How to setup and connect to an ftp server using filezilla

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How to Setup and Connect to an FTP Server Using FileZilla

The ability to store data on a server and being able to access the data from anywhere in the world has allowed us to get rid of external flash drives, and big hard drives. Now so called cloud computing, has been around for a while. This is essentially what an File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Server does and people have been using this technology for years, before it was referred as cloud. This instruction set will show you how to setup your own FTP server (aka Data Cloud) on your local machine and access it using program called FileZilla. FileZilla is a free, crossplatform FTP software and also one of the most widely used. Note: This instruction is for computer running windows 7 x64 bits operating system. It assumes computer has access to internet and is connected to network. It also assumes user has elementary skills to operate a computer and has administrative privileges on the computer.

Part I: Setting up the server

Create a folder or use an existing folder which will be shared. You can name this folder anything you want and can place it anywhere you want on your computer. (For the purposes of this document I have created folder on my desktop and named it ENG202C.)

Download FileZilla from here: To install use default settings.

Default settings will allow the server to start automatically whenever you boot up operating system (OS).

Note: You can change default settings and select manual option as shown below. But I won't recommend it!

After the server is installed, a FileZilla icon will be created on desktop. FileZilla Icon

Double click the icon and you will see a little screen popup as seen below.

Leave everything as default and click OK. Note: There is no password yet as we are just setting up. You may add one later at any time.

Now you are on the FTP server and should have windows similar to one below:

Now we need to host our server on network and give it an address. Click Edit Settings. Following window should pop up:

Select Passive mode settings from the left panel

In passive mode settings select Use the following IP: option. This option will allow user to access server from any-other network.

Once selected a text field below is enabled. In the text field below we have to enter external IP address. An external IP address is

what rest of the internet sees. To obtain your external IP address go here: Enter the IP address obtained from the website in the text field and hit OK. We now need to specify the file path for the shared folder repository and add users, who will be using this server. Click on Edit Users.

Following window should pop up: Under Users section click on Add button: Enter the user name in the text field and click OK

Now under Page section select Shared folders.

Then under Shared folders click Add button

Browse and select the folder you created and then click OK (For the purposes of this document, I created folder Eng202C on my desktop.)

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