertrain Assemblies: Gas and Diesel Engines, Transmissions Nationwide Warranty. OEM Quality and Fit. No-Risk Core Return Credit.

Important Contact Information Websites and Phone Numbers

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9 9 10-12 13-14 15 16 17 18

T h e Q u i c k L a n e? Ad v a n t a ge

Quick Lane Tire & Auto Centers provide the convenience of a "no appointment necessary" service approach. Open 12 hours a day, Monday through Friday, plus Saturday hours as well ... featuring factory-trained technicians well-versed in vehicle maintenance.

Servicing All Makes and Models

Quick Lane Tire & Auto Centers perform scheduled maintenance and light repair work on all makes and models using Motorcraft? and other quality parts at competitive prices. Our stores offer the ease and convenience of an aftermarket repair shop, with the quality and commitment of a dealership service department.

A Nationwide Network Featuring:

? Oil Change and Essential Maintenance ? Brake Inspections and Repairs ? Alignments ? Shocks and Struts ? Air Conditioning Services ? Belts and Hoses ? Wiper Blades ? Alternators ? Suspension and Steering ? Name-Brand Tires

? S afety Inspections ? B attery Test and Replacement ? M inor Engine Tune-Ups ? V ehicle Check-Up (VCU) Reports ? L amps and Bulbs ? C ooling System Maintenance ? T ransmission Service

Added Convenience

Visit to find the nearest location. Call ahead for fleet pricing and billing arrangements. Quick Lane Tire & Auto Centers honor Ford Protect Maintenance Plans and participate in Ford Fleet Care consolidated billing, providing: ? A dded security and convenience for company drivers ? O nline service visit detail available for Ford Fleet Care accounts


To find dealers with select service and parts specialties, visit fleet..


Transportation Solutions for Business Owners

Our mission is to deliver an outstanding sales, parts, service, and finance experience for commercial customers through a comprehensive, industry-leading commercial dealer network.

Ford Commercial Vehicle Center dealerships are uniquely qualified and prepared for fleet and commercial vehicle service. Each Commercial Vehicle Center dealership features a certified staff committed to helping you make decisions without leaving your business unattended. Commercial Vehicle Center dealerships have extended service hours and are committed to maximizing your uptime.


Dedicated Commercial Account Managers: ? Offer test-drives at your place of business to best

accommodate your schedule ? Help you tailor vehicles to your needs and turn cycles ? Have relationships with local Ford authorized vehicle

upfitters ? Help you navigate through finance options ? Explain available Ford programs that support your

business, including Ford Protect Extended Service Plans (page 7), Ford Fleet Care (page 9), Commercial Service Plus (page 15) and more

Service and Parts

Shared Commercial Service and Parts Staff: ? Factory-trained technicians understand your Ford vehicles

and the importance of keeping them on the road ? Trained to assist with your parts needs ? Provide the option of Ford Fleet Care consolidated billing

for enrolled accounts with their own service facilities ? Offer Ford Protect Service PartCARE to extend standard

two-year service part warranty. See dealer for details

Financing Options

Ford Credit Commercial Lending Services has a number of financing options that can be tailored to meet your needs (subject to credit approval).

Commercial Retail Finance Ford Credit "traditional" finance program offers competitive rates and flexible terms to suit most business needs.

Commercial Red Carpet Lease (RCL) A net (close-ended) lease provides an ideal option for predictable-use vehicles.

CommerciaLease A TRAC (open-ended) lease is designed with businessfriendly features that satisfy unique business needs.

Commercial Lines of Credit Commercial lines of credit are available on Commercial Retail Finance, Commercial RCL and CommerciaLease transactions.

Commercial GAPCoverage Provides protection when a financed vehicle is stolen or declared a total loss, and the insurance settlement does not satisfy the outstanding balance on the vehicle.

Commercial Vehicle Center Dealer Locations

Visit to find a commercially minded dealer near you.

To locate any Ford or Lincoln Dealership, visit fleet. and select Locate a dealer at the top site banner. Many Ford and Lincoln Dealerships in the U.S. may be able to provide service for your vehicle, depending on its application and service needs. If you do not already have a dealership service affiliation, please consider contacting your Commercial Vehicle Center dealership of choice before towing or presenting a vehicle for service.

Find your closest Ford Dealer Body Shop or Ford Recognized Independent Body Shop at fleet.fleetdealers, then select "Collision General Repair" or "F-Series Aluminum Repair" from

the list of specialties.

Ford Original Collision Replacement Parts

In the event of an accident, you want your vehicle to protect, perform and look like new. Vehicle owners have the right to have only Ford Original Equipment collision replacement parts installed after an accident.

Why the Right Parts Matter ? Today's vehicles use more advanced high-strength steels,

exotic metals and composite materials than ever before. ? F ord Motor Company vehicles also include highly advanced

crash-avoidance and safety system technologies. ? It is critical for these systems to be repaired with parts

that will deliver the intended level of form, function, performance and safety our engineers originally specified.

The only way to be certain you are getting original equipment performance is to use Ford Original Equipment collision replacement parts.

