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Balkh UniversityComputer Science FacultyImportance of Technology in a Society and Effect of Balkh Computer Science Faculty in the RegionWriter: Ahdia QaeymStudent ID: 1392/10/38Teacher: Rohullah r. AyobiMazar-i-SharifSpring - 2015IntroductionAs it is obvious, in this quiet modernized, standardized and civilized life, information technology plays a significant role. Information technology is the study and use of systems for storing, retrieving, and sending information. This includes software, hardware, applications, and so much of like these tools. Much of what people use in this 21st century was created with the help of information technology. Technology has become more important to perform our daily life activities .actually, we cannot live far away of technology facilities, so that we feel necessity of it in each and every steps of the life. And there are numerous technology education centers in the world at which the meaning and concept of technology is being taught, Balkh computer science faculty is one of these education centers established in past few years and it is the most important education center in the Afghanistan, especially in northern region of Afghanistan. At present, If we compare this education center with other countries’ education centers, Of course there is some deficiencies in this university but with this low economic condition, restricted feasibility and limited facilities it is one of the best education centers in Afghanistan.In this topic I will try to have an a view about history of Balkh computer science faculty, introduction of computer science faculty and a review about level of education in computer science faculty of Balkh University in past 2 years.Acknowledgment:I would like to thank for all of our kind faculty staffs for their dedication works, skills and knowledge which they presented me.Balkh Computer Science FacultyRegarding Mr. Mohammad Sharif Amin head of Balkh Computer Science Faculty, “The first idea of Computer Science in Balkh University was given in 2004 in a strategic plan that contained establishment of several faculties in Balkh University, so computer science was also there in this strategic plan. Computer Science faculty was established in 2010 by ministry of higher education and was added in the budget of this ministry; Technical University of Berlin the initial supporter and encouraging of Computer Science in Balkh University and almost all universities of Afghanistan and its professional team in Afghanistan that is headed by Dr.Nazir Piroz has also important role in coordinating of this program and helps in educating professional cadres. Also curriculum of CS faculty is based on TU Berlin’s curriculum and compatible with necessities of ministry of higher education of Afghanistan.” ()Lecturers:Naweed Rahmani (MCS)Sayed Jahed Hussini (MCS)Sayed Nasim Sadat Eva Hoffmann (MCS)Mostafa Naier (MCS)Walida SardariFaisal Naier (MCS)Azizullah Aziz (BCS)Nesar Ahmad Noori (BCS)Ismail Zaher (BCS)Departments:Software EngineeringInformation SystemsNetworkingLabs:ITCB Lab (Information Technology Center of Balkh University) which is recently opened and equipped with new computers and devices.CISCO Networking Academy Lab is a branch of Cisco world wide Networking academy.Connections with other technology centers:Balkh Computer Science faculty communicates with CS faculties in other provinces of Afghanistan for sharing of information and expertise and administrative issues but this communications are via internet using skype and email applications unfortunately we don’t have the facilities that our teachers and students have face to face communication with the teachers and students of other Computer Science faculties to share their ideas.Also it is mentionable that Balkh Computer Science Faculty has a close communications with Technical University of Berlin, IT center of higher education ministry and CISCO networking academy.Cisco Networking Academy is a global education initiative from Cisco Systems, offers networking programs, like the (Cisco Certified Network Associate) CCNA and (Cisco Certified Network Professional) CCNP courses, which prepare students for the certification exams of the same name, and other computer-related courses. So it is a good chance for the students of Balkh Computer Science faculty that they can get benefited of this feasibility in this education center.A Short Review of Past Two Years:Still vividly I remember my first day in University. I was so excited in meeting with new people. I felt freedom inside the University’s atmosphere, since I was far away from my family. It was my first time to get separated from them. By the way I started gaining knowledge in BCS faculty in 2013 on that time this faculty was inside Balkh University’s old building in the center of the city.I clearly remember my first day of my university life that there was small classes no standard labs, no standard electric, no usable equipment, no flexible salons for lectures and so on, in first days of my university life we moved to the new building of Balkh University and we started our lessons in new building, after moving to the new building of our faculty most of mentioned problems has been resolved and now BCS has standard labs with usable equipment, standard electric, standard class and flexible conference salons, and we started our lessons in this new building. It is mentionable that Balkh Computer Science faculty has very diligent cadres and all the time they are teaching us tirelessly even when there was nothing in our faculty’s old building. We have good achievements from last two years of our university hoping to obtain more achievement in these last years of our university life.Problems BCS Students Facing With:Lack of enough equipmentLack of LibraryLack of high speed internetLack of website as a 24 hours in a week central connection point between faculty staffs and students.Students Expectation:As I mentioned before with this low economic condition, restricted feasibility and limited facilities Balkh Computer Science Faculty is one of the best technology education centers in Afghanistan. And we are really thankful for all BCS staffs for their hard works with this limited facilities, it will be better to assign some good projects to the students and ask them to do sincerely, afterwards use those readymade projects in the university, for example the students of BCS can create, maintain and manage a website or an electronic library so it will be very good to support the students and use their mental power and abilities to minimize the shortage of faculty. This will help the students to improve their knowledge and their Self-confidences. And also it will become a good asset for the future of computer science faculty.Strengthening of the cadres, fulfil the requirements, developing and making more computer labs for students, providing standard lecture materials for all subjects including lecture notes, books references, teaching in English language are all the expectations of the BCS students.ConclusionAs a summary we can say that BCS is one of the Technology centers that is providing skills and knowledge for the students, using very low level facilities, but fortunately the level of education in this university is very good and it is going to be better day by day. One of the good points is knowledge improvement scholarships for teachers of this faculty that some of teachers are studying their master degree using this scholarships we can see its effects in near future Inshaa Allah.As a result I can say that in this situation BCS is one of the most important faculties of Balkh University and it has beneficial effect in region and all over the Afghanistan.We all hoping to fulfil all students expectations and wishing from all staffs of ministry of higher education to eliminate all shortages of this faculty in near future because in this century of technology all people are in need of technology and technology specialists plays a big role in this period of time.some of listed shortages can be resolved by supporting the student of this faculty as an example, the students of BCS can create and manage a website as a central connection point between students and staffs and also like this we can have a good e-library in this faculty by supporting the students.Key Words:CSComputer ScienceBCSBalkh Computer ScienceBCSFBalkh Computer Science FacultyReferences

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