How to ftp the rpc

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How to FTP the RPC

Please note: As of June 2010, we have moved to a new more secured FTP site. Now, in order to upload, a port number 1000 must be included. If you click (or copy-and-paste) this link and cannot access it, then your site might be blocking your port 1000.

We apologize the inconvenience. We must do this for security reasons for our FTP server.

To FTP the RPC, please login our FTP site using the following information. Remember the username and password are case-sensitive.


RPC FTP Site = ftp.

Username = rpcguest

Password = Idky1wuW (best to use cut and paste)

Port = 1000

It's highly recommended that you create a subdirectory and upload your files there. After you're done, notify the RPC person-of-interest or email our public email account at RPC@.

The best way to FTP is by using specialized FTP software. There are many free ones such as Filezilla at or Ace FTP Freeware 3.80.3


Tips on using Filezilla


In Filezilla, you will see a screen like these -

1) Click File, Site Manager, New Site (button) and on the General Tab, enter these.

Host =                ftp.

Port =                                  1000

Sever type =              FTP

User =                     rpcguest

Password =                      Idky1wuW (best to use cut and paste)


2) Next On the Advanced Tab, Server Type = Unix    


3) Connect to log in (or OK to save the FTP session/parameter for later use).

If you have any problems, please contact the RPC at 713-745-8989.

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