Repair Time The use of new aftermarket, salvage or reconditioned parts may take more time to install and may require modifications to achieve an acceptable fit, which may ultimately increase order and repair times. Ford Original Equipment collision replacement parts are readily available at thousands of Ford and Lincoln Dealerships, ensuring fast delivery times.

Original Ford replacement parts are designed to:

? M aintain structural integrity.

? P rovide the best post-repair appearance.

? Help retain resale value ? don't let poor fit, finish and quality reduce the value of your vehicle at the time of resale.

? P rotect against corrosion/perforation under the Ford Lifelong Sheet Metal Guarantee. See your dealer for limited warranty details.


Combine component protection with Premium Maintenance Plan coverage

for added value.


Comprehensive Service Protection Programs

Ford Protect Extended Service Plans can help eliminate the variability associated with servicing your vehicle, offer a potential reduction in your operating expenses and budget life-cycle expenses. Choose from a selection of maintenance or repair plans individually, or combine them as a comprehensive cost-management tool for your fleet. Lock in tomorrow's costs at today's rates and prepay your vehicle maintenance expenses. Plus, no matter which plan you select, Ford Protect Extended Service Plans offer these additional benefits:

Component Protection Repair cost protection for major vehicle components ? from 13 to 1,000+ components, depending on the plan selected.

Emergency Roadside Assistance ? Tire change, lockout, out of fuel, battery jump start

and towing assistance (up to $100 per occurrence, $200 for E-/F-350 Super Duty? and larger, including Medium Duty vehicles)

? Emergency travel expense (up to $500 within the first three days per occurrence)

? Destination assistance (up to $75) rental car reimbursement

If your vehicle is inoperable and must be kept overnight for a repair covered by the Ford New Vehicle Limited Warranty, you will be reimbursed a set amount per day for up to 10 days (varies for Ford/Lincoln vehicles).

First-Day Rental This is standard on most component protection plans and optional on Ford Protect maintenance and Cab & Chassis/ Cutaway plans. It provides up to 10 days of rental benefits per eligible service event on component coverage plans and two days on Premium Maintenance Plans. It's a valuable standard benefit for sales and executive car service.

Deductible Options $100 deductible is standard on all component plans. However, $0, $50 and $200 deductible options are available.

Transferable The remaining coverage can be transferred to a new owner. Transfer fee and restrictions apply. This can add to the resale value of the vehicle.

Backed by Ford Most important, a Ford Protect Extended Service Plan is 100% backed by Ford Motor Company, and service is provided at Ford and Lincoln Dealerships in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

Premium Maintenance Plans

Premium Maintenance Plans are available to meet your vehicle servicing requirements. Premium Maintenance Plans may be purchased as stand-alone programs or purchased with any new Ford Protect Extended Service Plan. They provide scheduled maintenance service as recommended in the vehicle's Scheduled Maintenance Guide for the time/mileage selected.

In addition, Premium Maintenance Plans include coverage for selected wear items:

? Spark plugs ? Shock absorbers/struts

? Clutch disc ? Engine belts, coolant hoses, clamps and O-ring seals

? Brake pads and linings ? Wiper blades

As an added bonus, the Ford Protect Premium Maintenance Plan also includes a diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) top-off for diesel owners anytime the vehicle is in for scheduled service.

See your Ford or Lincoln Dealership for unique exclusions. Prices and plans may vary, but purchased plans are not subject to change. Plan availability, benefits, coverage and provider may vary by state. For use only with October 2016 contract. In Florida, Ford Protect on Ford vehicles is a Service Contract from Ford Motor Company (License #12118). Ford Protect on competitive-make vehicles is a Service Contract from The American Road Insurance Company, Dearborn, MI 48126 (Certificate of Authority #09079). In Texas, Ford Protect is a Service Contract from Ford Motor Service Company (License #SCP-165). Illustrations used in the brochure are for graphic representation only. Repairs needed to any engine, transmission/transaxle and final drive components caused by or resulting from a defect in a non-Ford component, such as an aftermarket-installed turbocharger/ supercharger, are not covered. In some cases, the use of Ford Authorized Remanufactured parts is required following expiration of the New Vehicle Limited Warranty coverage.


Premium Maintenance





Offers extensive coverage on 1,000+ components:

? Engine

? Brakes

? Transmission

? Front and Rear Suspension

? Front-Wheel-Drive Axle

? Electrical

? Rear-Wheel-Drive Axle

? Air Conditioning and Heating

? Steering

? High Tech

? Safety ? Audio ? Emissions

Covers all manufacturer-recommended maintenance plus selected wear items:

? Spark Plugs

? Engine Belts

? Brake Pads and Linings

? Shock Absorbers ? Clutch Disc

? Engine Coolant Hoses, Clamps and O-Ring Seals

? Wiper Blades ? Diesel Exhaust Fluid*

*DEF top-offs included only with scheduled maintenance.




Covers 113 essential components: ? Engine ? Transmission ? Front-Wheel-Drive Axle ? Rear-Wheel-Drive Axle

? Steering ? Brakes ? Front Suspension ? Electrical

? Air Conditioning and Heating

? High Tech




Covers 84 major components: ? Engine ? Transmission ? Front-Wheel-Drive Axle

? Rear-Wheel-Drive Axle ? Steering ? Brakes

? Front Suspension ? Electrical ? Air Conditioning and Heating





Covers 29 critical powertrain components:

? Engine

? Front-Wheel-Drive Axle

? Transmission

? Rear-Wheel-Drive Axle


To learn more, visit the Ford Fleet Care website at fleetcare. or scan this code with your smartphone. Message and

data rates apply.

Consolidated Billing Account

Account Name SAMPLE FLEET CUSTOMER Account Number Q999FC99999

Ford Fleet Care Consolidated Billing Program

The Ford Fleet Care Program is a parts-and-service billing program offered without enrollment or monthly use fees* to those commercial fleet customers who choose to self-manage their fleet of vehicles. A single consolidated invoice replaces multiple repair orders or part invoices, helping to save administrative time and cost. To learn more, visit the Ford Fleet Care website at fleetcare. or scan this code with your smartphone. Message and data rates may apply.

Service Billing Features

All-Make Service Billing Solution This service is available for your entire fleet of Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles, as well as non-Ford vehicles and trailers through Ford and Lincoln Dealerships and Quick Lane? Tire & Auto Centers throughout the United States and Canada.

Controlled Spending Limits Set by You -- the Customer ? Your preset limits requiring fleet approval are displayed

at Ford and Lincoln Dealerships and Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center locations on Ford's Online Automated Service Information System (OASIS)

Ford OASIS Advantage OASIS eliminates the need for drivers to carry program identification for service lane support. OASIS:

? Displays vehicle information, including repair bulletins, open Field Service Actions and Ford Protect Extended Service Plan information

? Provides servicing dealers with information on a recent Ford warranty repair performed at any Ford or Lincoln Dealership should the need arise

? Saves you time as Ford warranty and Ford Protect deductibles do not require approval

? N o prior approval is required for covered services when combined with Ford Protect maintenance and wear plans or component protection plans

Note: Ford Protect Extended Service Plan service events are included in both invoice and online business reports. See pages 7 and 8 for more information on Ford Protect Extended Service Plan options and coverages.

National Glass Program OEM windshield replacement and repair is provided through mobile service at no additional charge with:

? Tiered pricing ? S oundScreenTM glass replacement to match OE


Enhanced Roadside Assistance Offers services beyond New Vehicle Limited Warranty and Ford Protect Extended Service Plan roadside coverages:

? 911 emergency dispatch ? On-site tire change or replacement ? Emergency fuel and fluids ? Jump-start and lockout assistance ? Towing and winching ? Call-ahead service appointment

Wholesale Parts Billing Features

The Wholesale Parts Billing Program extends the same billing convenience from the dealership's Service Department through the dealership Parts Department, and is offered without enrollment or monthly use fees.* Allows for Ford-authorized or Motorcraft? parts to be purchased over the counter at participating Ford and Lincoln Dealerships or participating Ford Authorized Distributors of Motorcraft brand parts. Can be utilized as stand-alone billing or combined with service billing. Features include:

? A dedicated parts account code and card issued for your convenience

? Authorization by your designated company representative

? The option of billing ... see page 16 for details

Website Features (fleetcare.)

Available 24/7 for program maintenance, fleet support materials, online Web billing and links to other sites, as noted in Related Sites, below.

Credit Application Download the Ford Fleet Care credit application to enroll.

Related Sites See page 18 for URLs. Fast access to links to help you locate: ? Ford and Lincoln Dealerships ? Quick Lane? Tire & Auto Centers ? Maintenance schedules ? Ford Protect Extended Service Plan information

Electronic Billing View your current bills online at your convenience:

? Download to Excel and sort your billing by repair order, date, VIN, unit number, dealership and amount

EFT Payment Available Provides a safe and cost-effective payment method, reducing the possibility of a payment being lost or delayed in transit.

MyFleetCare Management Tool*

A page with the specific information that fleet managers ask for most, such as: ? Account balance amount ? A list of actively enrolled vehicles ? Daily reports for current repairs and parts purchases to track activities between invoice periods ? Maintenance reports showing the frequency and cost of your fleet's vehicle maintenance ? Expanded date range invoice information

Online Business Reports*

Various business reports are available online at no added cost for fleets with a Ford FIN code. A valuable and secure source of information, online reports can be viewed or printed. Examples include:

? Fleet Business Report ? Repair Category Report ? Vehicle Repair Analysis Report ? Parts Report

To register for Ford Fleet Care online reporting, visit fleetcare. or contact Ford Fleet Care at 1-800-367-3221.


*Application approval required. Be sure to review the Ford Fleet Care Program Agreement at fleetcare. for details.

*For fleets with FIN (Fleet Identification Number). For information on obtaining a FIN or Ford Web ID, go to fleet.


and click on the Contact Us tab.

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